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Lessons from Hurricane Katrina

I went to New Orleans in 1999, in the spring, for Mardi Gras. It was a good time overall–plenty of photos of boobs and such taken, watermelon liquer, French restaurants, and Lucky Dog chili dogs. I spent most of the time in the French Quarter with a few detours to the graveyards. I was aware of the huge ghettos but mostly stayed away. Like any ghettos, they were dirty, with shit on the streets, crawfish shells everywhere, etc.

I was not surprised to find out about the behavior of New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina–when reality intervened against civilization.
Following Hurricane Katrina, many people sought to answer the question of whether its social effects and the government response to the country’s biggest natural disaster had more to do with racism or with classism.

The tale of those early, chaotic days, built largely on rumors and half-baked anecdotes — quickly hardened into a kind of ugly consensus: poor negroes and looters were killing innocents and terrorizing whoever crossed their path in the dark, psychotic city.

One National Guard commentator remarked that the city was effectively under siege.

The West Bank area of the city was spared any flooding, but in the days and weeks after the storm, it was littered with fallen trees and, according to witnesses, with the bodies of several black men — none of whom appeared to have drowned.

Today, a clearer picture is has come to fore, and it is an equally fugly one, including KLAN vigilante violence, murderous cops, official cover-ups and a suffering population far more beaten down than some were willing to believe. Several cops and a white man accused of racially motivated violence have been indicted in various cases, and more incidents are coming to light as the Justice Department has started several investigations into civil rights violations after the storm.

The toxic social ecosystem that was produced by the hurricane brought to the surface what was already latent within the populace–racial hatred, lust for violence, drug induced psychosis, and nihilism.

New Orleans’ racial violence became a major issue following Hurricane Katrina. Images in papers and on TV showed black folks looting and armed with guns.
The world saw pictures of negrids, the men with baggy pants, banging on jewelry shop windows and walking out of stores with packs of stolen goods on their backs.
Bodies of whites, blacks, latinos and asians were found and many of these obviously murdered individuals had no investigation conducted on behalf of their surviving relatives.
Always remember this– in a state of emergency, when the shite hits the fan, a city will always divide along racial lines, something that 40+ years of increasingly liberal interracialist public education has done nothing to derail.

James D. Watson, co-discoverer of the DNA helix and winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize in medicine, told a British paper a few years back that he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas all the testing says not really.”
He recognized that the prevailing belief was that all human groups are equal, but that “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.”

It goes without saying that most of the articles that you find on the internet’s Jewsmedia sites focus on the poor suffering blacks, but not the horrors of the few whites trapped in the Superdome, surrounded by ferocious apes.

If you live in an area where a natural disaster is possible…and you do…you should begin, if you have not, to organize emergency protocols should the need arise to use them. This means that you should not only stock food and water, and ammo–but you’ll have to realize that you’ll probably not have comrades of other races, and any latent racism in anyone will bubble over the top rapidly. Babies and old people will die. Rapes will happen.

It’s also probably not a bad idea to advertise your racialism in a discreet fashion–like a runic pendant if you are a white, or some Aztec stuff if you’re a Mexican.

Upcoming Schedule of Posts

Vasna Cincy will write about a lot of things in the upcoming months.
A list is below.

1. Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
2. Kali Yuga
3. The Concept of Hive Mind in Tribalism
4. The Problem with Americans and Hubris
5. A new Species of Homo Sapiens
6. Eurasianism
7. Racial Warfare
8. The problems of Agriculture
9. Music for the Revolution
10. The Question of Islam
11. Forms of the Goddess
12. The New Eurasianism- Pagan or Christian?
13. Inner Alchemy
14. How and what to stockpile for WTSHTF

The wise man is not surprised by death

he is always ready to leave.

“Putrefaction is so effective that it destroys the old nature and form of the rotting bodies; it transmutes them into a new state of being to give them a totally new fruit. Everything that has life, dies; everything that is dead putrefies and finds a new life.” (Pernety, 1758)


SpiritRoad- A General Summary

The aim of this blog is to make people aware of the SpiritRoad philosophy and to promote the study and practice of Tribal Anarchism.

An Overview of SpiritRoad

SpiritRoad is a way of living which people can choose to follow.

A major disadvantage of atheist materialist anarchism is that it seeks to apprehend the universe in Newtonian terms, allowing only for a dry interpretation of reality.

One of the true and BASIC aims of this most authentic and practical National-TRIBAL Anarchism is the creation of free and autonomized tribalist arrangements of people, assisting each other on the basis of communitarian-anarchist partnership, where the people of a particular ethnic group, or religion, or race, can live, among their own volk according to their own Traditional laws, folkways and rites, thus enabling the various ethnicities of the peoples of Earth to live and grow.

We are only able to grow as individuals within the proper setting, among those who are like us and understand us, those who have an innate sympathy for our aims as they are related.

Onyx Angels are not absurd idealists. We are aware that people of the same race or even the same family may really not give a shite about you, and that in the contemporary West in particular, the atomized man is the norm. We seek to counter this by promoting a clannish tribalism.

All living beings in the universe have a certain amount of the single spiritual energy which animates all things. We are undergoing constant transformation. When our life energy no longer animates this body which we hold, it will go on to another type of existence.

In a very important sense, tribal camaraderie, genuine friendship, and living by right principles, are a means whereby we may increase, or access for ourselves, spiritual energy – where we become a gate to such energy in the timebound – and whereby we then may strengthen the omnimatrix of the living realm, and, surely, increase the realm of the living itself.
Thus, when we live in a right principled way we are not only helping life here, now, on our planet, in our life, we are also coming to the assistance of all future lives, in the universe, for the more spiritual energy we aggregate, by our acts, our lifestyles, the more will be available not only to other lives, here – in our own tiny meterbound time and place – but also, on our death, available to the UNIVERSE to bring-into-being more lives. All things in nature then tend back toward their source, which is Mahapralaya and Nuit. Returning to source requires a movement when it’s time to move–never a stifling.
All things in microcosm (atoms, etc.) and in macrocosm (cults, nations, planets, galaxies, etc.) are pushed by a force, that cannot be directly observed but is known to exist based on observation of what it is doing, sliding thru the cosmos, and thereby becoming, xepering.

To be able to become what you must, you must go with the flow, not outwardly, but in an inner, spiritual sense.
Some people would refer to this force as “God” or “Allah” or “Tao”. Others would refer to it as “Satan” or some other demon. Yet others never feel it at all. Some have referred to this force as NUIT, the great boundless mother. This force is in it’s essence, nothingness. Void and abyssal darkness.

The gulf between the spiritual type of person and the person bound into a loka of materialist atheist cannot be crossed.

The sickness of the modern world and it’s outwardly imposed rites results in the mass of peoples being forced to live as a giant, idiotic herd.

Our existence as seperate peoples, as we have developed over time, is essential not only to thwart international socialism, but also the impulse of the capitalists to merge us into a single predictable bloc of livestock.

Such as it is, then, SpiritRoad is a philosophy available to all peoples.

Membership of Onyx Angels is open to Floridians of European or Rusiyan or Altaic ancestry. This does not mean that we are opposed to other groups. Blacks can and should join negrocentric faktions, if they be Islamic or Dahomeyan or even Christian.
Latinos should join a group that focuses on their own unique identity.
All of those involved in the national/tribal volk struggle should be vigorous physically, and I recommend the Chaos and Pain program with an honest heart.

February 2011

In the sacred citadel of the vulva of

a superlative, skillful partner,

do the praxis of mixing white seed

with her ocean of red seed.

Then absorb, raise, and spread the nectar—

A stream of ecstasy such as you’ve never known

Little Black Angel

SpiritRoad– An Introduction

The SpiritRoad is an ontological worldview, inspired by traditions from the east and west, developed by Vasna Cincy in 2011.
This particular chymic Road is an open source memetic plaza.

Though we should generally avoid labels and ideological collars, for lack of a better term we could be called a type of National Anarchists.  SpiritRoad is a type of ethical philosophy for National or Tribal Anarchism…but we are not affiliated with any known National Anarchist sect.  Ostensibly, all races, ethnic groups, and possibly even other groupings, such as religions and sects, can engage in National Anarchism and hence all people are able to put SpiritRoad ideas into practice.

The birthplace of SpiritRoad is the USA Midwest, but as of this writing, Vasna Cincy is preparing to relocate to the Atlantic coast of Florida, the Orange State, within 1.5 weeks. 

SpiritRoad exists as a philosophy of method against both Capitalism and International Socialism.

SpiritRoad is not affiliated with any political party, labour union, church or governmental body.  We are in opposition to arbitrary labels and the needless stereotypes that they produce. We refuse to be forced to accept a global monoculture in which humanity is reduced to the level of an enourmous, unthinking herd.  Our concept of a nation is not a geographic area or contemporary nation-state, but a mutually shared history and an organic sense of belonging to the ingroup.

There is a necessity of a clannish mindset within those who will come together within the “working group” which is established to promote the ideas of the SpiritRoad philosophy.  The name of the first working group is “Onyx Angels”.  Being that there is an emphasis on real world practical action, the SpiritRoad philosophy is effectable everywhere, but the Onyx Angels are geographically Floridian.  We are essentially a spontaneous working class reaction to prevailing conditions in the Western World.  Unlike some types of National Anarchism, we are influenced by Eurasianism, and can count Dugin as a theoretical influence.

One of the biggest troubles to come from agents against capital, such as anarcho-communists, is that they promote an ideology of universal acceptance regarless of race, ethnicity, religious, or sexual orientation–yet they themselves, at least in the USA, are typically white college types who possibly intuitively realize that introduction of blacks, or cultural Muslims, or some other group will be disruptive to the ingroup unity–yet they cannot admit this vocally due to ideological constraints and a lack of character.

This is not a manifesto.  At an appropriate time in the near future, a formal Constitution shall be drafted, but we must always remember to keep an eye toward the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law.

We draw inspiration from various sources.  One of these sources is Vajrayana lamaism.  We are also influenced heavily by Taoist practices such as Kenosis.  Various particular individuals may be more or less influenced by their religious upbringing or sects or kults that they’ve converted to.

The chief benefit of Kenosis is that one is better able to see through the veil of images, symbols, false roads, and advertisements that clutter the real and imaginal landscape.

We will produce a series of tracts, flyers, and blogs, and possibly use other media, to reach out to desirable elements.  We have no art manifesto to follow–if DADA works better, then that we will use.  If Socialist Realism works better, then that we will use.


There must be an authentic sense of unity of purpose within Onyx Angels.

 Yes–we act up and act out, but most importantly we must do all that we can to actually put our ideas into practice each day. 

In our krewe, the gals are expected to be just as down as the guys.  Without the help of the women who accept our program in it’s entirety, we would not succeed.


The Onyx Angels are a spontaneous development brought about in the year 2011 to promote the aims of the SpiritRoad philosophy.

There is a simple initiation to be brought into the Onyx Angels as a comrade.  We have no degrees and we are not associated with Masonry or occult lodges.  The longer we know you, the more you’ll be trusted.  This is real life, not a role playing game.  If you do for us, we’ll do for you.  We are communitarian.  Our sense of fellowship with our comrades is the root of our ethical ideas.  We got no love for snitches and demand instead street justice.


One of the major features of SpiritRoad is the idea that we are connected to to others and to the many living things on the planet that are not human.  Though we know not yet, there may be life on other planets as well, and we need to change inwardly and outwardly to be prepared to meet them.  The human body is essentially an arrangement of tubing/plumbing on a macroscopic level.  Sexual language often alludes to this, as well as toilet humor.  Are you really what you think you are?  Are you really your job class or income bracket?

For the early stages of the projekt, we are interested in only the most productive prospective members.  As we are clannish and communitarian, we require of necessity a vigorous membership of the few most enthusiastic, not the many hangers on.  We need down muthafukkaz. We are not prudes and we like to party, when it’s time to party.  When it’s time to battle, we must make ourselves as physically and mentally fit as possible and so do not welcome alcoholics, junkies, and the like.

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