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Best of Primevalism

A blog that expired before it’s time– I’ve been given the go ahead to post it’s contents on my blog so here goes.
These writings are here for archival purposes and do not reflect current policy of Onyx Angels. These writings are by (unknown number) of persons affiliated with (an ONA nexion?).

Primevalism starts immediately below.

Time to take this to the next level. I’m tired of this fucking imagistic stasis which binds expression– mine and others– into a kind of pseudo-sinister fucking balancing act. I’m tired of everyone treating Anton Long’s perturbations as if they were their own Arcana. Fuck that. We’re more than that. And I’m going to show you just the fuck how.


Behold, a causal fucking form appears. A new shade of suicide.

Basics: throw yourself forth into the world of mundanes. Spark a fucking fire in their souls. Fuck them till they scream, fuck them till they bleed, fuck them till they’re mindless fucking conduits for the heavens and hells you rape their little souls with. Seduce them to a primevalism before abstractionism, break down their cozy little crystallisation of life-force into a torrent, break them down from into a gushing, screaming, pleading whirlpool of ecstasy and terror and love and fear. And presence.

Tragedies, gifts from heaven, sudden destruction, wonder, numen (awe and terror). Make them puppets to a life-force writing plays which are their own dissolving into it, sacrifice them on alters to a heaven that they could know no other way, let them feel the brilliance of the rage and ecstasy which animates our kind. A nightmare destruction of all that they are by a vengeful resurgence of what they forgot… the moment they stopped being wolves, and became domesticated fucking dogs.

Actually, do whatever the fuck you want. That’s just what we’re going to do. And this is where we’re going to write about it.



We’re not going to talk about alchemy so much here, unless we find it seductive to do so. If you want to read about it, go look at Phase 1 or beyond. Whatever: alchemy is seduction.


If you can’t work that out, try seducing it into your consciousness. Fuck– it’s good, isn’t it?

External, internal, Aeonic– yeah, it fits.

So, my dears, external seduction: Nemesis and I (Sheliak) will be questing out into the world, seducing it to pleasure us, and then seducing you by writing about it here. I come just by looking at something beautiful (and pity you if you don’t… it’s an ecstatic blessing), but I’ll mostly focus on human beings. Nemesis can do whatever she likes. The primeval isn’t a fucking formula, after all: it is the death of formulae, the intrusion of what hadn’t been accounted for, long-standing stasis shattering and falling to the ground in a chorus of screams and wails and exaltation.

Sons of Typhon, Daughters of Echidna… revolt!


I laugh so hard at these mundane, domesticated sub-humans who get all excited about being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in bed. Don’t they fucking know that there is only being bad in bed, for anybody who that whole freneticism even makes sense to. If you’re good, it might happen to be in a fucking bed, but you’re certainly not ‘good in bed’—you are sex, and your life is the erotic.

Do you know what beds are? They’re cages. Break the fuck out, and take the world by storm.

Fuckin’ beds.

What the fuck is wrong with you dogs? You forgot how to be fucking wolves—that’s what.


Razor-blossom star-fire, Cross the black sky
with white-cut tongues of sword-blood, trail the die
of life, rolled left, across a path of stars.
Tears fall from this crimson: eye of fate scarred.

Venom raining violet from the soft abyss:
Life. A gift, a chance, though hard? You are grist,
cursed grist to the mill of a soft God,
whose grace has all through you by your rough will…

And what if I were she? Would you kill me?
For hate of my infinite ecstasy?
You suffer for your sins you fool: you miss
the sole target of true virtue: this bliss.


Primevalism is operant here; we’re currently working on ways to distil and communicate the essence of something which flows and manifests beyond words and their implicit linearity. We’ll probably, for the most part, write about specific missions, games, and acts of magic.

That said: fear.

The great revealer. The destroyer of artifice and affectation. Truly, an arena for magick.

If you can take fear, if you have been initiated by fear, if you have been dragged to the edge of sanity again and again by this primeval upsurge… you know. If you have machinated over and over, tried to implement your will and reason and causal orderings time after time, and seen every attempt smashed upon the rocks of unforgiving primality… you know. If you have had your most beautiful and loving comforts turned into hells whose beauties were only ever snares, dragging you into a fractally infinite world of pain beyond pain, that dominated time and intruded into your life from dimensions beyond its own… you know.

You know how this purifies you. You know how it makes you. You know its power.

You survived.

And, looking into the eyes of these so-called ‘magicians’ who proliferate, you’ll sense that they would probably be brought to their knees by it. That they would abandon their comforting illusions of occult power when faced by it. And that… they might not survive.

Learn how to evoke it at will, and to drag them into it; into it, where you know how to survive, and where your eyes will remain open and alert whilst theirs are rigid and frozen; then you will have dominion.

Observe any unrefined ‘satanic’ group; they turn into wailing, screaming children at the first sign of it. When their status is threatened, for instance. I’ve laughed my way through such situations, where so-called ‘satanists’ reveal themselves for what they are– ‘FUCK YOU. I’VE HAD ENOUGH. AND YOU TOO LYRA– FUCK YOU AS WELL. I’VE HAD EVERYTHING TAKEN FROM ME…’

But it goes far, far beyond that. It is alchemical, magical, dominant; it destroys what is built upon soft foundations, and elicits and potentially develops the virtue of what is not; terror is, verily, the greatest and truest of magical keys.

How much are your friends worth? Do you and your partner really love one another? What strength and truth really lie behind the protective veil of your normalities and emotional balances? This terror beyond terror will show you.

It will show you, rend what is weak or false from you, and bring forth the depth and strength in your life, if there is enough of it… If there isn’t, it will probably just scar you or destroy you.

Is this your game? Can you take this? If not, then Primevalism is a poison to you.


speak. [Shrill white brilliance, tearing through flesh].

I am vengeance. [Hear the call, knife edge of forgotten dreams].


Time, your prison time, collapses under my gaze. Transcend extension and be infinity realised, now– or die here.

[You move by plans and maps: dull lines stretching through infinity of fabric, half-sensed and with fleeting respite from suffering ever-extending you, crucified half-life drawn upon and from the ecstasy of the cosmos. I am the ecstasy, I am your beginning and end, I am your genesis and cessation, I am your heaven and your punisher.]

He lives through me. I crush time with laughter, these wretched sleepwalkers are shells and fragments of the totalities I cast aside thoughtlessly, infinite ecstasies trampled like blades in a field…

The world is in me, the world is through me, the world is my body, mastered.

My body is the body of paradise, hunting.


One of the primary barriers between the average city dweller and Primevalism is… sitting down. Their peaks and depressions are expressed via the excitement with which they respond to their computer screens, the frenticism of their mentation, and the intensity of their sedentary self-indulgence. Their movement does not gracefully, dancingly express the energies they partake in– when energetic, it is an interlude between rests, or an exercise of what their spontaneous expression would not normally exercise. They are devoid of that primal pulse of life which expresses itself through the joy of a child, the ecstasy and terror of the hunt, the weeping of the desolate…

To dance through the city of London of is to be outside of the rigid mutual control systems– the tacit consent to a constricted and abstractly derived pace of movement, and thus of life– which operate within it. To be scared to run, scared to spontaneously weep, hesitant to laugh at the cosmic joke which you might, perchance, realise this charade of stability to be: that is to be mundane. That is to be owned in body, owned in movement, and thus owned in your primal, spontaneous expression of the Life you presence.

To think, and live, on your feet; to move through the environment you find yourself in without being internally constrained by the abstract environment which the city’s laws of movement superimpose upon it; to mock the very existence of the coward by your dancing, striking, loving body. That is to presence an intimation of the primeval…

Individually, this is madness or innocent courage. Tribally, it is a living expression of a heretical connexion, embodied and striking at the enemy’s heart. It is the magick of hidden Life encoded into symbiotic forms of movement: a nexion, burning.

Siege Part One

I am going to put the whole of “Siege” by James Mason on this blog in the coming days.

Summary of SpiritRoad and O.A. koncepts


When Vasna refers to Alchemy, it is chiefly the alchemy of the inner kind in the three modal model of the Latin alchemists- Nigredo, Albedo, and Rubedo. How important are these concepts? The nigredo phase corresponds to the phase that Onyx Angels is in now- a fermentation phase, full of potential, but the “cooking” process must continue for the full potentials of the organization to be realized. Alchemy without practice is just a temporal abstraktion– a dead thing like a virus. We are going thru the first phase of the cooking process and there will be a whitening, a blanching, a stripping down to the root matters, in the future. This will be followed by a RUBEDO phase– a reinvigoration.
The process of having meetings at bars and strip clubs will bering people together to meet and form cells. After this, the dross of each cell must be filtered out, and then each cell must get a boost of energy, refreshed and ready to move forward.

Anarchism refers to a mode against the state. We reject the failings of New Left anarchism and the Frankfurt School, and any other type of Judaeo-leftist modal node. We are National Anarchists and Nation has a variable definition depending upon one’s own understanding. In the broadest sense, “race” is too large of a group to really be a nation. As I have already posited, and presented evidence for– the Negro is a mix of homo sapiens and homo erectus, and hence for this reason is excluded from O.A. The Jew is a mix of Neandertal, Homo Erectus, and other strains, an international bastard and hence anti-national in his inclinations.

Chaos and Pain refers to a modality of physical fitness defined and refined by Odinist Jamie Lewis. I have selected this modality as my personal philosophy of fitness and there will and must be always a physical raising of the standards bar in O.A.

The current nexionettes of the OA are in Cincinnati, Lexington KY, Detroit, Daytona, and Deltona. REMINDER– As of this posting, 4/19/11–the first DAYTONA meeting is coming up soon–


April 25– 8 P.M.
The Dog House Bar
60 Main Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32118

DRECCYANA is also known as 5th vehicle Buddhism. It is one of the philosophies that has gone into informing the memeplex of SpiritRoad, along with Vajrayana, Taoism, and the Adamantine Dark Tradition.
Eurasianism is an opposition to Anglo-Atlanticism, and is a memetic plaza endorsed by Vasna.
Hivemind is one of the most important concepts in O.A. We typically refer to the type of HiveMind elucidated upon by Soror Nema of the Maatians.
HOLY WAR is just what we call all this. The mujahidz for SpiritRoad are the Onyx Angels.
Homo Superior is the fully realized new humyn of the future, hive minded, racinated, and probably hopefully a space explorer and colonizer. But FIRST we have to sweep the current system out of the way…

Kali Yuga

As indicated on the blog checklist page- One of the major topics that I’ve been waiting to write about is the concept of Kali Yuga, which in my estimation explains a lot of what’s going on at these times.
Events occuring as of this writing, in North Africa, are a prelude to a larger regional war.

People in the West and in other parts of the world are increasingly deracinated and individualistic.
We have lost our tribe, tribalism, clannishness, and conception of family life. Money, rightly, is a means to an end, not an end in itself, and from the folly of failing to see this there will be and is already despair.

By the “West” I mean those modern states which form most of Europe, the United States, Canada and countries such as Australia, and especially the way of life and “culture” that predominate in these countries.

The way of life of the modern West is essentially derived from the capitalist-consumer ethos with its reliance on usury, while the “culture” of Western societies is the mass culture that has come to dominate the modern world.

SpiritRoad philosophy states that there are 2 types of creatures, Eros and Thanatos. In the current age, the Thanatos have gained the upper hand, but only for a time.

According to SpiritRoad, tribalism is a way to discover and know the presence of Eros as it is manifested in the universe.

In the previous ages (Wisdom, Ritual, and Doubt), there were “more-than-human” beings, the UR FOLK. During this time, in what is now ancient history, there was no “civilization”, but an “era of gods”. According to Hesiod, mortal people lived as if they were gods, and no miserable elderly time of life came their way. That cycle ended, but those beings continued to live upon the earth in an invisible way, occulting themselves in nebelmist and watching over mortals. “…in the realm of Yima, the Persian King of the Sattvic Age, before the new Cosmic events forced him to withdraw into a ‘subterranean’ refuge (the inhabitants of which were thus enabled to evade the dark and painful destiny befallen the new generations), there was neither disease nor death… men and immortal gods shared one common life…”
Such descriptions are typical of countless traditions of different societies which comprise in part the Chronicles of Akasha.

Language becomes simpler as Kali Yuga progresses. It is easy to see that modern Italian is a simpler language than Latin, or Hindi than Sanskrit.
Language becomes increasingly a tool for dealing with the material world and nothing else. The human mind becomes simpler and more materially-oriented. Studies show that the extraordinary range of consonantal sounds in ancient languages make it certain that early humanity had far finer powers of hearing and articulation than we denizens of Kali Yuga; and the study of ancient music, with its remarkable subtlety of rhythm and melody, confirms this.

Some have suggested that ajapa mantra is one of the best weapons against decay in these times.

SpiritRoad philosophy is ideally a philosophy of compassion and reracination in a spiritual context. The ONYX ANGELS are the active arm of this philosophy, the real world practicioners of the philosophy, who duly engage the capitalists and the international socialists. We are perhaps interested in offering at least written words of support for the efforts of those seeking to create the Kaliphate in North Afrika.

For our new era of spiritual life to manifest, we have to absolutely defeat our enemies. We must be kindly with our allies, compassionate to strangers, and ruthless to enemies.
“Evil”, to us, is that which dampens the Vajra.

I suggest strongly reading the article “Tree of Destruction” written by Tani Jantsang for the specifics of how a switch to a cereal diet in agricultural society has been responsible for much of the decay.
Obviously, Jamie Lewis of the CHAOS AND PAIN blog is a major proponent of the “back-to-meat” diet.

The personal character of someone following SpiritRoad is evident in a quiet dignity, in physical fitness, in an interest in justice, in good times with good friends, in honesty, and in manners.

Traditional thought, throughout the world, has always seen the “progression” of humanity as a downward movement. And throughout the world we find a division of the cycle of human decline into four Ages. The ancient Greeks called the four ages of human civilization the Age of Gold, the Age of Silver, the Age of Bronze and the Age of Iron. The Hindus and Buddhists call them Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. This age is perhaps rightly called “The Jewish Age”.

Himmler believed that the Jews were evil. I can see why he would believe this and I don’t think he was crazy. I’ve just heard too much, from Jews themselves. A people living among a larger gene pool that goes about like a virus, destroying the host. Not a clean, honorable kill, but the turning of the nature of the host against itself…
They don’t even fucking DENY it anymore… They admit that they just replaced the wasp patriarchate -but LOOK what evil, REAL evil, they did to achieve that.
Christians would not recognize REAL evil if it was under their noses undermining their lives, civilization, culture, undermining their very beings. They’d not recognize it. We do. The Darkness? That Darkness simply IS. Ascribing concepts of good, evil, caring, uncaring to things like THE COSMOS or what was before the cosmos is NOT something we do.

To understand this Cycle, we have to realise that it is fundamentally a cycle of solidification or materialisation. Human beings – and indeed their terrestrial environment – begin close to the Spirit from which they first issue. The material aspect of things is much less in these early stages. Only gradually do beings consolidate into full materialisation, and some never do. This is why no physical remains of “mythical creatures” from earlier Ages have been found.

The end of the Kali Yuga results in absolute chaos world-wide. In present times it shall be a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam. Both the sacred Scriptures– the Bible and the Quran– confirm it. Kali Yuga is also called the metal age because the end of the Kali Yuga results with a clash of the metals. The fight between the two parties would see the use of the metals to its extreme.
The SpiritRoad philosophy is not to compete with other spiritual philosophies in a battle against atheist materialism. We are essentially a type of “Deists”, but even that isn’t the right term.
This particular aggregation of concepts involves “breaking rules” of ordered perception to arrive at direct experiencing, somewhat analogous to the process whereby chaos spontaneously resolves into fractal nonlinear orders, or the way in which “wild” creative energy resolves as play & poetry.

Perhaps there should be a meeting planned– a meeting of minds between the various “anti-system” religionists–the psychedelic fascists, Asatruar, conspiracy theorists, Chaos Mages, Black Nationalist Voodoo Cults, Christian Identity types, and the Kuklos Orders.

SpiritRoad is a way to manifest new types of spiritual living for peoples, in the here and now–but also we keep looking upward, to the stars.

Just as cultural radicals will seek to infiltrate subvert the popular media, just as political radicals will perform similar functions in the spheres of Work, Family, other social organizations, so there exists a need for radicals to penetrate the institution of religion itself rather than merely continue to mouth 19th century bullshit about atheistic materialism. It’s happening already–better to approach it with consciousness, with grace & style. With SPIRIT.

The final battle between a type of decayed Christianity and the Islamic world is currently happening, and will be aggravated. Israel will be destroyed in the process. Secular Arab nationalism doesn’t seem to have much of a future, perhaps sadly, and the Onyx Angels are surely comrades in spirit with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party.
The way of the modern West is in complete contrast to the Way of Al-Islam. For Islam, what is important is the Will of Allah.

On an unrelated note, for the gals, chicks, juggalettes, and ninjatettes reading this blog- Venus Satanas has a new blog in which she reviews cosmetics etc. It is aimed at a female audience and I recommend a look, if you’re a girl.


I’ll also take a moment to plug the ATUM RISING blog, which I check in on a few times a month.