Kali Yuga

As indicated on the blog checklist page- One of the major topics that I’ve been waiting to write about is the concept of Kali Yuga, which in my estimation explains a lot of what’s going on at these times.
Events occuring as of this writing, in North Africa, are a prelude to a larger regional war.

People in the West and in other parts of the world are increasingly deracinated and individualistic.
We have lost our tribe, tribalism, clannishness, and conception of family life. Money, rightly, is a means to an end, not an end in itself, and from the folly of failing to see this there will be and is already despair.

By the “West” I mean those modern states which form most of Europe, the United States, Canada and countries such as Australia, and especially the way of life and “culture” that predominate in these countries.

The way of life of the modern West is essentially derived from the capitalist-consumer ethos with its reliance on usury, while the “culture” of Western societies is the mass culture that has come to dominate the modern world.

SpiritRoad philosophy states that there are 2 types of creatures, Eros and Thanatos. In the current age, the Thanatos have gained the upper hand, but only for a time.

According to SpiritRoad, tribalism is a way to discover and know the presence of Eros as it is manifested in the universe.

In the previous ages (Wisdom, Ritual, and Doubt), there were “more-than-human” beings, the UR FOLK. During this time, in what is now ancient history, there was no “civilization”, but an “era of gods”. According to Hesiod, mortal people lived as if they were gods, and no miserable elderly time of life came their way. That cycle ended, but those beings continued to live upon the earth in an invisible way, occulting themselves in nebelmist and watching over mortals. “…in the realm of Yima, the Persian King of the Sattvic Age, before the new Cosmic events forced him to withdraw into a ‘subterranean’ refuge (the inhabitants of which were thus enabled to evade the dark and painful destiny befallen the new generations), there was neither disease nor death… men and immortal gods shared one common life…”
Such descriptions are typical of countless traditions of different societies which comprise in part the Chronicles of Akasha.

Language becomes simpler as Kali Yuga progresses. It is easy to see that modern Italian is a simpler language than Latin, or Hindi than Sanskrit.
Language becomes increasingly a tool for dealing with the material world and nothing else. The human mind becomes simpler and more materially-oriented. Studies show that the extraordinary range of consonantal sounds in ancient languages make it certain that early humanity had far finer powers of hearing and articulation than we denizens of Kali Yuga; and the study of ancient music, with its remarkable subtlety of rhythm and melody, confirms this.

Some have suggested that ajapa mantra is one of the best weapons against decay in these times.

SpiritRoad philosophy is ideally a philosophy of compassion and reracination in a spiritual context. The ONYX ANGELS are the active arm of this philosophy, the real world practicioners of the philosophy, who duly engage the capitalists and the international socialists. We are perhaps interested in offering at least written words of support for the efforts of those seeking to create the Kaliphate in North Afrika.

For our new era of spiritual life to manifest, we have to absolutely defeat our enemies. We must be kindly with our allies, compassionate to strangers, and ruthless to enemies.
“Evil”, to us, is that which dampens the Vajra.

I suggest strongly reading the article “Tree of Destruction” written by Tani Jantsang for the specifics of how a switch to a cereal diet in agricultural society has been responsible for much of the decay.
Obviously, Jamie Lewis of the CHAOS AND PAIN blog is a major proponent of the “back-to-meat” diet.

The personal character of someone following SpiritRoad is evident in a quiet dignity, in physical fitness, in an interest in justice, in good times with good friends, in honesty, and in manners.

Traditional thought, throughout the world, has always seen the “progression” of humanity as a downward movement. And throughout the world we find a division of the cycle of human decline into four Ages. The ancient Greeks called the four ages of human civilization the Age of Gold, the Age of Silver, the Age of Bronze and the Age of Iron. The Hindus and Buddhists call them Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. This age is perhaps rightly called “The Jewish Age”.

Himmler believed that the Jews were evil. I can see why he would believe this and I don’t think he was crazy. I’ve just heard too much, from Jews themselves. A people living among a larger gene pool that goes about like a virus, destroying the host. Not a clean, honorable kill, but the turning of the nature of the host against itself…
They don’t even fucking DENY it anymore… They admit that they just replaced the wasp patriarchate -but LOOK what evil, REAL evil, they did to achieve that.
Christians would not recognize REAL evil if it was under their noses undermining their lives, civilization, culture, undermining their very beings. They’d not recognize it. We do. The Darkness? That Darkness simply IS. Ascribing concepts of good, evil, caring, uncaring to things like THE COSMOS or what was before the cosmos is NOT something we do.

To understand this Cycle, we have to realise that it is fundamentally a cycle of solidification or materialisation. Human beings – and indeed their terrestrial environment – begin close to the Spirit from which they first issue. The material aspect of things is much less in these early stages. Only gradually do beings consolidate into full materialisation, and some never do. This is why no physical remains of “mythical creatures” from earlier Ages have been found.

The end of the Kali Yuga results in absolute chaos world-wide. In present times it shall be a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam. Both the sacred Scriptures– the Bible and the Quran– confirm it. Kali Yuga is also called the metal age because the end of the Kali Yuga results with a clash of the metals. The fight between the two parties would see the use of the metals to its extreme.
The SpiritRoad philosophy is not to compete with other spiritual philosophies in a battle against atheist materialism. We are essentially a type of “Deists”, but even that isn’t the right term.
This particular aggregation of concepts involves “breaking rules” of ordered perception to arrive at direct experiencing, somewhat analogous to the process whereby chaos spontaneously resolves into fractal nonlinear orders, or the way in which “wild” creative energy resolves as play & poetry.

Perhaps there should be a meeting planned– a meeting of minds between the various “anti-system” religionists–the psychedelic fascists, Asatruar, conspiracy theorists, Chaos Mages, Black Nationalist Voodoo Cults, Christian Identity types, and the Kuklos Orders.

SpiritRoad is a way to manifest new types of spiritual living for peoples, in the here and now–but also we keep looking upward, to the stars.

Just as cultural radicals will seek to infiltrate subvert the popular media, just as political radicals will perform similar functions in the spheres of Work, Family, other social organizations, so there exists a need for radicals to penetrate the institution of religion itself rather than merely continue to mouth 19th century bullshit about atheistic materialism. It’s happening already–better to approach it with consciousness, with grace & style. With SPIRIT.

The final battle between a type of decayed Christianity and the Islamic world is currently happening, and will be aggravated. Israel will be destroyed in the process. Secular Arab nationalism doesn’t seem to have much of a future, perhaps sadly, and the Onyx Angels are surely comrades in spirit with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party.
The way of the modern West is in complete contrast to the Way of Al-Islam. For Islam, what is important is the Will of Allah.

On an unrelated note, for the gals, chicks, juggalettes, and ninjatettes reading this blog- Venus Satanas has a new blog in which she reviews cosmetics etc. It is aimed at a female audience and I recommend a look, if you’re a girl.


I’ll also take a moment to plug the ATUM RISING blog, which I check in on a few times a month.





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