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IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO manufacture a silencer without an appropriate license from the federal government. There are state and local laws prohibiting the possession of weapons and their accessories in many areas. Severe penalties are prescribed for violations of these laws. Neither the author nor the publisher assumes responsibility for the use or misuse of information contained in this book. For informational purposes only!

To Those Who Think,
To Those Who Dare,
To Those Who Do,
To Those Who Succeed.

Success is nothing more than taking advantage of an opportunity.


THE ABSOLUTELY MOST ESSENTIAL part of any successful operation is accurate information. Even with the finest weapon and the most sophisticated equipment available, without accurate information you’ll be all dressed up with nowhere to go. Or, worse yet, you may crash the wrong party.


Only a fool will rush right into a job without doing his homework. You have to know your target, whether it’s a job for hire or a personal endeavor. Every scrap of up-to-date information you can gather inconspicuously should be assembled and studied to guarantee the success of you operation. Information requirements will vary, depending on the type and difficulty of the job. Even the most minute, seemingly unimportant detail can be just the very item you need. Everything your employer knows, you should know.

The best way to gather the necessary facts to plan your job is to use an information sheet as a guideline so nothing will be left out. You can have your employer fill it out himself, but you will get better information (once you have a bond of mutual trust and price has been agreed upon) if you ask the questions and fill it our as he supplies the information.

UNtil you actually do the job, the information sheet is just harmless data. However, if it falls into the wrong hands and you go ahead with the job, it could very well prove conspiracy. So keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes and nosy snoopers. After you do the job, the information sheet, along with any photos, maps, diagrams, house keys and other paraphernalia will become incriminating evidence linking you to the crime. So memorize and get rid of all your information before you leave to do the job.

The best way to rid yourself of this evidence is to burn it all, crumble the cooled residue, and scatter it in the wind. If you burn it indoors, flush it down the toilet. But make sure you are not near any smoke detectors or you may have company at the most inopportune time. Just see that all this information is done away with in some manner that will inhibit its reconstruction.

On the following pages is a sample information sheet to show the depth of the information required to plan an efficient, successful job. Each job will be different, so the categories will carry in their importance. For instance, if a man lives alone, it may become important to know is he has a dog who will bark, warning the owner of your impending intrusion or alerting the neighborhood that something is amiss. If a man lives with several other people, however, it may become important to know his regular routine and where he hands out when he is not at work or at home.

Your thinking, pattern and technique should be flexible and imaginative. You may want to develop your own information-gathering system based on your personal needs and preferences.

Using this information complete on the sample form;, we come to the following conclusions:

Items 1,2,3,5 and 24 supply physical information to enable positive identification of the mark. Edward Nathan Jones (AKA Eddie or Fat Boy) can be mentally pictures as a middle-aged, overweight man who is more than likely too out of shape to make any positive effort to defend himself against our onslaught. The photograph supplied will help greatly in making a positive identification. However, if the photo were not available, the indicated mole, scar and habitual cigar would be of great benefit, along with the detailed physical description.

Items 9 through 20 and 23 give clues to his emotional makeup. Our mark is basically a loner. He lives alone, has few friends or outside interests, preferring to remain within the confines of his apartment watching TV during his free time. He is a heavy drinker, although he does not abuse any type of drug. The that he is a homosexual will preclude the sudden appearance of a girlfriend. It was stated in item 23 that he is afraid of sexual contact of any kind since his brush with the law eight years ago. He may be jut a bit paranoid, since he does keep a loaded weapon close at hand in the apartment. His previous fighting ability will more than likely pose no threat, since his excess weight will slow him down considerably and make him short-winded.

Items 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 15, 16, 21, 22, 25,and 26 indicate again that his lifestyle precludes heavy traffic flow at the place where he lives. Although his job is an unimportant one and he drives to and from work alone, a study of the drawings in items 25 and 26 as well as the photos provided make the apartment the initial choice for making the hit. The fact that he does not deal of partake of illegal drugs and that he has no known sexual pastimes shows that he will usually be found alone. The absence of burglar alarms or watchdogs would indicate that he feels relatively safe within the confines of his apartment, relying only on his own abilities and the loaded .38 for self-protection. Since his own car is the only one usually present in the reserved parking area, a quick check of the tag numbers should be enough to verify he is alone before you make your move.

Items 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 20 offer potential methods for making the hit.

Items 7 shows that he travels to and from work alone. A well-planned “traffic accident” or “hit and run” might be in order. Or even a well-placed rifle shot from a distance.

Item 11 might inspire some other type of accident in the home while the mark is under the influence of the alcohol he is known to drink heavily. Or, some really good poison, like cyanide, might be added to a bottle of wine he has chilling in the refrigerator.

The negative responses to items 12, 13, 14 and 15 rule out “Accidental” death due to drug overdose. IF he were a drug dealer, a fake rip-off might have been used as the cover. Or perhaps he would have indulged in a bad bag of dope.

Since he has no dealings with women, item 16 is of little help. A woman would be no use in keeping him occupied or luring him to the spot of your choice.

Item 20 might be a good alternative. If the mark has a bad heart, the mere presence of a venomous snake in his bed or mailbox might bring about an immediate heart attack.

Based on the overall picture, however, quick, silent entry and the muffled blast of your .22 is the preferred route. The mark’s physical attributes, his emotional makeup and his lifestyle would indicate that it might be days before any foul play is detected. The layout of the apartment complex and the position of his apartment make it an ideal place to make a hit.

The decision has been made.

You may have noticed no personal information was requested from the employer as to why he wanted the hit performed. neither was their any reference to the employer, his name or location. It is not necessary for you to know why the employer wants the mark taken out. If he tells you, fine. Otherwise, don’t ask. The employer is the judge. You are merely the executioner. Your job, once the information is provided, is to study it to arrive at your own conclusions as to how the job will be accomplished or whether additional information will have to be obtained on your own.

Give the employer what he has paid for: the cleanest, most efficient and professional services possible.


Surveillance can be a tedious and sometimes boring part of your job. It can mean sitting in sweltering heat or freezing cold for hours on end while you try not to look conspicuously out of place or draw attention to yourself. It means hoping to gather enough information to put together some ideas of how the mark thinks and acts so you can plan when and how to make your move.

When a complete packet of information is supplied by the employer at the time you make the contract, surveillance can be cut down to a few routine checks of places the mark is known to frequent and a couple of runs to establish positive identification and correct addresses. If for some reason the employer cannot provide the information required for advance planning, of course the fee he pays and the expense money advanced will Ben higher to cover the extra risks and time involved in assuring success of the job.

The key here, as always, is discretion. The use of disguises will enable you to move about more freely. It is much to your advantage that no one recognize your true identity or remember your actual description.

Surveillance techniques vary from job to job, depending on the area where the mark lives and his personal and social habits. A man in a large city will be much easier to watch or tag that a man in a small town or rural community. In the city, you blend with the crowd and the crowd tends to mind its own business. In a small area, an outsider will immediately inspire curiosity.

In some places, an unusual car parked on the roadside with a lone man seated behind the wheel for an extended period of time may have terrified mothers reporting its presence to the authorities. In other places, the same man could sit in the same car all day and no one would give him a second glance.

The object is to check the conditions that exist on each particular job before you formulate your plan. No matter how high your IQW, or how sharp your weapon skills, if you lack basic common sense, you won’t make it as a professional in this field.

One fellow I know accepted a contract on an old country boy who has known to be a big drug dealer. The mark was always on the go and never in one place at the same time twice. And traffic at the mark’s home was heavy, moving in and out in a steady stream. The hit man followed the mark for several days and never could establish the proper time or place to make a quiet hit. Finally, in frustration, he got into his “good OLE country boy” outfit and knocked on the mark’s front door.

“Charlie ’round?” the hit man drawled as he spat a mouth of chew on the ground.

“Naw, he ain’t here,” came the reply.

“Reckon I could catch him over at Pete’s Bar4?” our friend inquired as he bent to wipe the dust from his cowboy boots.

“Maybe later. He’s out at the packing house right now,” the young man informed him. “I ‘spect him to come back by here ’bout five or six o’clock.”

“Thank you much, “our friend said, tipping his hat politely. “Just tell him Clyde stopped by and I’ll be seeing him later.”

Back in his pickup truck, “Clyde” drove to the packing house he had surveyed earlier. he knew it was a cover for transporting the drugs cross-country. The decision now was whether to hit the mark here, or wait until later when he was known to be visiting Pete’s Bar.

Luckily there was a vacant parking spot to the left of the mark’s car. he turned the radio on and country music filled the air. Leaning his head back against the seat, he pulled hi hat down to cover his eyes as though he were napping. He was still in that position when the unsuspecting mark bent to unlock his car forty-five minutes later.

The muffled sound of three shots to mark’s head went unnoticed by the workers in the packing house. The body was not discovered until several hours later when the shift ended. By then, our friends was safely miles away. A difficult hit had been successfully completed!

If you expect your surveillance to entail tedious hours of watching and waiting, there are some things you can do to make yourself more comfortable during that time. If it’s cold out, dress warmly and carry a blanket to cover yourself so you won’t have to run the car to keep the heater going. Pack a thermos of coffee or cold drinks and some food so you won’t have to leave your position when you get hungry. Bring a portable radio of cassette player so you won’t drain your car battery. Don’t bring any reading material. You can’t watch and read, although a book or newspaper may be used as a prop. To fill the time, you make check out books on cassette from the library and listen while you watch.

Fill your tank before you start out. You never know when the mark may be on the move, and many a tail has been lost because the tank ran out before the mark did.

If you can afford them and are able to get inside to plant them, quarter sized bugging devices are not available that will pick up conversation up to two miles away on an unused radio frequency. The bugs can be planted in the house, inside a frequently worn jacket, inside the car, and so on, giving you the leverage of knowing what is going on from a perfectly legitimate spot within a two-mile radius.

Binoculars, infra-red photography, Star-light scopes and bugging devices all have their time and place. Unfortunately, nothing will ever replace the basic sit and watch technique.

At night, perhaps circumstances will allow you to approach a little closer to take a peek, or even go inside for a preliminary investigation. But don’t ever take risks gathering information that may not be necessary. Use common sense!

Remember these important rules: If, for any reason, you can be placed at the jobsite by witnesses, scratch that job for a later time or eliminate it altogether.

If you are working out of town and get a traffic ticket, Call the job off.

If you are doing surveillance and the cops come to check out your reason for loitering in the area, call the job off.

If you run into a neighbor or repairman while you are snooping around the mark’s house, Call the job off.

Don’t let any little detail link you to the victim.

YOU’VE READ ALL THE suggested reading material, you’ve honed your mind, body and reflexes into a precision piece of professional machinery. You’ve assembled the necessary tools and learned to use them efficiently. Your knowledge of dealing death has increased to the point where you have a choice of methods. Finally, you are confident and competent enough to accept employment. Where do you start?

Placing advertisements in military and gun magazines may get results .. but not the type you are after. The only response one fellow I know got was a personal visit from the FBI — which certainly is not conducive to the preferred low profile. Even though he used a post office box, Big brother was able to track him down with little effort. I do not recommend that you use this method of solicitation, or that you respond to these ads.

Your best bet as a beginner is to of through a personal acquaintance whom you trust and who is capable of paying for your services. This person will be aware of your interest in weapons, your combat training and your unconventional attitude. If he has a problem that needs solving, approach him gently to see how serious he is about getting it taken care of. You may start out as a bodyguard, courier, or messenger. DO whatever it takes to build your credibility. Based on his opinion of your trustworthiness and abilities he may recommend to you someone who can take advantage of the services you offer, even though he may not have an immediate need. You will find that most of your jobs will come as a direct result of personal recommendations from previously satisfied customers.

Use the reference materials suggested in Chapter 1. Your local newspaper will offer a host of potential employment opportunities. Even a local gossip source. How many times have you heard about someone who has been burned and is eager of revenge?

In most cases, it would be very unwise and unhealthy to use the direct approach on your first contract, especially if the prospective employer is someone you don’t know on a personal basis. Neither are telephone contacts or written communications advisable.

Be suspicious of anyone who approaches you directly about any illegal activity, unless, of course, that person has alre3ady established a bond of trust. And remember that moving too fast can scare away a potential employer with ready cash in his pocket.

If you’ve heard or read of someone capable of paying for your services and with a definite need you can fill, but you don’t personally know that person, there are a few ways to make yourself available inconspicuously. If possible, have a mutual acquaintance introduce you to him or her. The mutual acquaintance should be someone who has already established a bond of trust with the prospective employer so that his acceptance of you will be as good as a personal recommendation. If no mutual acquaintance is available, study the potential employer’s habits and find a way to make yourself known to him. If he often visits the same bar, for instance, you can make it a point to become a familiar face in the crowd. Whenever possible, make it a point to introduce yourself, gain his confidence (don’t be pushy) and tactfully bring the subject of conversation around to his problems and needs. Using common sense and food intuition, you will know when the time is right to offer your discreet services, and he will recognize your professionalism.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the financial capability of the prospective employer. Your very first question in considering any employment opportunity is: Can this man pay for my professional services?

If you are in this line of work because of the power you feel when you make a kill or because you have a reckless, daring nature and get a thrill from flirting with death, keep these personal reasons to yourself. As far as the employer is concerned, you are only in it for the money.

When the subject is finally broached and the conversation gets down to the nitty gritty, listen to the man as he talks. Check him out to see if you really want to become involved in his personal affairs.

Is he full of hot air — just a big talker — or is her serious about eliminating his problem?

Does he have the personal courage to carry out, or have you carry out, the solution he is after?

Will he be overburdened by guilt and remorse afterwards?

Is he cautious in his conversation? Is he appraising you just as hard as you are appraising him?

How tough is he? Will he break under pressure and point a finger at you?

Does he brag or tell stories “Out of school”? If he tells you about other hits he’s fronted or starts to name names, he talks too much. Forget him.

Does he come right down and ask you to make a hit for him before he has determined your qualifications? If so, he may be asking people all over town. you don’t need that type of conversation following a prospective mark around.

During that initial conversation, you both should be mentally asking these questions of each other. but no actual conversation about a contract or the identity of the mark should be discussed unless unusual circumstances make it proper.

Let a short period of time go by, if possible, before your second meeting. Use this time to analyze your potential employer and decide whether you are willing to risk offering your services.

Follow your gut feelings. If the man acts earnest and sincere, if he meets all the questions you have posed in your mind while you talked, if he seems on the up and up and yet you still have a gut feeling that something is just no right, follow your intuition and back off.

The employer should have a healthy respect for your ability and be aware of the consequences should he decide to cross you. At the same time, a man with that kind fi money to spend can pay someone to waste you/ If he’s too condescending, your intuition should tell you to pass.

At the second meeting, gently maneuver the conversation to the real purpose of your visit. You may want to initially operate under the guise of knowing someone else who may be willing to fulfill his needs. If he tactfully asks if your services are available, you can just as tactfully request information about what he wants done. He should be willing and able to provide you with all the information you need to do a clean and efficient job, and a price should be agreed on.

Prices vary according to risk involved, social or political prominence of the victim, difficulty of the assignment, and other factors. A federal judge recently brought a price of $250,000, for example. A county sheriff might bring $75,000 to $100,000.

In some cases, your employer may expect to receive hefty benefits from double indemnity life insurance clauses. If so, you should be notified in advance that this is an “insurance job.”

Is the intended victim close enough to the employer that his being the beneficiary will arouse any suspicion? Is the policy an old one, or one he recently purchased and wants to collect on? Is the amount to be collected way out of proportion to the victim’s lifestyle and means?

Consider these question before you accept the job and get your money up front! Otherwise, you may be standing in the bread lines while you wait for the money to come through. Or your employer may have long since become a prime suspect in someone’s investigation.

Depending on the benefits of the insurance policy, it is not uncommon to collect one-fourth to one-half of the expected monies for your services.

The risk is all on your shoulders until the job is complete. Your contract amount should be at least enough to hire the services of a good attorney if anything should go wrong. It is not recommended that you take any contract that pays less than $30,000, and that is working mighty cheap. To work for any amount less would be amateurish, There are guys all over town who will kill a man for $50 to $5000. And the people who hire these thugs usually get exactly what they pay for.

There are two good reasons for setting a $30,000 minimum for your services. First, the risks involved are high. You could become injured or lose your life while attempting to carry out your assignment. But worse yet, you might make some mistakes that will cost your freedom or bring capital punishment as the penalty. A fee of $5,000 or even $10,000 will be of little consolation as you wait helplessly behind bars.

Second, because the risks are so high and employment opportunities are limited, the money you earn should be sufficient to carry you over until your next job comes along. Unless you live in a very large city like New York or Chicago, you will want to limit the number of jobs you do in your own hometown. Most hit men like to limit contracts to one or two a year, for obvious reasons.

It is a good idea to have your employer promise to cover any legal expenses as part of your agreement. This can be done through a discreet arrangement with his attorney, should those legal services become necessary. This acts as a sort of insurance for both of you.

You should receive expense money up front on all jobs. This money is separate and not included in the contract amount.

Expenses generally run between $500 and $5000, depending on the type of job and the job location. The money will cover travel, lodging, food, accessories such as disguises and equipment (since all of these things are disposable), and will enable you to replace any throwaway weapon you use on that particular job. Any amount leftover belongs to you. But don’t cut any corners trying to make an extra buck. Give the man the most professional job his money can buy.

Generally, the method used to make the hit is at the contractors discretion. If the employer requests that a certain method be used, making the job more difficult and dangerous by your being obligated to follow his explicit instructions, you are entitled to ask for a higher fee. “Accidental” death and “suicides” are included in these special requests, as are disposing of a body, arson, and so on.

In most cases, it is common to receive half o the contract amount and all expense money up front, and half upon satisfactory completion. Of course, these monies are to be paid in cash/

At the third meeting, the employer should provide you with an envelope containing the assembled information requested, expense monies and the contract amount according to your agreement. Your acceptance of this material and monies from your employer represents your acceptance of his offer for employment and his acceptance of your ability to do the required job in an efficient and timely manner.

The employer, in most cases, should not know exactly when the actual hit will take place. He may, however, give you a deadline based on his personal needs. Otherwise, you should inform him that the deed will be performed “within thirty days” (or whatever time frame you have established based on the information provided.)

In addition to his not knowing exactly when the hit will take place, he should not know how it will take place unless the method to be used is a specific part of your agreement. Afterwards., he is not entitled to any details of how the actual job went down. It is better for both of you if the only information available to your employer is the same information made available to the general public.

If the employer is a close friend of business associate, your relationship should continue in the usual fashion without interruption. It is best for both of you to continue with your usual life patterns.

If you normally visit one another’s homes, continue to do so. If you meet for lunch or play golf on occasion, continue to do so. If you usually frequent the same bar and share a few drinks, don’t start treating one another as strangers now./

Keep things the same as they were before you made your death-dealing partnership. Don’t arouse suspicion or start gossip.

If the employer is someone you hardly know and this is purely a business venture, work out some code of contact when the job is complete so the employer will know you are ready for payoff on the remainder of your contract money. The code can be as simple as a telephone call:

“Hello. Is Margaret Smith there?”

“I’m sorry, you have the wrong number.”

Once you have completed your part of the agreement, the majority of the risk and responsibility is transferred to the employer — and he has as much to lose as you do. Just remember, a satisfied customer may be your best source for future employment opportunities.

At the beginning of this book you read an account of an actual hit going down.

as you probably noted, most of the detail concerning the events covered concerned the efforts to conceal the true identity, avoid public attention, and make sure no incriminating evidence was left behind.

The kill is the easiest part of the job. People kill one another every day. It takes no great effort to pull a trigger or plunge a knife. It is being able to do so in a manner that will not link yourself or your employer to the crime that makes you a professional.

Public assassinations are sometimes necessary but are messy and draw immediate attention. Quiet, one-on-one confrontations are much to be preferred, especially when your skills and expertise give you a distinct advantage in the situation.

Why did our hit man choose to fly and rent a car when other methods of t4ransportation were available?> Why go to all the trouble to use elaborate disguises and keep changing false identifications? Why register at the motel for only two days and pay cash in advance>? Why let an incompetent desk clerk get away with overcharging him for food and improperly preparing his order?

And why, after the job was completed and he knew he had plenty of time to make his escape, did he go to so much trouble to dispose of a perfectly good weapon, disguise and a pair of shoes that he could possibly have used again>

Of course, no two jobs will be handled the same, but the following pages will explain why the hit man in this case chose to act as he did… and why the crime remains unsolved.


Your expense money, down payment on the contract and complete information about the mark is in your possession. Photographs were provided, and enough information is available for you to make a tentative plan for the assault.


Study the information sheet. Memorize floor plans, descriptions and details. Then, if you feel confident that you won’t need to refer to the data again, destroy it in a manner that will prohibit restoration.

If you feel you may need to carry the data with you to the jobsite, mail it yourself and carry the unopened envelope. Even law enforcement officials should be leery of opening sealed mail without probably cause and the necessary legal documents.

Then, just before you leave to complete your assignment, open the envelope, review the contents and destroy in the manner described above. If something goes wrong as the job goes down, you certainly don’t want the authorities to find such incriminating evidence in your possession. Your employer wouldn’t appreciate carelessness on your part much either.


The next task to be faced is getting yourself and your equipment to the jobsite.

Any travel agent will be happy to make arrangements for travel, lodging and a car rental for you at now charge. Simply call a travel agency, give a false name, tell the agent your destination, when you want to leave, and ask for an open return flight home.

The travel agent will want your phone number to call you back when the information you request is assembled. You can get around giving out your number by telling her you are using a neighbor’s telephone or that you’re going out for the afternoon and will call her alter in the day to get the information. This way, the agent will see your face for only a few brief minutes when you go down to pay cash for your tickets, which will be prepared in the false name you gave. There will be no record of your true identity, phone number or address, and airlines don’t require identification for tickets paid in cash.

However, identification is required for car rental, so don’t make such arrangements through a travel agent. And don’t make motel reservations in the same name used on your flight tickets. you need not make it any easier than necessary for anyone to identify you between your point of departure and the crime scene.

If for some reason you cannot fly, you may have to drive. Trains and buses are much too slow and the trip would tire you considerably. but if time permits, train and bus may be the safest method available. In any event never use your own automobile as a means to getting to the jobsite. A rental car would work best.

Car rental agencies require a valid driver’s license and one major credit car as identification even when you pay cash. This is a security measure for them to guard against theft. So if you plan to rent a car, even for cash, a fake or stolen set of identification is in order. (Make sure you get a car with unlimited mileage and a trunk for locked storage).

Obviously, your risk factor is greatly increased when you drive. Even a minor violation can place your location at a particular time, so the driver’s license you use must match the name on the rental contract just in case. God forbid that you should become involved in an accident! But should any situation occur where your face has been clearly seen, placing you in the area where the hit is to go down, either cancel the contract immediately or put it off for a while. Your employer will understand and will be grateful for your precautions.

When using a rental car, always carry enough cash to cover any major breakdowns that may occur. Even though the agency normally foots these bills, this is a part of the price you pay for anonymity.

Sometimes it is good to cover your trail by flying into a large city a few hundred miles from where the hit is to take place. You can rent a car there and travel to the job location. If you choose to travel this way, steal an out of state tag while you are out-of-state. Stolen tags only show up on the police computer of the state in which they are stolen. You will use the tag to replace the rental tag when you go to make the actual hit. In that way, any suspicion or checks on the parked car will not Ben traced back to the rental agency or to you.


You can’t work without your tools, and you can’t count on being able to purchase them when you get to where you’re going. Even with proper false identification, there may be residency requirements or waiting periods, so you need your own, dependable selection of weapons from home.

Of course, you’d never get through airport security with a gun on your person. But you can carry one in your luggage if you notify airport personnel in advance and it will be stored in the cargo compartment. Otherwise, you may have some embarrassing questions to answer as that suitcase does through airport x-rays. But even if you get permission to pack your gun in your luggage, how will explain that little sound muffling tube that is attached to the barrel.

If time allows, you can ship everything UPS or by bus or common carrier, with pickup at the terminal by the addressee (fictitious name) when you arrive. Or, you can use Express Mail — next day arrival guaranteed — post office to post office, which may or may not require ID by addressee at time of pick-up.

However you choose to transport your weapons, pack them well! Use a metal, foam-lined box or two or more cardboard cartons packed one inside the other as your shipping container. Disassemble guns and other metal parts and roll them in soft cloth, newspapers, or clothes you plan to wear on the job. Include several extra pairs of rubber gloves and clean work shows, unless you plan to carry these items with you.

If you are driving and for some reason have no choice but to transport these dangerous tools with you in a car, pack well as above and gift-wrap or prepare as if for mailing. Carry the wrapped box in the locked trunk of the car, out of public view, to prevent theft or suspicion. If the package is small enough of it inside a large suitcase or metal footlocker, use a combination lock as a double safety precaution on your outer container. Authorities and crooks alike are known for confiscating keys; however, a search warrant with probable cause may be necessary for the authorities to get you to open the combination lock.

Note: Every item you use on a job should be considered disposable Then you won’t have to worry about how to ship these items home again.


You are enroute. Your tools on the way via Express Mail. You are travelling under an assumed name.

Everything you purchase is paid for in cash. Anything you buy is a necessity — food, lodging, transportation. You will use only bills in small denominations, not crisp new one hundred dollar bills. You don’t want to draw any attention to yourself or become memorable.

You are working. This is your job and you are a professional. You will purchase no gifts or souvenirs, nothing that ma7y point a finger to your locations along the way. This means specifically items like pottery labeled “Made in Mexico,” shells marked “Souvenir of Florida” and the like.

You will not become involved with women — on any level — while you are on assignment. Women have an eerie way of memorizing quickly and in fine detail any man that shows a sexual interest in them. Save pleasure for after business.

You will not drink, even socially, nor will you take any drugs or stimulants. If you need artificial courage, you should try some other career.

You will make no long distance phone calls. The phone company computer will be recording the numbers dialed.

You will be careful of the food you eat and the water you drink. You don’t want a case of food poisoning or dysentery to hamper timely accomplishment of your assignment.

You will not draw any unnecessary attention to yourself in any way. You won’t over- or under-tip. you won’t be drawn into any memorable conversations. You won’t exhibit any rude or argumentative behavior. Your profile will be low and nondisruptive for the duration of the assignment. Though inside you are like a wild animal stalking his prey, others may view you as yet another passive wimp! Let them.

If the waiter is too slow, be patient. If the clerk doesn’t give back the right change, forget it. If the food is bad, don’t eat it. Don’t let any little incident cause anyone to remember your face later.


The excitement is building as your plane comes in for a landing. Where will you stay, and how will you get there?

Unless you know your way around and can use mass transit to your advantage, you will probably need to rent a car. Nothing flashy, and in a solid color. Ask for a city map at the rental agency or purchase one at the airport newsstand if one was not provided by the employer.

A place to stay is the next priority. It can be any motel, fancy or cheap, but it should be in close proximity to the jobsite to prevent excessive travel. In fact, if you can find one within walking or jogging distance of the hit, you can forego the car rental and taxi to the motel (not to the jobsite!). Just don’t over or under tip the driver or get into any extensive conversation with him. This is where a disguise can come in handy.

Check into the motel using a fictitious name. Identification is not required when you pay cash. Register for only two days maximum. If you stay is to be longer than two days, change motels and use another name. When you register, use a made-up tag number to correspond to the fictitious address you give.

If you are in town six days, you will have used five different identities — one for the plane tickets, one for the care rental, and three different names used at three different motels. This should cause some real headaches for anyone trying to pin down your exact location. Especially if you keep changing your appearance as you change your name.

If you are using a car, keep driving to a minimum. In a strange area, your risks of traffic violations and accidents increase tremendously. Just remember, while you are out, to “borrow” a tag for use when you are ready to make your move.

Of course you will have to call for your equipment if you preshipped it to yourself. And you will have to drive, jog or stroll past the places your mark is known to haunt( no pun intended!) After these initial checks you can determine whether you will stick to your original plan or if changes are in order.

Before you leave to do the job, and each time you change motels, you will thoroughly wipe down your room so it will be clean of fingerprints. Make sure you leave no personal items behind that will be proof of your presence. This is a precautionary measure.

As you dress for the job, certain precautions should be taken. Clean tennis shoes should be worn during the job, because the ones you wore before may have traces of soil from your home town which will leave an important clue for the investigators. The shows don’t have to be new, just clean. And since the police can take impressions to ascertain height and weight of the criminal, it doesn’t hurt to wear a size larger shoe than normal or even add a weight belt to throw off the investigation. Soft soled tennis shoes are quiet and good for running, should the need arise.

Clothing, of course, will have to suit the area, particularly if the job is to be done during the day or in a public place. For night work, you can wear your regular clothing under a pair of overalls if the coveralls will not arouse suspicion in the area.

Wipe down your weapons as you assemble them. Even the inner parts of your guns must be wiped to remo0ve any prints that were left behind during the last cleaning.

Wipe down each bullet and wear rubber gloves as you load the clip. Just in case you leave behind an empty cartridge, you don’t want your fingerprints emblazoned on the casing.

After loading the clip, discard that pair of gloves. Do not leave them in your room, but throw then away along the way., Handling the clip may have weakened the thin rubber from contact with metal parts. If they are too weak, or if just a tiny hole or tear has begun, it might become large enough to leave an incriminating partial print at the scene of the crime.

With your luggage and your duffel bag containing your tools in the trunk of your car, the room wiped clean of any clues to your existence, your plan of action firmly in mind, you are ready to go. Your knowledge, guts, reflexes and professionalism will see you through.

When the time is right, make your move. Quietly. Efficiently. Whatever method you choose.

The secret. now that the deed is done, is to stay in total self Control. Don’t panic! Don’t hurry! Wait until you know beyond any doubt that you have accomplished your assignment. Check for a pulse at both the wrist and throat. Drag the body out of the line of view of windows and doors, so discovery will be delayed. Cover any spots of blood with carefully dropped newspapers or clothing so that, too, will not be visible and arouse the suspicion of anyone peeking inside.

Be absolutely positive that the mark is, indeed, dead. You don’t want to rush out too soon and have to wait around to read the morning paper to see if your mission was successful, or read that he survived and sought medical attention.

Take a few minutes to calmly survey the scene for any evidence that you might have left behind. Pick up those empty cartridges that were ejected when you fired your gun.

Did you remove your gloves for any reason?> I hoe not! But many a man has been caught because he thoughtlessly removed his gloves after making the kill to help himself to food or drink from the victim’s refrigerator.

If the hit was supposed to look like a burglary, mess the place up a bit and take anything of value that you can carry concealed. if course, you can’t keep anything. These items will have to be ditched along with your work clothes and weapon, But any cash you find is yours to pocket.

Exciutement made you a bundle of nerves>? If nature calls, try to control the urge. One man was actually convicted by the print he left on the victim’s toilet seat. It seems he had this scar …

If you have to take a piss, flush the toilet with you gloved fingers. You can’t imagine how many idiots will remove their gloves to facilitate the operation of the sipper to take a pee. Without thinking, the flush before pulling the gloves back on … leaving indisputable evidence to convict them on the flush handle. And believe it or not, the toilet handle is one of the primary sources for prints during the investigation.

Check the victim one final time to make sure your part of the contract is complete before you leave the scene. Then make your exit, usually through the front door. Even if someone sees you casually leaving the victim’s house, he has no idea for the reason of your visit or what you have done. And you disguise will conceal your identity.

Walk, don’t run, to your car or whatever your planned destination might be.

The first thing you should do when you reach the car is change into another disguise and get out of those work clothes. Check them for bloodstains. If there are none, you can toss them into a charity collection box or trash bin. If the victim’s blood is on those clothes, they must be burned or buried.

Of primary importance now, too, is changing the rifling of the murder weapon. This should be done before you leave the crime scene. That way, even if you get picked up or stopped with the weapon in your possession, its ballistics will not match the bullets you left behind in the mark.

Now move your car to some other location where you will not attract attention as you switch the tags and disassemble your gun.

when you are driving, stay calm and obey all traffic rules. Toss your gun parts out at intervals or in various locations about town. From them in lakes or waterways. Bury or sink the gun barrel and silencer in different spots. Crush the plastic housing of the disposable silencer before you discard it.

The shoes you wore should be discarded as carefully as your weapon. You might have left distinct parts behind that will end up as plaster casts. Toss them separately at intervals along the highway. Ever see a single te4nnis how lying in the road? Now you know from whence it came …

Hide, bury, burn, toss — but, in any event, do away with every tool and article of clothing that was near the scene of the crime. Even you rubber gloves. Remember, they may have powder residue on them, and they most definitely have your fingerprints on the inside!

If you are flying home, stop and wipe the car for prints and wear driving gloves as you return the car to the rental agency.

If you are driving home, wash the car and vacuum the interior immediately when you arrive at your destination. Remember why you wore clean tennis shoes? Well, foreign soil from the jobsite is now in the car’s interior. It’s in the air filter, too, so make sure you clean that as well.

Sound like a lot of unnecessary trouble and precaution? Perhaps. But it’s the overcautious who remain at large.

Take, for example, the case of the federal judge slain in Texas in 1978. The contract was for $250,000 and was paid on schedule. The hit was made, fulfilling the contract — but the contractor was soon apprehended. How? Undisguised, this so-called hit man took a taxi to the jobsite. The taxi driver fingered him! Why? See if you can tell me.


You made it! Your first job was a piece of cake! Taking all that money for the job was almost like robbery. Yet here y7ou are, finally a real hit man with real hard cash in your pockets and that first notch on your pistol.

Some people would say that a hit man is an emotionless, cold-blooded killing machine that he has no fear and no belief in God. On the contrary, a hit man has a wide range of feelings. He may be excruciatingly tender towards his woman. He may be extremely compassionate towards the elderly or disabled. He may have a strong aversion to the useless killing of wildlife. He may even be religious in his own way.

What the professional lacks is remorse. He feels no guilt.

I’m sure your emotions have run full-scale over the past few days or weeks.

There was a fleeting moment just before you pulled the trigger when you wondered if lightening would strike you then and there. And afterwards, a short burst of panic as you quickly looked around to make sure no witnesses were lurking.

But other than that, you felt absolutely nothing. And you are shocked by that nothingness. You had expected this movement to be a spectacular point in your life. You had wondered if you would feel compassion for the victim, immediate guilt, or even experience direct intervention by the hand of God. But you weren’t even feeling sickened by the sight of the body.

The first few seconds of nothingness give you an almost uncontrollable urge to laugh out loud. you break into a wide grin. Everything you have been taught about life and it value was a fallacy. A dirty rotten lie!

Life is notyou know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your own life is just as frail and valueless. What you have done could just as easily and unexpectedly been done to you, despite your fighting ability, your weapons expertise, your efforts to protect yourself. The realization is both sobering and shocking.

Like a machine, you do what is necessary to cover your tracks. As you leave the scene, that first burst of cool night air hits you and panic sets in. You have to force yourself to resist the urge to run!

It took only ten minutes to casually stroll to the victim’s house. Covering that same distance back to your waiting car seems to take ten hours! Are people watching you from behind those closed drapes, memorizing your description as they dial the police? Can they hear the pounding of your heart above the noise of their television sets as you struggle to control your breathing and make it even?

Once inside the safety of your automobile, you change you clothing and disguise and alter the gun barrel as quickly as possible. Then, both hands gripping the steering wheel, you drive. Your eyes are constantly searching the roadside. You can’t afford and accident, traffic violation, or even to miss a turn in your planned route. you struggle to keep the speed of the auto within set limits. Like you feet, the car seems to want to run.

With the disposal of each piece of evidence, your fear eases. By the time you arrive at the airport, you begin to feel silly about your unnecessary panic.

On the trip back home, you begin to think of the shocking realizations about the real value of life that you experienced after pulling the trigger professionally for the first time. Your own life takes on new meaning. Never again will you strive to accumulate wealth. Instead, you will pack the time you have with the things that make life enjoyable, interesting and exciting. You will live each day to the fullest. The acceptance of the valuelessness of life has give your own life value.

After you have arrived hoe, the events that took place take on a dreamlike quality. you don’t dwell on them, you don’t worry. You don’t have nightmare. You don’t fear ghosts. When thoughts of the hit got through your mind, it’s almost as though you are recalling some show you saw on television.

By the time you collect the balance of your fee, the doubts and fears of discovery have faded. Those feelings have been replaced by cockiness, a feeling of superiority, a new independence and a new self-assurance.

Your biggest problem now is learning to deal with your ego.

NO MATTER HOW WELL YOU have your act together in other ways, the whole show can come tumbling down when it’s shaken by any one of three interferences: ego, women and partners. Let’s look at these — first things first.


Now that you’re back home after your first rendezvous with destiny, everything seems to have changed.

The people you have suddenly become so aggravatingly ordinary. You start to view them as an irritating herd of pathetic sheep, doing as they are told, doing what is expected, following someone, anyone, blindly. You can’t believe how dumb your friends have become, and your respect diminishes for people you once held in awe.

You too have become different. You recognize that you made some mistakes, but you know what they were, and they will never plague you again. Next time (and you know there will be a next time), there will be no hesitation, no fear.

Your experience in facing death head-on had taught you about life. You have the power and ability to stand alone. You no longer need a reason to kill.

When the guys all get together and the bullshit starts to flow, you find it hard to listen to their tales of how tough they like to think they are., Their threats to “get” this person or that become as irritating, yet harmless, as a swarm of gnats on a hot summer afternoon.

You stifle the urge to tell them how life really is. you control your anger at their pretension of being capable of carrying out the threats they make. you resist the impulse to laugh at the statements they take so seriously.

Your friends sense your irritation but don’t understand what has set you apart. You begin to shun social gathering and bullshit sessions. You spend more time studying and accumulating and testing your tools while you wait for the next job opportunity to present itself.

You find yourself making it a point to become on friendly terms with anyone who can be of use to you. Anyone who you feel has something worthwhile to offer in the advancement of your career. Your mind is like a sponge, you eagerly soak up any rumors about available weapo0ns, new combat techniques and the like.

Like the great white shark, you have become an lone predator. Your ego is the greatest burden you will carry from this day forth.

You have feelings and emotions that you might need to share with some understanding person. The things you have learned about life are important. you may wish to pass them on to someone you care about. When the bullshit starts to flow, you may feel compelled to set the record straight and tell those morons how it really is. When someone starts to brag in confidence, about something he’s done, the intimacy of the moment, the shared confessions, may inspire you to do a little bragging of your own. Or you may want to overawe some new woman in your life with your masculinity and you feel the urge to shock her just a little by hinting at your true profession.

Start now in learning to control your ego. This means, above all, keeping your mouth shut! You are a man. Without a doubt, you have proved it. you have come face to face with death and emerged the victor through your cunning and expertise. You have dealt death as a professional. You don’t need any second or third opinions to verify your manhood.

Don’t brag. Don’t boast. Don’t hint at what you know or what you have done. Don’t confide in your girlfriend, your wife, or your best buddy. Only insecure bores must build themselves up by other people’s opinions.

The way you use and display the money you made will also be a reflection on your ego. If you have never before had this much cold hard cash at one time, it may be burning a hole in your pocket. Should you let it flow like water, in keeping with your decision to enjoy yourself while you can instead of accumulating wealth?

Part of that money should be put away for living expenses and overhead. You never now how long you will go between job, and you do need to stock up on the best equipment available. Some of it can be spent purchasing items you never could afford before. But the things you can buy of have special limits.

Unless you have additional sources of income to justify large expenditures like a new home, paying off an old mortgage, or a new sports car, don’t spend any of your earnings on big items of this type. Big expenditures arouse suspicion, not only of your family and friends, but of the IRS and the authorities if you should ever come under investigation.

Sure, it would make you feel good to walk in and pay for a new $2,m500 stereo set with hundred dollar bills. And flashing around that kind of money in a bar might get he immediate attention you desire from the best looking woman there. But control is the key now. It is far better to have a wallet filled with old twenties than questionable new hundred dollar bills.

Just remember: you are secure within yourself. You don’t need to impress anyone else in any way, shape, or form.

If you have been living in a small, unimpressive apartment, stay there for the time being. Later you will learn meth9ods for legally changing your lifestyle to fit your income. But the changes must be gradual, not overnight, conspicuous moves. If you have regular job, keep working at it for a while to substantiate the source of the money you are spending.

The money you made is rightfully yours. The risks you took, the dangers you faced, and the fact that you carried it all off successfully prove you earned it. But unless you have always carried and flashed large sums of cash and enjoyed the finer things of life, free spending and extravagant purchases now will arouse suspicion and start tongues wagging.

In short, don’t change your lifestyle dramatically unless you can justify your sudden increase in wealth.


because of their uncanny ability to get into places and situations a man might find hard to duplicate, because of their deceitful, “game-playing” natures, and because a woman can be twice as vicious as a man, a woman can be a better hired executioner than a man.

Fortunately for the world, a woman usually makes only one man her target, and the nesting instinct quickly takes her off the street and ties her down to the little world of babies, laundry and housework she creates and protects for her own. Unfortunately, even a hit man cannot deny that what women have to offer is a basic necessity.

A married man who becomes a hit man for hire, or a single professional who alter ties the knot of matrimony, faces a whole set of woman problems peculiar in themselves. Once a woman becomes the proclaimed property of one man, she feels it her duty to ward off other predators, whether real or imaginary, through suspicion, jealousy, accusation, or even by becoming her own detective to protect and preserve her rightful place. A married professional is then placed in the predicament of either telling his wife everything — or nothing. And either way, she will have to be a very understanding woman.

For if she knows too much, she could become his own enemy on the face of the earth and may someday have to be eliminated in the name of self-preservation.

And if she knows too little, her suspicious, jealous nature could lead to more snooping and following and conjecture on her part than is healthy — for either of them.

I read an account in the newspaper recently about a man who was accused and later convicted of murdering the state’s witness against him in another trial. It seems he lured this witness into taking a ride with him under the pretense of having no hard feelings about the testimony that was about to go down. instead, he took the would-be state’s witness to desolate rock quarry, blew his head off with a shotgun close range, and then tossed him into an alligator filled pit.

From another spot, he called his wife to come get him. In the car on the ride home, he told his wife about what he had done, bragging about his cunning to lure the mark to his death. The sympathetic wife listened, glad that the death of the witness would surely save her husband from spending time in prison.

Later, the only person the wife told about the incident was her mother. And the only person the mother told about the incident was her son.

A few months later, the wife caught her husband in bed in a compromising situation in the family boat with a naked woman. She fired a few shots over the heads of the two lovers and the police came.

In her hurt and anger at his infidelity after making her an accomplice to his crime, she told the authorities about the murder.

the moral of the story is that if you choose to be tied to one woman, make sure she is capable of being your partner in crime. Share with her the fruits of your joint efforts equally and keep reminding her in subtle ways that, if detected, her part in any conspiracy is just as great as yours.

Never let your roving eye of hunger for a little something strange on the side come to her attention. Woman are highly emotional, rarely rational creatures. Is ten minutes of pleasure worth your life at the hands (or tongue) or an irate spouse?

In the true story above, the man who killed the witness and confided in his wife probably really did love his wife. He probably would’ve never considered telling the woman on the boat about the murder, The first thing he didn’t count on was getting caught with the other woman, and the jealous rage and accusation that ensued. The second things he didn’t count on was his wife confiding in her mother — and her mother confiding in a son — all of which came out in testimony at court, resulting in his conviction.

Ideally, a professional hit man will remain single. He will either purchase his sexual pleasures or participate in impersonal one night stands. his involvement with woman will only be on a sexual level. He will not live with them nor will he let invade his privacy. In most cases, they won’t even know his real name.

And he will never have any encounters while on a job assignment — neither casual nor purchased.

As a man, I appreciate as much as anyone a good-looking body and a warm, willing smile on a woman. As a professional, however, that seems to have lost some of its thrill as I’ve moved on to bigger, more exciting and more dangerous prey.


Ironically, the best professional partner you can have is a woman. But she has to Ben a full-time partner, and she has to have the following qualifications:

Good looks and a seductive attitude
Superior intelligence
No children or close family ties
Total dedication to you
A totally vicious nature towards :outsiders”
No conscience
The mental and physical capability of defending herself and pulling her own eight.
From such a woman, you can expect:

The ability to get almost any mark based on her good looks, seductiveness and willingness to go to any lengths to help you.
The intelligence to help you plan successful jobs and to provide you with continuously stimulating conversation and companionship.
Sex on a regular basis without danger of blowing your cover.
An unflinching back-up due to her emotional attachment to you.
Unfortunatly, not too many such women exist. And those who do will be hard to find since, by necessity, they will be as cautious and untrusting as you are.

Some women have these latent qualities, but are in need of someone like you to bring them out and perfect them. If you are interested in forming such a relationship, check for lone women who sign up for mercenary training classes,. visit gun shows, and now their weaponry. Or look for her among those hearty, fanatical individuals who make up survival groups. She could be anywhere, though, so while you’re feeling a good woman up, feel her out also — if you’re interested in adding a permanent partner. And good luck!

Assuming you have been fortunate enough to find your HMIW (Hit Man’s Ideal Woman), you will, from time to time, require a partner to assist you on a particular job. The need may arise due to the mark’s use of bodyguards or other defensive procedures, an inaccessibility that must be overcome through diversion, or even language barrier.

Whatever the reason, the partner you select will be a man you can trust and who can be depended on to cover your back. He will meet the same rigid requirements you have set for yourself and will not be lacking in basic common sense. He will be discreet and not a braggart. He will be self-assured to the point that you won’t have to worry about his ego. He will be totally business-minded while doing business and will not be sidetracked by women or other pastimes. And when the job is going down, he willingly pump one or two of his own bullets into the mark to ensure equal responsibility.

Whgether male or female, you partner is equal to fifty-fifty compensation. Everything should be fifty-fifty. Equal pay for equal risk and equal responsibility. This is an insurance measure for both of you.

Generally, a professional prefers to work alone. But when a partner is required, the same caution must be used as in controlling one’s ego and electing one’s woman. “Patience is a virtue,” my grandmother used to say, and patience is something a hit man needs plenty of. Not only will you require3 patience while you are stalking your prey and waiting for the right moment to make your kill, but also in areas like feeling out the potential employer and looking for a suitable partner. You may be on pins and needles, anxious for the next job to come along or for a partner you can trust.

These things don’t come overnight. If you meet someone who seems as radical as you, test him over a period of time in your own subtle way to see if he really measures up. Gut first impressions can’t be relied on here.

Give him a while to prove himself,. See how free he is with his conversation. How much does he know about weapons? Is he emotionally stable? How does he handle his personal life? Is it a shambles of bad relationships and creditors knocking on his door>

How a man thinks, lives and acts is just as important as his marksmanship and fighting ability. And many an insecure fool needing to prove his manhood will give the impression of being capable to assist you. Beware!

Foresight is better than hindsight, an old saying goes; which is why all through this book I have stressed the importance of covering your trail as you carry out your job assignment.

Disguises, false identification, constant movement, all may have seemed extreme. But are they? Indeed not! Such “extremes” can mean the difference between a professional job and beginner’s luck.

The professional walks away from his job with confidence and has no need to look back. The amateur hurries away looking back over his shoulder and lives in fear that he might have left some clue behind to bring the authorities calling at his door.


False identification plays a very important role in covering one’s trail, and using them requires a certain flair for dramatics. You must be just as comfortable with your assumed identity as you are with your own. You will have to learn to confidently display your false credentials so you will not arouse suspicion.

Where do you get these false identifications?

There are several good books and sources available on the subject. you can order them from several dealers who advertise in magazines or newspapers. You can find a “source” of stolen IDs of your own. Or, you can make them yourself.

I have a friend who has his own profitable business. He “borrows” the stash of big drug dealers and ships the goods out of state to sell. He says it’s his way of helping the local authorities keep the home front clean.

Every time he hits a doper, he relieves everyone present not only of his stash, but also any weapons, cash, jewels and other valuables that he can carry away. HE figures that since it’s legally considered armed robbery anyway, he may as well of the whole route with gusto!

From him I am able to purchase, at substantial savings, many throwaway weapons as well as a wide assortment of various identifications. I prefer to use out-of-state papers and he does hi best to provide them for me. He knows I’ll pay top dollar for sets — that is, driver’s license, major credit cards, social security cards an the like — all issued in one name.

The first thing I have to do to make the sets I purchase usable is to replace any photographs of the real owner with a photograph of myself. Using a sharp razor blade, I separate the backing from the card as carefully as possible () providing there is backing). Then I very carefully remove the photograph that appears on the form and substitute a passport or appropriate sized picture of myself, using the appropriately colored background. I attach it with a small bead of clear drying glue from the back side.

Once the photograph dries into place, I take a photograph of my new identification and take film to a guy I know who has an enlarger. He blows up the finished, one-piece identification to the proper size and I carefully cut it out and glue the backing that came from the original into place on the back of the photo. Then I cover the entire document in clear acetate so it looks like the real thing. Bending and twisting the finished product takes off the new look to make it look more authentic.

I then store my sets of identifications in a safe place until I need to use them professionally. And when I do use them, it is for identification purposes only. Never make any purchases on the stolen credit cards. Clerks generally don’t verify credit card accounts only for verification. What shame that careless use of a stolen credit card should make short work of what might have been a profitable career!

If I use any identification sets on a hit, those sets are immediately destroyed as their use ends. Burn the cards or cut them into bits and bury or scatter in the wind. It’s just another part of covering your trail.


In Chapter 8 I emphasized the importance of controlling your ego and being careful how you spend you newly earned money.

As a professional, you have th4e option of keeping a low profile and living a quiet life requiring only the basic necessities; or, by constructing dummy corporations and “laundering” the monies you earn, changing your lifestyle completely.

One time-tested and proven method of being able to legally use the monies you earn without fear of discovery does not require a great deal of business knowledge or sophistication.

For many years, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Guatemala, Panama, and other small, poverty stricken countries shat do not tax their own impoverished citizens have lifted their countries standard of living and created jobs and business for their people by supplying us foreigners with tax havens to launder our illegal money., And they offer ironclad protections to us against snooping US officials and agencies.

The procedure is really quite simple: You form a corporation in one of these countries and put your illegal monies into that corporation. Then you form a legal US corporation as you business and Borrow the money you need to get going from the foreign corporation you have previously set up., The stiff fees you pay to the foreign government for this privilege insure the privacy and protection of true ownership.

Le’ts say your legal American corporation is a land development company, because you want to invest your laundered monies into real estate. A Foreign corporation in the Bahamas (your own secret corporation) has agreed to lend you funds to back you new American corporation.

From the money you acquire from the loan, you will meet your legal business expenses. You will pay rent on your office space, utilities, phone, salaries and so on. As an executive, your salary is bound to be a large one. Those working with you will also require large salaries commensurate with their abilities. What executive could function without a personal secretary?

As an executive, you will more than likely have an expense account and a company car. The car will have to be a really fine one to impress business associates and clients alike. You may also have a profit sharing plan retirement benefits, or group insurance.

With all this legality behind you, now you are free to wheel and deal in the real-estate of your choice. When tax time comes around, you will do what every patriotic American does, fill out your tax return. On that return, you will take all the legal deductions for your business expenses, interest payments on the loan you got from that big Bahamas corporation and an assortment of small business elated deductions you are allowed as you participate in American free enterprise.

You have become part of the system. You money and your lifestyle are above suspicion. Your lifestyle is justifiable by your legal income. Your time cannot be unaccounted for. busy executive do their business on the golf course, in jet planes, from their homes and quite often from out of town. You are no longer obligated to punch a clock or account for your working hours or absences.

From a financial point of view, you have become totally, legally, illegal.


By their own admission, law enforcement officers clear only a little more than 20 percent of the reported crimes in a given year. Less than half of those suspects arrested are ver convicted.

Fortunately for those of us who support ourselves from outside the law, the American justice System is so bogged down in technicalities, overcrowded jails, plea bargaining and a host of other problems, that even if charged with a serious crime, we can rest assured that the law is on our side and rarely that of the victim.

But what do you do if you happen to get picked up for questioning?

Most important, remember that you are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law,. Some people feel guilty until they can prove their innocence. Never assume this type of attitude, even if they catch you with the barrel of the gun still smoking.

You are under no moral or legal obligation to furnish information that may incriminate you.

The first thing you should do is find out whether you are being formally charged with a crime. If you are, demand your right to an attorney to guide you during questioning, and keep quiet until he arrives.

You should already have a good attorney picked out. The attorney should be a good criminal trial attorney, and not one who prepares wills or corporate papers or handles divorces. Preferably, he will be just a bit crooked (as most successful lawyers are). Although expensive, if he can save your hide, he is worth the price, whatever it might be. A good attorney will never plead his client guilty, nor will he accept any bargain that will get you time in prison. He knows that his job is to keep you out

You can divulge name, rank and serial number, but absolutely no personal information. Find out right away if you are being formally charged with a crime and what the charge is. If you are not being formally charged, there is a restriction on the length of time you may be held. And if you charged, usually you have a right to post bond and a speedy hearing before a judge to set that bond amount. This is where it pays to have set aside a bit of that cash. Unless you are a very accomplished and skillful liar, offer no information at all. Do not trap yourself in a web of lies and alibis.

Even though it is illegal, law enforcement agents are known for entrapment. Beware of being baited! During the interrogation they may toss bits of information based on they think things might have gone down to see if they can get a reaction. They may try to make you break by making you angry. Or they may tell you how this is the most professional job they’ve ever come across and try tog et your ego to talk for you.

Don’t aid them in building a case against you. It is their responsibility to provide enough proof to build a case that will stand up Is court. And even if it gets that far, those twelve jurors still have to be convinced of your guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.

If you have covered your trail, used fake disguises and fake identifications, and if there is no trace of a weapon to be found, they will have a hard time proving you were at the crime scene.

Remember, it’s not up to you to prove that you were not there — it’s up to them to prove that you were

If you are caught in the act at the scene of a hit, of course that’s another story. Against, you will not aid the authorities in any way, although you will be a model prisoner. With the evidence available to formally charge you with the crime, it will become paramount for them to prove your motive. They will offer plea bargains, deals, protection and the like to influence you to lead them to the man who hired you.

Your high professional ethics will obligate you to protect the man who is your employer. Your failure to do so will cut off any future job opportunities in this field. Or you may find that you, yourself, have become the mark.

But aside from this, be aware that these bargaining officials have already slotted you as an undesirable. you are capable of performing cold-blooded murder for a fee, a far cry from the crimes of passion they usually handle. To them, you are not fit to be part of organized society.

So you can bet your life, literally, that any protection they may offer will good only for the duration of their investigation and the trial proceedings that follow. They have neither the manpower not the funds to protect the likes of you forever and really don’t care what happens to you after your usefulness is expended.

I read an account in the newspaper recently about a man who turned state’s evidence for police protection and his own freedom. Oh, they let him go, all right. But the protection ended right after the trail. SO here he is, on probation, but at least a free man., And what happens? He gets stopped on the street and frisked by detectives who discover a gun on his person. When the man explains that he carries the gun for “self-protection purposes only” since police protection has ended, they don’t pay too much attention. Instead, they put him away on a technicality, as they knew they could, after having used him to get to the real targets of their first investigation.

Even if you provide the authorities with nothing and still end up serving time in jail, beware of other inmates who may bribed to pump you for information about the details of your particular crime.

Recently while Jimmy Chargra was serving time in jail for drug trafficking, another inmate, also a convicted felon, was offered $250,000 and a parole for obtaining taped information to convict Chargra of hiring the hit man who was convicted of killing Judge “Maximum John” Wood. Fortunately for Chargra, he did not brag or boast to his fellow inmates about his criminal career and was acquitted of the charge.

Under the guise of a writer, I queried a law enfo4rcement officer about the use of “plants” in the prisons and jails for the purpose of gathering information.

“Sure we do it,” he said.

“But isn’t that entrapment?” I asked naively.

“Well, you can’t use that in court,” he admitted.

“Would you mind giving me an example of how it works?” I asked.

“Well, in my case, for instance I used to get sent on assignments all over the state. They’d throw me in the cell for a couple of days and my job was trying to get the suspect to talk,” he related, “Like, one time, I was put in with a fellow who was accused of raping somebody. So for the first day, I acted real cool, like I didn’t want nobody knowing my business. The next day, when they brought the mail around, I get two or three letters from women, all telling me what a good lover I am and how they wanted to have me again.

“So I’d leave these letters exposed on my bunk so the other guy was sure to notice.

“The next day, more letters of the same type came. And he jut had to ask how I came to get so much mail from chicks.

“I said, ‘Man, if you had screwed as many women in your lifetime as I have, and if you were only half as good as me, you’d be getting mail, too.’

“Of course, he had to be one up on me, so we started talking about sex and he admitted to me that he had raped this girl and how he did it.”

“Anmd you got that confession on tape?” I asked, trying to look appropriately impressed.

“Sure did!”, he answered with a grin.

“But that confession wasn’t admissible in court, was it?” I queried.

“No. But he didn’t know that. All we had to do was play the tape back to him and let him know I was an undercover officer and he broke down and confessed in the interrogation room. We got him cold,” he said smugly.


The important thing to do now, before the need arises, is to gain all the knowledge you can about the law and how it works, so if by chance it ever gets too close for comfort, you will able to handle the situation wisely.

I hope you have found the law enforcement handbook mentioned in Chapter 1 and have begun to study your own state laws. State laws vary, but federal law, like the Miranda Decision (You have the right to remain silent) are, of course, applicable throughout the United States.

Find out how long the authorities can detain you for questioning before they have to make formal charges.

Note any breaches of legal arrest procedures that may make your arrest null and void.

How many days are allowed din your right to a speedy trial? One day over, and the have to be, according to law, thrown out!

Learn about making appeals and appealing appeal decisions. Tangle up the authorities in their own red tape and watch them squirm as you squander thousands and thousands of the taxpayers’ dollars.

Establish a good relationship with a good attorney now Ask him about these things, and how the law works from his side of the bench, defending the accused. he won’t want to know why you are asking and probably won’t pry. And don’t ever come right out and tell him what you do for a living. After all, he will be defending your innocence.

The fee you pay him establishes you to access to his professional wisdom, and the information you get is yours for the asking.

Of course, the true test of being a professional is that you won’t ever have to face these legal predicaments. Your work methods, low profile, the way you handle your money and personal business, your knowledge and attitude will all be working to protect you.

Then, some day, when you’ve done and seen it all; when there doesn’t seem to be any challenge left or any new frontier left to conquer, you might just feel cocky enough to write a book about it.


Reproduced in it’s entire form. For informational purposes.

A WOMAN RECENTLY ASKED HOW I could, in good conscience, write an instruction book on murder.

“How can you live with yourself if someone uses what you write to go out and take a human life?” she whined.

I am afraid she was quite offended by my answer.

It is my opinion that the professional hit man fills a need in society and is, at times, the only alternative for “personal” justice. Moreover, if my advice and the proven methods in this book are followed, certainly no one will ever know.

Some people would argue that in taking the life of another after premeditation, you act as God — judging and issuing a death sentence. But it is the employer, the man who pays for the service, whatever his reason might be, who acts as judge. The hit man is merely the executioner, an enforcer who carries out the sentence.

There are many, many instances when atrocities are committed that the law cannot or will not pursue. and other times when the law does its part but the American legal system is so poor that real justice is not served. In those cases, as in cases of personal revenge and retribution, a man must step outside the law and take matters into his own hands.

Since most men are capable of carrying out their threats and wishes only in their heads, it becomes necessary for a man of action to step in and do what is required: a special man for whom life holds no real meaning and death holds no fear … A man who faces death as a challenge and feels the victory every time he walks away the winner.

Some men could not kill under any circumstances. Other could kill only in self-defense or to protect what they hold dear. One man learns to kill in times of war and spends the rest of his lie trying to forget the horror, while his brother may consider all his wartime efforts a justifiable part of his past having no effect on his present.

How many times have you shared a few beers with a group of macho buddies who eventually turned the subject of conversation form women and sports to that of guns, ammunition, wars, and the killing?

It seems that almost every man harbors a fantasy of living the life of Mack Bolan or some other fictional hero who kills for fun and profit. They dream of living by their reflexes, of doing whatever is necessary without regard to moral or legal restrictions. But few have the courage or knowledge to make that dream a reality.

When the bragging and boasting starts, I just sit back and smile as one after the other talks of what he would do, and how he would be., if it weren’t for family obligations, mortgages and corporate jobs.

You might be like my friends — interested but unsure, standing on the sidelines afraid to play the game because you don’t know the rules. Within the pages of this book you will learn one of the most successful methods of operation used by an independent contractor. You will follow the procedures of a man who works alone, without backing of organized crime or on a personal vendetta. Step by step you will be taken from research to equipment selection to job preparation to successful job completion. You will learn where to find employment, how much to charge, and what you can, and cannot, do with the money you earn.

But deny your urge to skip about, looking for the “good” parts. Start where any amateur who is serious about turning profession will start — at the beginning.

HE SLEEPS WHILE THE PLANE IS in flight, having learned long ago that few people will try to make conversation with a sleeping man. At 1:35 PM the stewardess awakens him. They are about to land.

He enters the terminal and casually strolls past the embracing couples and reunited families, heading directly for the men’s room. He is just another of the hundreds of businessmen who arrive at and depart from a major city airport on any given day.

Safe inside the toilet stall, he locks the doors and slips out of the business suit he chose to wear on the trip. From his duffel bag he pulls faded jeans, sweatshirt and tennis shoes. Hurriedly, he pulls on the clothing. Then, balancing a small mirror on the back of the toilet, he slips a stocking cap over his hair to flatten and hide it before pulling on a shoulder length wig. His neatly folded suit, shirt and tie fir snugly on top. From a zippered side pocket he takes a pair of tinted, wire-rimmed glasses and a nondescript hat. In less than ten minutes, he leaves the men’s room a different man.

At the row of car rental booths in the airport lobby, a tall hippie in a sweatshirt waits in line to rent a car. He does not seem to be inconvenienced by the long lines that are so irritating to the other customers. When the girl behind the counter finally gets around to him, he responds affirmatively to her offer to help.

“Yeah, I wanna rent a small car for a few days.”

She take sin his appearance. She has seen his type many times before and immediately interprets his use of the word small to mean cheap. She suggests an economy car that is terrific on gas and comes with unlimited mileage.

He explains that he intends to pay cash for the use of the car. She tells him that he may do so when he brings the car back, but a valid driver’s license and major credit card are required identification for security purposes. From an ordinary looking wallet, he pulls the necessary identification: a valid North Carolina driver’s license and a major credit card, both in the name of Alfred Johnson.

With key in hand, he leaves the car rental booth and goes to claim his baggage. Then he wanders to the airport news stand to purchase a city map and some reading materials.

Seated in the lobby, he checks the map for an address he memorized weeks earlier. Folding the map so he can follow it while driving, he exits to pick up his waiting car.

Afternoon traffic is moderately heavy on the interstate. Exits, side streets and intersections are unfamiliar. He drives carefully and obeys all traffic rules. He does not want to become involved in any accidents or pick up any traffic tickets.

Finally, he arrives in the section of town where he will find the memorized address. he drives slowly down the street until he has located the apartment complex, then drives on past so his interest will not be observed.

He continues to scout the neighborhood, checking streets and consulting the city map he carries for possible escape routes. He notes that the neighborhood is upper middle class; neatly kept lawns and sidewalks, with a population consisting of mostly singles and young families.

Three blocks west of the apartment complex there is a park which has a small pond. One block east he finds a large shopping center which has a movie theater and an adult book store that is open all night.

About a mile away, at the point where he exited the interstate highway, there are several chain motels and fast food restaurants. he heads back in that direction and pulls into a motel parking lot. He jots down the California license tag number of a car parked near the restaurant entrance. It is 4:15 PM.

The motel clerk is disinterested and mechanical in registering him. He fills out the required form in the name of Sam Wilcox, gives a fictitious address in Los Angeles and uses the California tag number from the car parked at the restaurant. The clerk does not ask for further identification.

“I’m a late sleeper. I’d like a room on the back side — away from the pool, if you have it,” he requests.

“Will that be cash or charge?” the clerk asks without looking up.

He lays down enough small bills on the counter to cover two days lodging, “Cash,” he answers.

He drives the car around back, locates his room and takes in his baggage. By 4:45 he is seated on the bed studying the contents of a large manila envelope taken from his locked suitcase. Using the information from the envelope and the telephone directory, he begins to chart routes on the city map. Afterwards, he carefully studies an assortment of photographs taken from the envelope. Satisfied, he returns everything to the envelope and locks it away in the suitcase again.

Wearing a jogging outfit and still in his hippie disguise, he drives to the shopping center and locks his car. On foot, he begins a slow jog through the neighborhood. He circles the block and carefully scrutinizes the area before cutting into the apartment complex parking lot. The sun is just beginning to set.

The apartments are all identical. Patios on the rear are enclosed with privacy walls. On the front, each apartment is separated from the other by an ornamental cedar fence. Two parking spaces are reserved at the front of each apartment for the residents’ use. Guest parking is clearly marked in the center of the parking lot, surrounding a small island landscaped with a few scrawny trees and thick bushes.

He jogs over to the guest parking island and sits down on the curb. Removing his shoes and socks, he begins to rub his tired feet. It is 6:47. If his information is correct, the mark should be arriving home from work any time now.

At 6:53 a green Mustang pulls into the parking space in front of the apartment he has under surveillance. The car matches the description of the vehicle belonging to the mark. A heavyset man emerges slowly from the small car. He is puffing on a large cigar. Judging by his physical characteristics and the cigar, this man appears to be the mark. He glances up uninterested, as a jogger trots out of the parking lot.

He jogs back to the motel, stopping at the fast food restaurant for dinner. The clerk shortchanges him by five dollars and the hamburger he orders is not prepared to his liking but he does not complain. without drawing any attention, he heads back to his motel where he reads and watches television until 11:00.

It is after 11:30 when he swings his car into the apartment complex parking lot. The mark’s lights are on and his car is still parked in its allotted space. The mark is said to spend most of his free time alone at home, staying up late watching television and sleeping in until an hour or so before his scheduled time to report for work at a used car lot; it appears that this information is correct.

He circles the guest parking island and drives back to the motel.

Early the next morning he is waiting in his parked car with a pair of binoculars and a newspaper when the mark leaves the apartment. In the bright morning sunlight he clearly makes positive identification. This is his man!

Using his premarked map, he spends the early part of the day checking out the places the mark is known to frequent. Around noon, he drives to the main post office to pick up a parcel he mailed to himself the day before. as he drives, he contemplates the various places he has checked out. Because of the layout of the apartment complex in relation to the private patios and sectioned courtyards, he decides that the best place to make the hit is in the mark’s own home.

Back at the motel, he opens the heavily taped parcel which was addressed to Mark Donaldson. There had been no problem in picking up the package, stamped “Fragile — Precision Machined Parts.” Today the postal clerk had not even asked for identification.

Inside the first box is a second box. And inside the second box is a special set of clothing, several pairs of rubber gloves, a clean pair of tennis shoes, a new disguise, ammunition, a disassembled weapon and a disposable silencer.

Lovingly he begins to assemble his weapon. With gloved hands, he wipes every part, inside and out, for fingerprints. As he loads the clip, he wipes down each of the bullets. he is a man with a job to do. He has the tools, he has done his homework, he knows he has the right target and he has determined how he will accomplish the job.

After putting the tools away, he leaves the motel to fill the gas tank on the car. While he is out, he steals and out-of-state tag from a parked automobile and replaces the rental tag on his car with a stolen tag.

Back in his room, he dials the airport and gets flight information. Space is available on a flight departing at 11:55 PM.

At 7:00 PM the alarm sounds, waking him from a four hour nap. It is time to get ready for work.

He dresses in the clothing that came in his parcel. He puts on the clean tennis shoes and a new disguise. He puts the hippie disguise, clothing and shows into the duffel bag, along with the tools he will be using. When he is all dressed and packed to go, he has a very few important details to complete.

First, he removes the manila envelope from the suitcase and goes over to the bathroom to burn all the items it contains over the toilet. One by one, he burns the information sheets, photographs, maps and other physical evidence that may prove conspiracy to commit a crime and flushes away the incriminating remains.

He pulls out a fresh pair of rubber gloves and begins tot wipe down the room for fingerprints. He knows the room will probably be rented against by tomorrow, but he takes the precaution anyway. he puts all the trash, newspapers and magazines accumulated during his stay into a plastic garbage bag, along with the room’s telephone directory and places it beside his luggage. He will dispose of these items on the way to the jobsite. Still wearing the rubber gloves, he loads his luggage and equipment into the car, locking it in the trunk, and heads for the mark’s neighborhood. He will not be returning to the motel again.

At the shopping center one block from where the mark lives, he parks the car in the crowded theatre parking lot and gets out to continue on foot.

No one is out and about as he walks into the apartment complex parking lot. Protected by the cedar privacy fence, he peeks through a crack in the drapes and sees the mark puffing on a cigar while he watches TV from a recliner chair. The volume is so loud that he can hear the program plainly from his position outside.

He goes to the front door where he quietly and efficiently picks the lock. The mark is startled by the intrusion of his entry but is unable to respond quickly enough. he is helpless against the professional.

The muffled sound of three shots fired in rapid succession goes undetected by the neighborhood. The professional has neatly carried out his assignment. Quickly but carefully, he checks the body to make sure there is no pule and drags the body to a place in the apartment where it will not be easily detected. At the scene of the shooting, he drops a newspaper over the blood that has seeped into the carpet. He pockets the three empty cartridges that were ejected from the gun. Then, after a quick check of the apartment to make sure he leaves behind no incriminating evidence, he exits, locking the front door behind him.

Resisting the urge to run, he strolls nonchalantly back to the theater parking lot and his waiting car. Safe inside, he immediately runs a rat-tail file down the barrel of the gun to change the ballistic markings. Then he changes back into his hippie clothing and disguise, unobserved while the other car owners are inside viewing the movie.

he checks the work clothes carefully for bloodstains. Finding none, he drops them into the charity collection box at the shopping center entrance, keeping the shoes he wore for disposal later.

He drives cautiously and carefully to another shopping center several blocks away. He feels no panic. It will be days before the crime is detected, days before anyone investigates the mark’s failure to report for work or answer his door. In the crowded parking lot, he disassembles the weapon and removes the stolen tag. Now his only remaining task is to dispose of the weapon.

He gets back onto the interstate highway and heads out of town. Traffic becomes sparse as the city is left behind; now he begins to toss out the small gun parts at irregular intervals, aiming for water filled and overgrown drainage ditches. He also tosses out the tennis shoes.

At a rest area, he walks through the woods and buries the barrel of the gun. He crushes the plastic silencer and disposes of the bits and pieces as he drives back to town.

Just before he reaches the airport, he pulls over to the side of the road and wipes the car for fingerprints. He removes and discards the stolen tag, replacing it with the rental tag. He disposes of the rubber work gloves and replaces them with a pair of leather driving gloves. Then he returns the “clean” rental car to the agency and heads directly for the airport men’s room.

A short time later, a businessman emerges from the men’s room and approaches the ticket counter for information. His flight leaves in forty five minutes.

he checks his baggage, a suitcase and small duffel bag, and goes to the coffee shop to wait for the flight to be called.

On the plane he dozes, having learned long ago that few people will try to make conversation with a sleeping man. Too all appearances, he is just another businessman suffering from an exhausting schedule; no one interrupts his rest.

AS A FIRST CLASS MECHANIC, you will become and expert at your profession. Becoming an expert entails research — reading, observing, and asking questions — as well as development of a wide range of physical abilities and weapons expertise.

The preparations outlined in this chapter should be considered essential prior to any acceptance of actual employment. Your keen mental and physical fitness will serve as your edge between life and death.


Read and reread pertinent articles relating to weapons and techniques that interest you in magazines such as Soldier of Fortune, New Breed and Gung-Ho. Stay abreast of new trends and developments as well as new gadgets and inventions as they become available. As well as the valuable articles, study advertisements and classified sections for a wealth of information and sources for supplies and books.

Check our military newsletters like Military Exchange. Your local library can inform you of what is available in this category.


Books on subjects related to the professional hit man are hard to find. But there are a few publishers out there who have the backbone to provide those of us who take life seriously with the necessary educational materials. Paladin Press advertises in almost every issue of Soldier of Fortune and other publishers offer relevant reading material, available by mail order. Check advertisements and classified sections.

And let’s not forget reading for entertainment. With the right attitude and an open mind, almost any good mystery or murder story can provide some ingenious new methods of terrorizing, victimizing, or exterminating. Sometimes a new poison will be introduced, or perhaps a new method for induction. Sometimes the warped imagination of a fiction writer will point out an obvious but somehow never before realized method of pacification or body disposal. So don’t bypass these fictional characters. Chuckle through the trenchcoats and warped personalities but test out any new theories you come across.


A subscription to your local newspaper may be the wisest investment, with the highest return, that you will ever make. Each morning as you sip your coffee and scan the local section, you will be met with a variety of up-to-date employment opportunities. So study your local paper carefully to see who in your area might be your next employer … or victim.

Headlines — Follow closely any news stories about people who have been apprehended for contract hits. These stories sell papers, and readers thrive on the sensationalism they create. Study details made available for law enforcement techniques, mistakes that led to the arrest, and methods the law used to obtain incriminating information. Learn from the other man’s mistakes. And if he is lucky enough to be acquitted, make a note of the attorney’s name in case you ever find yourself in the position of needing a good one.

Drug Arrests — If the reported suspect posts a heavy bond, he is probably dealing in a big way. As soon as he gets back on the streets, chances are he will be dealing again to raise money for his defense. His name and address are right there in the paper. Is he worth a drug rip-off, or would it be more profitable to contact him discreetly about eliminating that certain witness.

Political Corruption — Keep up with gossip. All politicians are expected to be corrupt, but who among them is desperate or despicable enough to be willing to pay to eliminate the competition? Tried and true methods are accidental death, assassination, or worse yet, political death brought on by scandal.

Divorce — Follow closely news or rumors of particularly nasty divorce proceedings involving any wealthy or socially prominent couple. Chances are, one could use your discreet professional services. Or perhaps some not so wealthy acquaintance who prefers not to become entangled in messy divorce proceedings may find it a proper time to collect on that old life insurance policy.

Adjustments — Thefts, cases reported where the law did not render justice, bogus operations that swindle ordinary people out of their hard earned money — all these are potential opportunities for employment. Work for a flat rate or for a percentage of recovery, plus expenses.

Classified Sections — You can place an ad under the guise of collector and solicit any particular weapons you might want. Or scan these ads when you are in the market for new toys and pick them up from private owners to avoid registering your weapons.

Classified sections also announce gun shows, which are an ideal source for all types of equipment at competitive prices.


Local City Directory — If at all possible, get one of these to keep at home. Otherwise, they are available in the reference of information section of the public library.

If you have partial information on a mark, you can usually gather the rest without leaving the comfort of your easy chair.. These directories are broken down into three categories:

Alphabetical by Name: Lists name, wife’s name, occupation and employers, street address, telephone number and other living in the home.

Street Address: Lists alphabetically by street and then numerically by house number. If you know the mark’s address you can also know who lives next door, the type of neighborhood, vacant lots, business and so on, all according to the information that was available when the directory was compiled.

Phone Numbers: If all you have is a phone number, look it up in the numerical listing. Then go to the Alphabetical listing and Address sections to gather the rest of the information.

Auto Tag Department, County Courthouse — Often the books are left out for public use. Look up the mark by last name or tag number for address.

Telephone Directories — For obvious reasons, it will sometimes be to your advantage to know the mark’s telephone number.

But don’t overlook the wealth of supply sources available in the Yellow Pages and become familiar with suppliers and readily available merchandise. If you live in a small town, get directories for any large cities in a 200-mile radius. Their Yellow Pages will be extremely valuable if you don’t want to obtain supplies locally.

Maps — A local city map is a must for planning routes if you are not familiar with the road systems. And of course a city map for any out-of-town job is in order.

A large atlas showing the national road system network is handy not only for planning travel, but also for finding nearby large cities and alternative routs to the job.

Just remember that once you use a map, if you have marked it in any way, it should be destroyed immediately.

Travel Arrangements — Start inquiring now about the various modes of transportation available for out of town jobs. Find out necessary identifications, advance scheduling requirements, and time factors involved. File this information away for future use.

Stop by and ask what your local travel agent can do for you. You will be surprised at the variety of services they offer. When you are ready, call and make the necessary arrangements by telephone, using a fictitious name. They do all the work in making the arrangements to your specifications, and the airline pays their fee.

Shipping and Routing — You can take a plane under an assumed identity and arrive at your destination in a matter of a few short hours. But how will you get your weapons to the jobsite? better start now checking into alternative methods for shipping your tools separately.

The US Postal Service offers Express Mail to most major cities, and the main post office is generally located very near the airport. By disassembling your weapons and double packing as a precautionary measure, you can send your tools to yourself under an assumed name (post office to post office) and have them waiting for pick up the next morning. Airport mail is not x-rayed.

If time is not a factor, check into bus line, common carrier or UPS rates and delivery schedules.

Locating the mark — An obliging postal clerk will inform you of the several ways of tracking down the last known address of anyone you choose to locate as a function of the Freedom of Information Act.

One way is to send one dollar and a written request addressed to the postmaster of the mark’s last known location. A Freedom of Information Act form will be returned to you within a matter of days giving the Postal Service’s most recent update.

Or, you can address an empty envelope to the mark’s last known address with your return address in the upper left hand corner. Under your address should appear this notation in bold letters:


Within a few days your envelope will be returned with the updated information. The fee is twenty five cents.


The Law Enforcement Handbook for your state should be available through any college bookstore where law enforcement classes are taught. If not, STEAL ONE! If such courses are available in your area, you may want to audit a few.

How can you successfully evade the law if you have no knowledge of how it operates? By all means, learn everything you can about the law and how it works and how it applies to you. Learn what constitutes a good arrest and what abuses or mistakes can make an otherwise good arrest null and void.

I hope you will never have to fall back on the information and knowledge you acquire, but it will be worth its weight in gold if you ever have to rely on it. And you will have the added advantage of using you knowledge of how your opponents think and operate as you plan successful jobs.


Check every source available to you for potential information. Even those cheap tabloid newspapers sold at the grocery store counter have classifieds that offer fake ID’s, interesting gadgets, nontraceable mailing addresses, and so on.

Your public library more than likely has the local newspaper on microfilm, and the information section has employees eager to help you find books and materials on the subjects you are researching.

Chambers of commerce will mail out information and maps of their cities upon request.

And bookstores and libraries have reference books that show all the books still in print and available on any given subject.

Keep an open mind, and sources of information will open up to you, sometimes in the least likely places and when you least expect it!


Your body should be as fit as your mind. You should be capable of running, jumping, climbing, swimming, pushing, pulling or meeting the demands of any other physical requirement encountered in your job. This means not only careful attention to exercise and diet, but moderation if you are going to partake of tobacco products and alcohol, and complete abstinence from any involvement with drugs.

A man who smokes two packs of cigarettes a day will certainly not be capable of running long and hard for any length of time. And his endurance in hand to hand combat situations will be severely limited. By the same token, a man who overindulges in alcohol may be taking his own life in his hands. The use of cigarettes and alcohol in moderation is acceptable, although undesirable, but use of any kinds of drugs is suicide.

Drugs dull the senses and the reflexes, yet the user feels sharp and alert. His confidence in his abilities swells out of proportion. His ego takes over. He sees himself as indestructible, incomparable. That image of himself may be the last thing he ever sees.

I, as a professional, never use drugs, although I will steal them for financial gain, or to use as bait or even as an induction agent for some chemical that I know will do an effective job. I don’t need an unreal “high” that can mar my judgement. There is no margin for error in this business. A single mistake can cost you your life, either literally or by providing the evidence to take away your freedom. Either way you are just as dead. A professional needs a clear head and unhampered reflexes to be able to react properly in any situation. This is equally true whether he is performing the job itself or conducting prejob research. If you have to depend on an artificial sense of courage in order to carry out your assignment, then this job is not for you.


If you are afraid of taking a punch, again, this job is not right for you. No matter how careful you are, no matter how thorough your research, at some time you will probably have to prove or defend yourself physically. Any skills you can acquire are to your advantage.

You can get expert training in hand to hand combat is you can find someone qualified to teach you. Preferably, this will be someone with Special Forces training or the equivalent.

You will need to know kill techniques as well as survival self-defense, and you won’t learn these skills at the corner karate school that includes women and children in its classes. Sport karate can get you killed in the street.

You should become so familiar with skills like breaking holds, throws, effective punches to vital areas and crippling moves that will come when needed as a reflex action. You should be aware of the best barroom fighting techniques. You should be able to fight two men at the same time. You should know the best way to disarm an opponent. And more.

But such skills require real practice with a sparring partner who cant take, as well as give, a good punch. In order to teach these methods in the proper way, your instructor will have to take his fighting as seriously as you do.

Veterans with wartime experience and the ability to kill are first choice instructors. Their contact with real life and death situations has made them a bit unconventional. Some never again conform to the rules of society, and quite a few rigorously keep in top physical shape while stockpiling M-60s and hand grenades under the bed in preparation for the next war.

The same man who can train you in the very best methods of self-defense and combat fighting might also be one of your best sources for accessory merchandise. his contact with other veterans will give you access to a chain able to locate almost any weapon you might request.

The veteran with guerilla warfare training will be a walking textbook on silent movement, torture, revenge, ammunitions, escape, silent weapons, and a host of ways to kill. And if, by chance, you accept a contract where a partner is in order, he may the first man you’d choose to cover your back.

The time needed to acquire the skills of this degree will vary, depending on your physical condition at the time you begin training, your aptitude for following directions and your eagerness to learn. I have seen an eager student, one who is willing to put in the hard hours of practice and full contact sparing sessions, progress very rapidly to the point of capability in less than six months.


Once your fighting ability has been established, you may want to test your news skills at one of the mercenary of survival school advertised in the various military magazines. Look for a school that can teach you more than you already know, and be prepared for one hell of a workout while you build your endurance and skills. An added benefit in attending one of these schools is that the people you meet there, like you, take the game of life seriously. Be prepared to meet people who have the same interests in weapons, explosives and effective kill techniques as you do. Some of them may prove to be very good resources or even future employers.


It is estimated that if ten people witnessed the same crime and then were separated before they could compare what had taken place, ten different descriptions would be given. People rarely pay attention to what is going on around them unless, or until, it becomes of importance to them personally. This book stresses the importance of using disguise and false identification to foil positive identification. But just as important to your success are your own observation skills.

Start now developing and exercising your observation powers. Make a habit of studying your surroundings. listen when others talk. A man can reveal a great deal about himself through his conversation and opinions. make a note of features or habits that make one man different from another. Think of the people you know intimately. Can you tell whether they are right or left handed? What color are their eyes?

Sharpen your observation skills.


Expert marksmanship
Thorough knowledge and respect for all weapons
Knowledge through reading, expert advice and experimentation on accessories such as explosives, poison and diversions
Knowledge and ability of hand to hand combat
Top mental and physical condition
Common sense


A HIT MAN WITHOUT A GUN is like a carpenter without a hammer. Not very effective. What kinds of gun does he use and where does he obtain them? Unless he has a proper false identification, he certainly cannot make his purchase from the local gun shop and fill out the federal registration forms linking the weapon to himself.

What other basic equipment will the beginner need as essential tools of the trade. What equipment should be added to his inventory later?


AR-7 Rifle (or any breakdown type)
3-6 Powered Scope
Disposable Rifle Silencer
Two Extra 15 or 30 Shot Rifle Clips
22 Ruger Mark I or Mark II Pistol (or any fixed barrel type)
Disposable Pistol Silencer
Shoulder Holster
Extra Pistol Clip
Hollow Point Bullets
Liquid Poison
Double Edged Knife With Six-Inch Blade (Like the Gerber Mark II)
Disposable Rubber or Surgical Gloves (Flesh Tone Preferred)
Ski Mask or Stocking Mask
Duffle Bag with Lock
The AR-7 Rifle is recommended because it is both inexpensive and accurate. The barrel breaks down for storage inside the stick with the clip. It is lightweight and easy to carry or conceal when disassembled.

The rifle has a ridge on top that will easily accept a scope, even though it is not cut for one. Put the scope in place, tighten it down, then sight it in. After sighting it in, scratch a mark behind each scope clamp to allow remounting of the scope without resighting each time.

A three to six powered scope is recommended to insure accuracy at up to sixty-five yards. When braced, right to fifteen shots should cover a four inch pattern area with no difficulty.

Get two extra fifteen or thirty shot clips from your local gun dealer or order through one of the gun magazines. But never load these clips to full capacity, as they tend to jam when fully loaded. When loading the clip before job assignment, be sure to wipe each bullet to remove fingerprints, or spray with WD-40 or some other oil.

The AR=7 has a serial number stamped on the case, just above the clip port. This number should be completely drilled out. The hole left will be unsightly but will not interfere with the working mechanism of the gun or the clip feed. The serial number can remain on the gun until you prepare it for use on the job. After the job assignment is completed, you will be disposing of the gun; therefore you do not want any serial number available if, perhaps, some of the discarded gun parts are discovered.

If the serial number is on the barrel of the gun, grinding deeply enough to remove it may weaken the barrel to the point that the gun could explode in your face when fired. To make these numbers untraceable, use a hammer and chisel or a numbering set purchased from the hardware store to stamp them out or make them illegible. make sure your blows go as deep as or a little deeper than the existing numbers. Then grind the serial number off slightly. This method will keep the true serial number from being raised in any acid tests if the part is found.

The recommended handgun is the fixed barrel Ruger Mark I or Mark II, again because it is inexpensive and reliable. This gun has a ten shot clip that seldom jams if kept clean. The gun can be easily broken down in the field, which helps when disposing of it after use.

Extra clips are a must for both the rifle and pistol and should be carried as a precautionary measure. Hollow-point bullets are recommended because they deform on impact, making them nontraceable. As an added precaution, you can fill the hollows with liquid poison to insure the success of your operation.

Using a handheld one eighth inch drill, enlarge the hollow point openings. Fill the hollows with the liquid poison of your choice, then seal with a drop of melted wax.

TO test your guns and ammunition, set up a sheet of quarter inch plywood at distances of two to seven years maximum for your pistol, and twenty to sixty yards maximum for your rifle. Check for penetration of bullets at each range. Quarter inch plywood is only a little stronger than the human skull. Find the maximum range for both your rifle and your pistol. Also, test your weapons under various weather conditions and determine how wind, rain and snow affect your range and accuracy.

Close kills are by far preferred to shots fired over a long distance. You will need to know beyond any doubt that the desired result has been achieved.

When using a small caliber weapon like the 22, it is best to shoot from a distance of three to six feet. You will not want to be at point blank range to avoid having the victim’s blood splatter you or your clothing. At least three shots should be fired to ensure quick and sure death.

You can judge when death has occurred by observing the wound. When blood ceases to flow, the heart has stopped working. Check for pulse at both the wrist and throat as an added precaution.

If you must do your shooting from a distance, use a rifle with a good scope and silencer and aim for the head — preferably the eye sockets if you are a sharpshooter. Many people have been shot repeatedly, even in the head, and survived to tell about it. Close kills enable you to determine right away if you have successfully fulfilled your part of the contract; distance shots may mean waiting around to read the morning papers.

In either case, as soon as possible, run a rat-tail file or wire cleaning brush down the ore of the gun to change the ballistic markings. Do this even though you intend to discard the crime weapon, And make sure you carry away and discard all shells that were ejected as the shots were fired.

If, for some reason, you just can’t bear to part with your weapons, there are five parts that will require immediate alteration, and this alteration can only be made once in the life of the gun:

Using a rat tailfile, alter the gun barrel, the shell chamber, the loading ramp, the firing pin and the ejector pin.

Each one of these items leaves its own definite mark and impression on the shell casing which, if any shells happened to be left behind, can be matched up to the gun under a microscope in the police laboratory.

When using the file, make sure that you scrape the part on each listed item where it makes contact with the shell.

Personally, I feel that any weapon used to commit a crime is disposable. If you consider the value of a gun to be higher than that of your personal freedom, you’d better leave that gun at home.

A subject of primary importance is where to purchase the weapons you use on job assignments. As suggested in Chapter 1, you can often pick up throwaways from people who advertise in the classified section of the newspaper. Just be sure that any weapon you use on a job cannot be traced back to you by the person you purchase it from. Gun shows offer a wide variety of tools and weapons useful in this line of work. Usually no registration is required. At most, they may ask to see your driver’s license. And with so many dealers present vying for your business, prices may be competitive. Flea Markets, private gun collectors, veterans who hoard and stash a variety of interesting toys, and bargain hunter magazines are other possible sources.

If you must obtain a weapon through legal channels (signing registration and the like), it might be wise to pay some beggar or wino ten or twenty dollars to present his driver’s license and do the signing before you disappear with the gun.


Although revolvers are often depicted as being a favorite tool among hit men, they are not recommended by this pro. Revolvers cannot be effectively silenced. The open cylinder allows gases to escape, thus making some noise. When fired, gas is forced around the cylinder in a 360 degree circle, thereby throwing powder all over the person who fired the gun.

An automatic, on the other hand, is tightly sealed so that when it is fired almost all the powder residue is forced into the silencer, where it is trapped. This prevents the powder from escaping and covering the person who fired the shot. Some residue will come out from the automatic’s ejection port, but only a very small amount. If a shell catcher is used, the powder residue will become trapped inside the catch bag.

Remember that a silencer will affect the range and accuracy of your gun. Once the silencer is in place you will have to resight to maintain accuracy.


A duffel bag or some other method of inconspicuously transporting your tools to the jobsite will be needed. Preferably, it will have a lock. It should be large enough to hold your pistol, disassembled rifle and several small accessory items. These items should be kept assembled in the bad in a safe hiding place, wiped clean of fingerprints and ready for use.

Inside the bag should be several (at least dour or five pairs) of flesh-tone, tight-fitting surgical gloves. If these are not available, rubber gloves can be purchased at a reasonable price in the prescription department of most drug stores in boxes of 100. You will wear the gloves when you assemble and disassemble your weapons as well as on the actual job. Because the metal gun parts cause the rubber to wear so quickly, it is a good practice to change and dispose of worn gloves several times during each operation. A small tear in the thin, worn rubber can lead to a hole, leaving behind a partial, identifiable fingerprint at the most inopportune time. Never dispose of the gloves worn on an assignment in the vicinity of the job. Although your fingerprints may have been covered while you worked, they are clearly and distinctly obtainable by turning the found gloves inside out. I know a fellow or two who learned this lesson the hard way.

LEather gloves are not to be considered as a job tool. The leather has the same, individual, distinct characteristics of the human fingerprint. If you have to use leather gloves, destroy them immediately after the job. If found in your possession, they can convict you as quickly as a set of your own fingerprints.

Your bag should contain a few pairs of cheap handcuffs, usually available at pawn shops or army surplus stores. These, two, are throwaways, and may be needed to restrain the mark while you gather information that has been requested by the employer before you pull the trigger.

The knife you carry should have a six inch blade with a serrated section for making efficient, quiet kills. Your physical training and combat techniques, outlines in Chapter 1, should have taught you where to strike.

The knife should have a double edged blade. This double edge, combined with the serrated section and six-inch length, will insure a deep, ragged tear, and the wound will be difficult, if not impossible, to close without prompt medical attention.

Make the thrusts to a vital organ and twist the knife before you withdraw it. If you hit bone, you will have to file the blade to remove the marks left on the metal when it struck the victim’s bone.

A rolled up ski-mask can be worn inconspicuously as a knit cap until the time to intrude on your victim. Then, pull it down to cover your features. A stocking mask may also be used, but may prove a bit awkward. And the distorted features created tend to shock people, whereas the ski mask is not so monstrous.

You will want to complete your bag with a few minor accessories like an inexpensive pen-light from the drug store flashlight department. This will be of extreme value as you pick locks or search darkened rooms. Remember to hold your hand over the beam of light as you direct it.

Throw in an ice pick, a large screwdriver and a flat-bladed knife like a putty or hook knife for gaining entry through locked doors, windows, or sliding glass doors.

You may not need all these items on any one job, but it will be to your advantage to have them in case they are called for.


After the basic equipment has been assembled, the following items can be added to your inventory as they are called for or as you can afford them.

If you are seen by some observant witness, it will be to your advantage if the description he gives the authorities is completely inaccurate. Using your imagination, you can totally change your appearance by using wigs, false beards, wash-in hair color and other disguises. Get books on theatrical make-up from magic shops or then public library and start to experiment with the many ways professionals completely change their looks. Learn to use wigs, false tattoos, scars, black eyes and the like to fool your observers. If a man has an unsightly wart on the end of his nose, that is what everyone will remember about him, not the color of his eyes.

A mark in hiding who expects to become a target may not open his door to you, but he very likely would respond to a request for help from a woman or old person who came calling. Along the same lines, props like repairman, medic and police officer uniforms may get deadbolts unbolted and guards let down.

Some people will argue that a professional will not stoop so low as to play games with disguises. It may be great fun to fool people about who you really are, but it is certainly no game. By using disguises and changing them regularly, a professional has added freedom of movement. If the disguise is easily changeable — that is if he can get out of it and into another quickly — then he is time and money ahead.

A man who calls himself a professional and would walk up barefaced and blow someone away with witnesses lurking about is only fooling himself. If you are going to take such great care in the selection and preparation of your tools, why risk being clearly identifiable? Indeed, the use of disguise and props while you carry out your assignment is highly advisable.


Dress, as well as disguises, should be coordinated according to the job setting. A hippie would be totally out of place in an office complex among men in three piece suits. A clean-shaven, well dressed young man would be out of his natural element among a group of bikers. A feeble old man with a walking cane and a bag of groceries, on the other hand, might fit in almost anywhere. Dress to blend inconspicuously with your surroundings.

You might start with a basic pair of dark coveralls. Except in certain circumstances, camouflage is out. Black, dark brown or olive green clothes do not stand out and will probably appear at first glance to be a mechanic or delivery driver’s uniform. The many large pockets provided will enable you to easily conceal rubber gloves, extra clips and other tools. The bulkiness will even allow for concealment of your weapon. And underneath, you can wear your street clothes for a quick change after the job is completed.

Recon of night work, where you do not intend to have your movements detected, call for camouflage or night suits. Be sure to fit this apparel to terrain and weather conditions. You wouldn’t dress in black like a ninja to move about on a moonlit night or on a snowy white background. Neither would you wear light clothes to move about in dark alleys or against dark backgrounds. and if you are the only one running around in camouflage garb, you are more than likely to draw attention to yourself.


Following is a template for lock picks which will allow you to make a completely adequate set of picks out of ordinary hacksaw blades ground to shape on your workshop grinder:


Notice that one has slightly less angle at the tip. These two are the most commonly used.

[insert graphics]


Notice the small site-down at the tip to allow for different sized key slots. A large, thick hair pin makes a good torsion bar.

[insert graphics]


1. Insert the pick all the way into the lock, facing up.

2. Place the torsion bar in the bottom of the lock, facing down. Exert a slight amount of pressure on the torsion bar in the direction the knob turns to open the door. (on the doors, if the knob is on the right, it turns to the right. If one the left, it turns to the left.)

3. Use only one finger to exert pressure on the torsion bar while you jiggle pick up and down (no more than an eighth of an inch at the most) and work the pick all the way back out of the lock. If you exert too much pressure or try to force the lock, you may freeze it or break the pick. The tumblers inside the lock must be bounced into place.

4. Each time you remove the pick, you must release the pressure on the torsion bar and begin again.

In a short time you should become an expert at opening common door locks. Padlocks will hardly take any time at all to master. Deadbolts may take a little longer, but they are well worth the time and effort.

You can also use ordinary channel lock pliers to open most deadbolts. By twisting the lock and breaking the retaining bolts, you can use a knife point or pick to turn the bolt and gain entry.

Auto part stores also carry a handy little gadget called the Slim Jim that will enable you to get into almost any locked automobile in a manner of seconds. These are inexpensive and come with an instruction booklet depicting the methods for entering different makes and models.


The walkie-talkie, or two way radio, if it is a really good one, can be an indispensable tool when working with a partner. A good set is expensive, but has the range and ability for communicating through walls and over long distances — up to two miles at least. It will also have a volume control as well as a code “beeping” device.

The vast array of available surveillance equipment and the rapid advances in technology in this field are mind boggling. The old microphones and reel-to-reel tape recorders that had to be stored nearby are a thing of the past. Now you can plant a bug less than the size of a quarter and sit in you car two miles away while you listen to the action on your car radio. If you are interested in these James Bond tactics, start collecting catalogs and prices now for future use.

One fellow gave a girl who lived with his mark a pretty barrette he found on the floor in a bar. The girl took the barrette home and left it on the dresser. Unfortunately for the mark, who eventually met his demise, the “found” barrette concealed a micro-transmitter. The hit man was able to collect enough information on their activities to plan a successful hit.

Bugs offer some fascinating alternatives to the old standby method of sit-and-watch. Check into them as well as the electronic bug detectors, which are now easily accessible. Think of the kinds of information you could assemble with just a micro-bug and a voice-activated micro-cassette recorder, and think how hard it would be for someone without proper detection equipment to discover.

Of course, no surveillance equipment would be complete with a good pair of binoculars. The best have a rating of 10 x 50 or higher for night vision, range and clarity.

Even a small micro-cassette recorder can come in handy while you are doing your prejob research and will take the place of pen, paper, and fumbling in the dark.


An air gun (one with pump, not spring, action), will come in handy on a number of occasions. You can use pellets to knock out lights or to create diversions. Or, you can make your own darts to carry a fast-acting poison to the mark or to his noisy watchdog.

From time to time you may need a method for climbing to or from high places. Twenty feet of knotted rope (measure after knots are tied) can come in handy for climbing to second floor balconies or coming down from a roof. Tie one end in a high branch of a large tree and practice until you can scale it easily.

Of course, the tools you use will vary from job to job. Some you will find yourself using again and again, while other suggested items will never be called for. Stock your inventory according to personal preference and need.


As you move up the ladder of professionalism and become accustomed to success, you may want to increase you inventory with several toys that will make James Bond envious. Among these may be cleverly designed attaché cases with concealed weapons activated by a button on the handle, fancy cameras, Star-Light scopes, Laser bugging equipment, electronic gadgets and the like.

Of course, your selection of weapons will grow and you may even have a secret vault in your home to conceal your collection of fully automatic toys like the Mac-11, M-16, tranquilizer guns, hand grenades and sophisticated exploding devices.

You will be able to afford the best in false identifications and obtain real uniforms and badges for various state and federal law enforcement agencies to aid in the performance of your contracts.

Throwaway cars and boats may even become common and you even own your very own plane, through legal methods explained later.

Money talks, and for every need you have, there is a man out there who is willing to fill it for you for a price. That’s how you got started, remember? But money buys a lot more than material things. Money can buy smart attorneys, judges, alibis, and even time, if necessary. The possibilities are endless for the smart man who plans his moves carefully, is mentally and physically prepared and doesn’t leave any trails as he performs his highly paid services.


IN THE COURSE OF PUTTING this book together, while disguising myself as a writer I chanced to interview a former law enforcement officer with twenty seven years experience for his opinion of how a perfect hit would go down. It was the opinion of this officer of the peace that the perfect hit would start with the purchase of a nondescript automobile, then driving, with tools in tow, to the jobsite.

Once there, he would follow the mark until a routine was established and probably waste the man in a public place with a blast from a double barreled sawed-off shotgun. Then he would throw the gun down and drive away while the bystanders were in a state of mass hysteria.

Even if he got caught with the shotgun in his hands, he argued, they would not be able to prove that the blast from that shotgun was the murder weapon since shotguns are untraceable. Obviously he has not kept in touch with new investigative procedures and techniques, for it is now known that each shotgun makes an individual and distinct spread pattern and the gun most certainly can be matched as the murder weapon.

“Why not hit the mark in his own home?” I inquired innocently.

“Oh, I’d never hit a guy in his own house,” he answered, “Too many witnesses .. you know, family … nosy neighbors and the like.”

What about a small caliber handgun with an attached silencer?” I asked.

“Well,” he answered, “You would have to carry the handgun concealed, and that’s against the law. But the shotgun, if it were a legal sized shotgun, you could carry that right in the window of your pickup truck on your gun rack. And I’d never touch a silencer. Boy! They’d burn you if you got caught with a thing like that!”

I concluded the interview pretending to be in awe of his wisdom, while inside I was amazed by the ignorance behind his reasoning. Why on earth, I thought, would a man worry about breaking gun restrictions when he was en route to commit a murder.?

Yet, I felt comforted by his viewpoint. For his opinion probably represents the way a goodly portion of law enforcement officers think.

There have been many times when an amateur has just walked up to his mark on the street, blown him away in the midst of a crowd, ditched the gun in a garbage can and gotten away with it. But the whole procedure lacks professionalism and the risks are much too high.

The professional is on call to kill. He not only provides the employer with his gun, but with his expert knowledge, discretion and ability to carry the assignment off without needlessly endangering anyone but the mark.

The silencer is one of the most important tools a professional will ever have. The silenced weapon, when fired, will not draw attention. Lack of attention means more time. Time means getting the job done right. The panic, the pressure, is absent. There are many books available on the subject of making your own silencers. Most of the methods used require machine shop tools and the ability to use them with precision accuracy. This fact alone has put a lot of would-be professionals out of the game, or at least back into the ranks of amateurs.

On the following pages, you will learn how to make, without the need of special engineering ability or expensive machine shop tools, a silencer of the highest quality and effectiveness. The finished product attached to your 22 will be no louder than the noise made by a pellet gun. Because it is so inexpensive (mine cost less than 20 dollars to make), you can easily dispose of it after job use without any great loss. Future silencers will cost even less to make, since many of the materials will not be used up in the first application.

Your first silencer will require possibly two days total to assemble (including drying time) as you carefully follow the directions step by step. After you make a couple, it will become so easy, so routine, that you can whip one up in just a few hours.

When it’s done, no need to take it out in the woods to try it out. Just stack some magazines or newspapers in a box and shoot to your hearts content in the garage. Believe me, it’s that good.

Just remember, as I mentioned before, to resight your gun after the silencer is in place. And when you do go out in the woods, experiment to test how your range is affected. You will lose some distance, and this must be taken into consideration later, when planning a hit.


The directions and photographs that follow show in explicit detail how to construct a silencer for a Ruger 10/22 rifle. The same directions can be followed successfully to construct a silencer for any weapon, with only the size of the drill rod used for alignment changed to fit inside the dimension of the barrel.

The following items should be assembled before you begin:

Drill rod, 7/32 inch (order from a machine shop if not obtained locally)
One foot of 1/4 inch brake line from auto parts
One quart of fiberglass resin with hardener
One foot of 1-1/2 inch (inside diameter) PVC piping and two end caps
One yard thin fiberglass mat
One roll of masking tape
One 1/8 inch drill bit
One 3/16 inch drill bit
Handful of rubber bands
Three or four single inch razor blades
One sheet 80 grit sandpaper
Six small wood screws
One box steel wool
Cut a 10-inch section from the brake line. See figure 1. Drill a set of 1/8 inch holes down the length of the tube going in one side and out the other. The holes go all the way through. Notice in the photograph that the holes begin 1-1/2 inches from the end of the tube that fill on the gun.

Next, take a 3/16 inch drill bit and enlarge the holes. See figure 2.

Using masking tape and keeping the tape as free of wrinkles as possible, mask off about six inches of the gun barrel and the end of the barrel. Use only masking tape. Duct tape is too thick and would make for an improper fit. See figure 3.

Then place the drill rod down the barrel to keep the brake tube aligned. This perfect alignment is extremely important.

If the drill rod you purchase is a little too large, as sometimes happens, put it in a drill and using a file and sandpaper (80 grit), turn down the first six inches until it will fit inside the gun barrel. I operate the drill from the floor with my foot, letting the rod spin between my knees as I reduce the size. Check regularly until you achieve a perfect fit. If you grind the rod too small, cut it off and start over. Fit must be tight with no play. See figure 4.

Wrap glass mat around the gun and tube three times. Secure it with string or rubber bands every half inch to keep it tight and in place. The glass should be wrapped about two inches behind the sight and up to the first hold on the tube. See figure 5.

Now mix the resin. About a shot glassful will do. Mix it two or three times hotter than the package directions.

Brace the gun in an upright position and dab the resin into the glass cloth with a stubby brush. Keep dabbling until the cloth is no longer white but has become transparent from absorption of the resin. See figure 6.

As soon as the glass is tacky to touch without sticking (times differs according to weather conditions and humidity), it is time to remove the piece from the barrel. Move fast!

First, take a razor blade and cut a notch behind the sight so the piece can be removed. Then push on the glass to slide it off. Do not pull on the tube. See figure 7.

After removing the gun barrel, peel out the tape and allow it to finish hardening. You must work quickly. If you let the glass harden too much on the gun, you will have to cut it off and begin again.

USe a grinder and 80 grit sandpaper to smooth the hardening rough surface.

NEzt, grind the sides down about halfway, but do not grind past the point where the front of the sight makes contact. See figure 8. Cut it down until the barrel fits easily and snugly.

Stand the glassed inner tube upright in a vise.

Mix a small amount of resin and use an eyedropper to fill in any interior holes or air bubbles until the solid fiberglass is level with the steel tube end. This will give the junction of the steel inner tube and glass coupling added strength. See figure 9.

Clean the eyedropper with acetone.

Cut the PVC tube to desired length. This one is eight inches. See figure 10.

Drill a large hole in the center of one cap, making it large enough to fit on the glass end to the point where the sight makes contact.

Then drill small holes all around the cap at the bottom, as shown, with a 3/16 bit. See figure 11.

Wrap masking tape around the cap to cover the holes. See figure 12.

Stand the cap with the inside tube inserted into a vise. Get the cap level and straight with the tube.

Cut a lot of 1/2 inch square pieces of fiberglass matting and fill the cap with it up past the level of the small holes.

Mix resin and pour it over the cut glass to a point about 1/4 inch above the holes and allow it to dry before removing the cap from the vise. Don’t worry about any resin that leaks out around the base hole. Resin fills the small holes, making the tube strong enough to take the blast when you fire the gun.

When the inside is hardened, turn the assembly over and add glass around the backside of the cap for added strength as shown. Avoid getting resin in the opening where the barrel fits. See figure 13.

Place the finished cap and inner tube on one end of the PVC tubing that has already been cut to size. Center the inner tube as you look in the open end of the PVC.

Now drill a 1/8 inch hole in three place around the tube about 1/4 inch from the lip of the cap.

Take the inner tube out and enlarge the holes in the cap to 3/16 inch. See figure 14.

Replace the inner tube and tighten it down with three small wood screws.

Trim the inside tube down until it extends about 1/2 inch beyond the outside PVC tube.

Sharpen one end of the drill rod to a point and use as a punch. Stand the tube up with the solid cap down. Then drop the drill rod down the inner tube to get a true center mark. See figure 15.

Find a drill bit a little larger than the outside diameter of the inner tube. Remove the cap and drill the hole.

Replace the cap on the open end of the PVC and drill three 1/8 inch holes around the cap as before for wood screw.

Grind off any inner tube that sticks out. make it flush with the face of the cap. See figure 16.

Unfold the sections of steel wool and roll between palms to make strands as shown.

Feed the strands into the silencer tube in a circular motion, packing the wool tight with a stick. Do this until the tube is completely full. See figure 17.

Replace the end cap with the three screws. See figure 18.

Paint the finished silencer black and attach it to your weapons. You may want to ensure proper alignment by wrapping tape or placing a hose clamp around the extension behind the sight. See figure 19.


Your finished product is whisper-quiet, the way a silencer is supposed to be! It is inexpensive, effective and reusable for over four hundred rounds before you will need to repack.

This little tool is so easy to make that you will feel no pain when you crush it to bits and throw it away.

IT WOULD TAKE VOLUMES and volumes to list the many ways men have devised to exterminate one another, and I am sure you have already started to accumulate quite an extensive list of your own personal favorites.

Some very good books are available on this subject and even television, movies and fictional stories are out to teach you a new trick or two! but be careful. Some of the methods depicted are only theories of an imaginative writer and do not work in reality. so be sure that any method you choose is a proven effective one.

In Chapter 2, much detail was given concerning the effective use of the pistol and the rifle in making a kill. Although several shots fired in succession offer a quick and relatively humane death to the victim, there are instances when other methods of extermination are called for. The employer may want you to gather certain information from the mark before you do away with him. At other times, the assignment may call for torture or disfigurement as a “lesson” for the survivors. Your assignment could call for suicide or accidental death may be the order. It may, or may not, be important that the body disappear. There are ways to put off discovery of the body and ways to make it disappear completely.

Books that deal with these subjects are available for your information, but the following techniques are personal favorites.


I will be rare to get a request for someone to be taken out with a bigger boom than that created by your 22. If you get such a request and don’t know how to handle explosives properly, you’d be better off passing up the job.

Here, again, much data is available on making homemade explosives, but these directions should be pretested before actual use. Quite of the few directions I have found product nothing but an unsatisfactory fizzle.

Also, beware of the ability of the authorities to trace explosives. Sources for these supplies are limited, so make sure the components you have are untraceable.

The only time I can think of that explosives might be in order is when several marks will be together in one place at one time, and you might be able to get them all with one shot. Notice that I stress the word might. Shrapnel doesn’t always kill. So in the aftermath, it will be your responsibility to enter the area and make sure that the desired result was accomplished. Survivors are not good for business. And since explosives tend to attract immediate attention, you will have to work fast and take extreme added risk.

Personally, I prefer discreet one-one-one contact and tend to avoid anything that draws attention. If explosives are the only alternative I military C-4 plastics or a military issue hand grenade (baseballs; the pineapple kind is obsolete). A hand grenade, properly placed, can give the desired results in a one-on-one situation. For instance, a grenade placed beneath the mark’s car directly under the driver’s seat with a wire leading from the pin to the drive shaft will work wonderfully. Just make sue the mark is the only one who drives the car or you may blow up some innocent victim. Messy mistakes of this type are not only a professional embarrassment to you and your employer but they tend to alert the mark of your intentions and bring the authorities out in full force.

I once witnessed the destruction of a small stone house by means of a simple fertilizer bomb. The readily available components of it make it untraceable and it worked so well that all that was left was part of the foundation and a large, gaping hole where the bomb had been.

To make a fertilizer bomb, purchase a fifty pound bag of fertilizer from your garden center. Get the kind with the highest nitrate content you can find. Next, buy one pound of black powder from a gun shop that sells reload supplies. Then, get 10-20 feet of waterproof fuse from a hobby shop that sells model rockets.

Place the gunpowder inside a jar which comes with a screw-on lid. Drill a hole in the lid and slip one end of the fuse through tying a knot in the fuse to keep it from slipping out of the jar. Screw the lid on the powder filled jar.

Under the bag of fertilizer place the powder filled jar cap side down. Extend the fuse and light or use a cigarette as a delayed igniter. RUN LIKE HELL~

Dynamite is nice and can be picked up from many building sites or roads under construction. But during storage the sticks have to be turned over regularly to prevent settling of the nitro. And the blasting caps necessary to make it go off are so tricky that just by walking across the carpet enough static electricity could be created to blow you away.

As I said in the beginning, unless you know what you are doing, stay away from requests for this kind of extermination, or the life you take may be your own.


Arson is a good method for covering a kill or creating an “accident.” When properly set, the fire will appear to have started from natural causes and arson will not be suspected.

Fire investigation has become a science in recent years, and authorities and professional fire fighters can learn a great deal about the fire and its origin by a study of the scene.

Before you try to fake a fire, know how to do it properly. For instance, lots of the new carpeting on the market is now fire retardant, as there are many other sympathetic materials. So rather than start a fire in the middle of the room, start it under an electrical appliance or from a stove burner that has “carelessly” been left on, or some other likely spot.

Don’t ever use gasoline or other traceable materials to start your fire. Woodgrain alcohol is you best starter because it burns away all traces.

One good fire in an area that will create a lot of smoke from burning materials is preferred. Fire investigators can trace the origin of the fire, and two flames started simultaneously will immediately arouse suspicion.

It is not the flame that kills most victims of a fire, but the inhalation of smoke. A fire victim will have smoke present in his lungs. Therefore, if this is your choice of extermination, your mark should be unconscious, but breathing, when the fire is set. Make sure that no scratches or bruises point to foul play. And remove the batteries from all smoke detectors with gloved hands before you set the fire.

Never hang around to watch the fire you set. Police have been known to photograph the crowd; that’s how a lot of pyromaniacs get caught. Don’t let your curiosity get the better of you!


All of these are primarily self defense methods or tools. Who wants to take a chance with his bare hands or a knife in a one-on-one confrontation when a gun is so much quicker, cleaner and more effective and gives you so much more leverage? A mark may risk a chance at defending himself against your personal onslaught, but that cold steel with the silencer attached shows right away that you mean business and gets instant respect.

However, skillful knowledge and use of these abilities is desirable and recommend. There may come a time when you need a silent method for eliminating a mark in a crowded area, or a way to quiet a bodyguard as noiselessly as possible in order to get the mark.

As in all kill methods, be sure of your proficiency before your life depend son it. Stay in top physical condition, practice regularly until the moves become automatic and study pressure points so you will know where to strike and how much force to use for desired results.

an ice pick hidden against your arm as you casually stroll past an unsuspecting victim in a crowded place can e used to strike him a powerful kidney blow without interrupting the natural swing of your arms as you pass.

Movies and fictitious stories like to show the cutting of the victim’s throat as a slice from ear to ear. However, this is not the best, or preferred, method.

Using your six-inch, serrated blade knife, stab deeply into the side of the victim’s neck and push the knife forward in a forceful movement. This method will half decapitate the victim, cutting both his main arteries and wind pipe, ensuring immediate death.

As described earlier, the proper way to make a kill with the recommended knife is to twist the blade before withdrawing it from a vital area. The serrated edge will make an open, gaping wound that cannot be closed to stop the bleeding.

You combat instructor should be able to teach you a wide variety of skills with silent weapons, when to use them and where to strike. You will develop your own personal preferences and style.

There will hardly be a time when you will kill with your bare hands unless you use your ability for self-defense. A knife may be called for on occasion, and should be carried with you on all your assignments in case it is required. Silent weapons are specialty measures which require skill an talent for effective use.

In any case, the object is to get to the mark, complete your assignment, and get out, as cleanly and as quickly as possible without drawing any unnecessary attention.


Poisons are sweet, silent and effective, and some leave no traces. Poison is one of the hit man’s best friends.

If you know your mark’s habits well enough, the desired result can be achieved while you are sitting miles away. If you make personal contact for their introduction, poisons will give prompt, guaranteed results.

Because there is so much government regulation, effective poisons are getting harder and harder to come by. The recent Extra Strength Tylenol scare didn’t help matters. Yet, there are sources still available for your use.

At the local library, a very helpful assistant led me to a reference section, where I copied down the name and addresses of several large chemical suppliers (You don’t want “industrial” chemicals: they are janitorial supplies.) I obtained phone numbers from information and called the numbers systematically until I found the one that carried the products I wanted. Under the guide of HM Research and Development, I ordered the minimum amounts required and sent along a money order for faster processing.

Later, I went so far as to have a company letterhead made and sent inquires on certain chemicals, minimum ordering requirements and costs to the suppliers on my list. The letter went something like this:

Dear Sirs:
Our firm is interested in obtaining small quantities of the following chemicals for research purposes only. Please send a quote on minimum purchase requirements, costs and delivery.


Jow Blough
President, HM Research and Development

With the information and catalogs I received from the suppliers who responded, I started a file for future reference.

Newspapers and magazines often feature articles on newly discovered toxic substances and as warnings about misuse of everyday toxic chemicals.

Recently there has been quite a stink about dioxin, a chemical waste material who’s disposal the Environmental protection Agency has not handled satisfactorily. it is claimed that two ounces of this pure waste in powder form, if set off by a small blast into the air we breathe, could wipe pout the entire population of a large city. Poison for thought, isn’t it?

One of the luckiest sources for poisons that I ever stumbled across was an air-head who worked in the laboratory at a local hospital. This fellow would steal, smuggle out and deliver almost anything I could request in exchange for a bag of dope.

You might often find such a source for yourself, but don’t use him too often. His chances of becoming careless in his efforts to satisfy his habit are great. You don’t need someone of this character telling anyone who he steals the stuff for.

A chance visit to the local garden supply turned up a wealth of unexpected information. The first surprise was a booklet covering the poisonous plants, insects and reptiles of my state. The book went into amazing detail about the potency of each poison, the lethal amount, and the resulting effects. I spent days scouting the woods and garden centers, picking up plants to break down for my stash. I smashed seeds, dried leaves and ground berries until the wee hours of morning, placing each small bottle with a tight cap and label.

Carolina or yellow jessamine, for instance, is in the same plant family that produces strychnine and curare. All parts are toxic. Aside from a variety of side effects, death is brought about due to stoppage of breathing.

The flowering oleander is another good one. All parts are very poisonous. Final effect is unconsciousness, respiratory paralysis and death. People have been poisoned by using the branches of this plant to skewer meat or stir food. Even the smoke of burning oleander is poisonous.

Pokeweed, or inkberry, is entirely poisonous, but especially the root. About two hours after eating, vomiting and purging begins. Death is said to be caused by respiratory failure.

One thoroughly chewed castor bean seed will cause death within two weeks from uremia, with symptoms beginning up to three days after ingestion.

The fruit pulp of the chinaberry tree is especially poisonous. Toxic alkaloids attack the nervous system and cause death by paralysis.

The list goes on and on …

At the same garden center, I chanced to survey the wide assortment of chemicals available for the do-it-yourselfer. my favorite (and one that is highly recommended by several other connoisseurs) is nicotine. A product called black leaf 40 contains 40 percent nicotine. Nicotine is on the restricted drug list and cannot be legally purchased in pure form. Boil this liquid until all the water evaporates and you will be left with a thick, lethal syrup. I prefer injection into the bloodstream via dart or poison-filled bullet. Placing it directly on the skin has never gotten any results.

If you live in a coastal area, you might have read recent newspaper warnings against eating the common blowfish (also known as puffer). It seems that the bladder of this saltwater fish contains tetrodotoxin, a poison which is 150 thousand times more potent than curare. If the bladder is accidentally broken during cleaning and the meat contaminated by its contents, eating the fish will bring about blocked nerves, causing all muscles to stop working. The victim stops breathing and dies within minutes. There is no known antidote, and the victims of such poisonings are often diagnosed as having died from food poisoning.

If you don’t live in a coastal area where you can easily obtain one of these wonderful sources of deadly poison, why not ask you local pet shop owner to order one especially for your salt water aquarium.

Of course, all your poisons should be tested prior to actual use. Because there metabolisms most resemble that of man, try small amounts of the poisons you collect on mice and rats. Dogs and cats can withstand much greater dosages than humans and are not a good choice for valid testing. After you have tested your poisons for effectiveness and established your favorites you are ready to go to work.

The Mafia is said to have coated assassins’ bullets with garlic juice, supposedly fatal if it enters the bloodstream, though safe to ingest. If this is true, than how much more effective will it bot to fill your hollow point bullets with the liquid poison of your choice to ensure a job well done?

Dip your knife in the lethal drug. Star tips, darts and ice picks become doubly effective when used in combination with poison. Soak the mark’s tea bags in the potent additive. Empty his medication and refill all capsules with milk-sugar except for one loaded dose. Let your imagination soar!

The Poor Man’s James Bond sold by Paladin Press, give recipes for potassium cyanide and sodium cyanide, both lethal granules. Effects of these poisons were tested for us by a few previous users of Extra Strength Tylenol.

Poisons offer a quiet alternative to things that go boom in the night and are well worth the effort it takes to accumulate and test them.

Rumor has it that Jake T was causing friction for some boys who brought in illegal substances on the West Coast of Florida. Old Jake wanted a big piece of the action and started throwing his weight around. Something had to be done before Jake upset the apple cart.

A professional was brought in.

“I don’t care how you do it,” said the big boss, “But it has to look natural. We don’t want the heat on our backs because some asshole with an overgrown ego doesn’t know how to mind his own business.”

The professional followed old Jake discreetly for a few days, checking for clues, habits and behaviors that would help hymn make a decision on how to accomplish the extermination.

He had watched Jake travel about town in his four-by-four pickup with the shotguns hanging in the rear window on the gun rack. He had picked up Jake’s rather loose routine. The only thing he knew for sure was that wherever Jake went, he was always chewing on the end of a toothpick.

With that clue, he carefully soaked a toothpick in the contents of the bladder of a blowfish he picked up at the beach. After it dried, he placed the toothpick in a conspicuous place on the dash of Jake’s truck, within reach of the steering wheel, and removed the other toothpicks that were lying about.

About two days later, as Jake was getting out of his truck, he dropped dead. Cause of death was determined to be food poisoning.


It takes a lot of knowledge and common sense to efficiently fulfill a request for an apparent accidental death or suicide. An autopsy and police investigation can reveal a great deal about the accident and/or how the victim really met his death.

For instance, a body found lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs will have bruises, broken bones, and marks. Unless you know how to fake these results or bring about certain death from a real fall, you had better not get involved.

If the employer is requesting accidental death to collect double indemnity on an insurance policy, have him read the fine print again. many times these policies also pay double for violent deaths, so a foiled robbery or a burglary may be more in line with your abilities.

Faked suicides are very tricky too. A left-handed man will not shoot himself with his right hand. A man who jumps off a building to his death will not hit the pavement twenty feet from that building. Distance alone will indicate whether he jumped or was thrown. A person with a phobia for heights would choose a suicide method other than jumping from a building., And many a hanging has been discovered to be a result of foul play because the knot was tied in the wrong direction, or because there was no evidence of a ladder or other way for the victim to get his head into the noose.

Contrary to popular belief, most suicides do not leave notes. Usually these people are so depressed that all they want is out. So if your mark is not visibly depressed and all seems to be going right with him in the world, immediate suspicion may result from his death.

If you are qualified to fulfill a suicide or accidental death request, you should charge more for the hit based on your superior knowledge and abilities.


At times it will be an imperative part of your job assignment hat you extract certain information from the mark before he meets his fate. Most people will tell you anything you want to know, even when they are sure they are about to die, just to buy a few extra seconds or minutes of life. But there are a stubborn few who will take their secrets to their graves rather than break, even in the face of death. Sometimes you can pretend to bargain with these obstinate martyrs, even though you fully intend to carry out your contract once you receive the desired information.

I had the opportunity to accompany a master of persuasion on an assignment a few years ago. Although small in stature, this full-blooded Indian was ruthless in obtaining the information he came for. The mark was a much larger man, outweighing the Indian by more than eighty pounds. With my help, we subdued the giant, stripped him to the waist and tied him into a wooden arm chair.

“Talk,” ordered the Indian.


The Indian pulled an ice pick from his pocket.

The giant looked from the point of the pike to the Indian and then to me, as if begging for my intervention. I shrugged my shoulders in a helpless gesture.

The Indian circled the giant slowly. Suddenly he stopped and inserted the tip of the pick into the giant’s upper arm about a quarter of an inch. When he withdrew his pick, there was a sickening little popping sound as blood spurted from the wound for a second, then stopped.

“Talk,” repeated the Indian.

More silence.

Several stabs later, the giant was quivering like a jellyfish, his body like a pincushion, while the Indian was getting more and more into his work.

Suddenly he grew tired of the ice pick game. With a malicious grin, he pulled a pair of pliers from his other hip pocket and gave me a sly wink. Pointedly, methodically, he began with the giant’s little finger on his left hand and crunched each knuckle slowly with the pliers. It seemed to no effort at all on his part as the soft bone gave way under the force of the simple tool. he ha only gotten to the third finger when the giant began to cry like a baby and spill his guts. The Indian listened, asked a few questions, then unstrapped the trembling giant and set him free. The big man raced for the door and into the night.

I’m not sure, but I think the Indian was a bit disappointed that it all ended so quickly. But the stain on the front of his pants showed that he had enjoyed himself tremendously!

There is no end to the various ways of torturing a mark until he would tell you what you want to know, and die just to get over it. Sometimes all it takes is putting a knife to his throat. not from behind with the blade across the throat the way they do in the movies, but from the front where the tip of the blade creasing the soft hollow of the throat, where the victim can see the gleaming steel and realizes what damage it would do if it fully penetrated.

Most people would much prefer the compassionate quick release of a bullet to the slow torturous death of being cut and watching their own lifeblood seep from their body. And even facing death, they tend to want to leave the body behind to be whole and dignified instead of a mutilated, unrecognizable corpse.

You may threaten, bargain, torture or mutilate to get the information you want, and you must be prepared to use whatever method works.


If disposing of the body becomes part of your job assignment, you should charge a hefty additional sum. The risks you take in carrying out the request and the extra time you spend with the corpse are certainly deserving of higher compensation. There are many options, and the one you choose will depend on the circumstances of your particular job and location.

If you have a really strong stomach, you can always cut the body into sections and pack it into an ice chest for transportation and disposal at various spots across the countryside.

Or, you can simply cut off the head after burying the body. Take the head into some deserted location, place a stick of dynamite into the mouth, and blow the telltale dentition to smithereens! After this, authorities can’t use the victims’ dental records to identify his remains. As the body decomposes, fingerprints will disappear and no real evidence will be left from which to make positive identification. You can even clip off the fingertips and bury them separately.

Orf course, there are many easier and less gruesome methods for disposing of the corpse. We all know the story of how the mob buries the body in the still of the night in some footer for a multistory building where cement is to be poured the next day.

Or the one about tying cement blocks to the body and dumping it into the river. But there’s a lot more to it than that. If you choose to sink the corpse, you must first make several deep stabs into the body’s lungs (from just under the rib cage) and belly. This is necessary because gases released during decomposition will bloat these organs, causing the body to rise to the surface of the water.

The corpse should be weighted with the standard concrete blocks, but it must be wrapped from head to toe with heavy chain as well, to keep the body from departing and floating in chunks to the surface. After the fishes and natural elements have done their works, the chain will drag the bones into the muddy sentiment.

If you bury the body, again deep stab wounds should be made to allow gases to escape. A bloating corpse will push the earth up as it swells. Pour in lime to prevent the horrible odor of decomposition, and lye to make that decomposition more rapid.

Quicksand, the open sea, caves in isolated areas and abandoned wells are all potential places to get rid of the body.

Preplan your actions. Know what you’re going to do with the corpse before you pull that trigger. be flexible enough to make sudden changes in your plan should some unexpected predicament arise.


You’ve probably heard the saying, “There are many ways to kill a rabbit.” A greater problem for the hit man is finding a way to silence a barking dog. An overzealous dog in the neighborhood, and more particularly, the mark’s own canine, presents a problem that must be dealt with. If you can get to the dog without too much risk to yourself, you can feed it ground glass in raw hamburger a few days before the hit; the animal will die a slow and miserable death. Unfortunately, the ultimate demise of his best friend and protector may put the mark on guard for your impending arrival.

As I stated before, dogs can take much larger amounts of poison than a man’s fragile system can handle. You will have to experiment to come up with the best available poison and the proper dosage, which may mean a definite decrease in the canine population of your own neighborhood.

Poison placed inside a capsule and buried in a ball of meat is one method to use. However, this means waiting whatever time it takes for the poison to get into the dog’s system to do its work. I have found that if the dog gets a taste of the poison, he may spit the meat out or that some poisons will cause him to throw up his stomach contents in a very short time. And some pets are so finicky that they will eat carefully around any pill or capsule, leaving it as evidence in the bottom of the dog dish.

Shooting a dog will create a loud and continuous string of yelps and howls that may alert the countryside, unless you are an expert marksman and can shoot to kill with one shot. The best spot to go for is right behind and under the ear where the brain is located. Even then, be prepared for that one long yelp before death occurs. In fact, almost anything you do to a dog will bring out that resounding, attention drawing yelp.

A house dog and family pet will normally keep a distance between you and him while he barks his head off to alert his family that danger is present. An attack dog, on the other hand, should charge ferociously. The only advantage of coming face to face with an attack dog is that once he sinks his teeth into something, the barking will stop. If you know an attack dog is on the scene, bring material to wrap your arm to prevent his breaking the skin when he makes his attack. As he charges, offer the wrapped arm and let him sink his teeth into the material. Once he has a good, tight hold, place your free forearm on the back of his neck as a brace. Then jerk the arm he is biting up and back quickly to break his neck. Or, you can just as easily cut his throat while you have him in that position.

a hypodermic needle filled with poison or a poison tipped dart shot through a blow gun seems to give the best results.

UNIVERSAL ORDER An interview with James Mason 2003

It has been said that truth doesn’t mind stepping on a few toes. Well, neither does James Mason. For the past 30 years, Mason has been stepping on most of the toes Western civilization keeps sacred; in fact, not only has he stepped on such toes, but has committed himself to outright crushing such altogether– so fervent is his belief in what he sees as the truth.

For James Mason (born and raised in Chillicothe, Ohio, in 1952), his truth arrived in his early teens when he first discovered Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, and was reinforced by figures like George Lincoln Rockwell (founder of the American Nazi Party in the 1960’s) and Joseph Tommasi (founder of terrorist underground group The National Socialist Liberation Front). Many years later, he experienced a similar revelation with the discovery of Charles Manson. For Mason these two men, Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson, moreso than any others, embodied and represented what he considered to be the ultimate truth. They represented Universal Order.

Mason’s writings have appeared in various books and publications (The Manson File, Apocalypse Culture, EXIT etc.) and he has published several works, but perhaps most notable of his writings is the book Siege, The Collected Writings of James Mason (published in 1992 by Storm Books), which has been described alternatively as “the mind-fuck of the century”, “the Mein Kampf of the 90’s” and as “political pornography”. Being a compendium of Mason’s essays originally published between 1980-1986 in his newsletter by the same name, Siege is certainly a unique tome of heresy, extremist thought and revolutionary philosophy.

Siege is divided into eight chapters– “The NSLF and the Move Toward Armed Struggle”, “National Socialism”, “Conservatism and the Lost Movement”, “The System”, “Lone Wolves and Live Wires”, “Strength And Spirit”, “Leaders” and “Universal Order”. One of the central ideas in the book is that the old standards of leftwing and rightwing are meaningless- that now the bottom line is that the whole “System” itself must be destroyed, by whatever means necessary. According to Mason, there is nothing left worth “saving” in the USA, and indeed in the whole Western world, and to underline this point he has said: “We will interior-decorate only after we’ve extinguished the housefire”. Siege lauds any acts committed against “the System”, including violent terrorism, whether done by the “right“ or “left“, or even by so-called “lone wolves”. Mason sums it up in the line: “wherever you go, the System must go”.

Siege reveals the odyssey of a fanatical political extremist, from his youth to his radicalization, up to his current outlook. A major section of the book is dedicated to Universal Order, a concept the name and logo of which was suggested to Mason by Charles Manson. The book devotes much attention to expounding how Manson, his ideas and actions fit in with the Universal Order; indeed, the book itself is respectfully dedicated to “The Son Of Man”.

To the surprise of those used to the down-to-earth approach of Siege, Mason has since also delved into new, more arcane areas of interest, such as Christianity and UFO’s. He has written and published several smaller works regarding these subjects, such as The Theocrat, When We Were All Jews, One-Verse Charlies and Revisiting Revelations. Nevertheless, and no matter what political or ideological orientation one might have, Siege remains an interesting certainly bizarre work on extreme and revolutionary philosophy.

It is one thing to give lip-service to principles and ideals of an extremist variety, but quite another to live them out, and keep living them out in the face of almost universal opposition. As the saying goes, “you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” James Mason has been “walking his walk” his whole life. Having persevered a tumultuous relationship with “the System”, including repeated imprisonment, as well as the un-supportiveness and discredition of supposed fellow comrades, Mason still remains as steadfastly and fanatically committed (or perhaps even more so) to the principles and ideals he first discovered in his youth. Mason represents the fringe of the fringe, the extreme of the extreme- a true believer, if there ever was one.

Now, with a new and revised edition of Siege just out, this interview tries to unravel what exactly makes James Mason tick.

Could you start with describing your background and how you came to uphold the worldview you still hold today?
These days I tell audiences at lectures that I didn’t “get” my views from anyplace. It’s just that I never parted company with the beliefs of my ancestors as most have done. That, plus the fact that I do recognize that these things are under ferocious attack from the enemies of Whites, mainly Jews. And finally, I am determined to do whatever is necessary to keep White values, White integrity and White blood. Put all that together and you get National Socialism.

Could you fill us in on what has happened in your life since the first edition of Siege was released?
There was a best-selling book out many decades ago entitled Life Begins At Forty. Well, with me that was certainly the case. I’ve actually had several “lives” but I’m in the best one of these right now. The first edition of Siege was released just as I was turning forty in 1994. I had just left my old home of Ohio and come to Colorado, something unthought of even six months before. I was about to become involved with the most severe test I’d yet faced, coming under attack by the ZOG System as I would in 1994. Another book written some while ago was entitled Endure and Conquer. And that’s what I did. I still consider the fight and the incarceration to be my own “finest hour”. And the work on paper that it wrang out of me, as far as I am today concerned, caps off my life’s effort.

How exactly was Siege received and what kind of reactions and reviews did it get? Wasn’t Tom Metzger (of White Aryan Resistance) one of the few people in the racialist movement to actually promote and distribute the book, as I remember seeing a lot of ads and reviews of it in music, esoteric and underground culture-oriented magazines, but understood it was advertised in very few actual racialist movement papers.
As I predicted to my initial publisher in 1993, by far most of the movement would pan the book, Siege. Two reasons for this: I told it as it was, the truth, to the best of my capability and this seriously interfered with their individual worlds of fantasy upon which their own, private take-offs are based; And the book was a technical masterpiece which really threw into harsh relief the run-of-the-mill “fanzines” so typically associated with the Movement. So there was the jealousy factor. No one, not the ZOG System, not the Movement, likes to have their delusions tampered with.

How has your thinking changed since the release of Siege?
I thank God most every day that I have never stopped growing. Greater maturity, greater awareness, greater facility, etc. All of this enables a broader concept of the greater reality. More awareness, more assuredness. More assuredness, more peace. All of this goes toward confidence and authority. The pitfalls have long been set out there to prevent the most from ever making it this far. Either that or built-in self-limitations result in the well-known cases of arrested development and the dismal failures which that produces. I find myself worrying less and never being surprised.

Since Siege, you have written at least one book of which I am aware of, that being The Theocrat, that dealt with themes quite different from those discussed in Siege. I saw an ad for a book titled When We Were All Jews, and another one, Out of the Dust, was mentioned as being forthcoming in OHM Clock magazine #5. I have also heard that you were going to put out a CD. What are the status of these projects?
The manuscript for Out of the Dust was only finalized this summer and I am presently in search of a publisher for it. Smaller titles like The Theocrat, When We Were All Jews, One-Verse Charlies, Revisiting Revelations, etc., have all been self-published and The Theocrat is about to be professionally published by Black Sun Publications which just released the second edition of Siege. The CD entitled Radio Free Canada was released last year and the first run has sold out.

The logo and name of Universal Order was suggested to you by Charles Manson. As Universal Order is not, contrary to what some believe, an actual organization, but a philosophical concept or a state of mind, could you describe the basic idea behind it for those previously unfamiliar with it?
You are quite right that Universal Order was never an organization. But we found it necessary and desirable to give our certain line of thought a distinguishing title so as to at least attempt separate it from the more conservative takes on National Socialism. I like to say that one must, first, have the ability to know bullshit when he sees it and, second, have the courage of his convictions to call it as such. No play-acting, no dreaming, no wishful thinking. If you find yourself “nowhere”, so to speak, it usually means that you haven’t fully fathomed the nature of the situation itself and cannot appropriately respond to it. But withdrawing and freezing up into an “Alice-in-Wonderland” mentality isn’t the answer, no matter how hard you may believe in it. That kind of attitude along with the old ideals plus the weight of all historic fact and reality which we’ve always had on our side I think defines Universal Order.

One of the most interesting things in Siege was your espousal of Charles Manson as THE thinker and doer of our times; an espousal which, as one might expect, alienates you from any right-wing, conservative types, who are horrified by the image of Manson given to them by the media and cannot seem to see anything beyond it. For those unfamiliar with Manson, could you describe his central ideas and his significance, and how they relate to National Socialism and Universal Order specifically?
Much of the answer to this question is taken up in the answer to the previous one. By far most are literally in bed with the Jewish-Capitalist enemy. They desire some “adjustment” to this degenerating mess but their idea of “change” still falls within the parameters of what presently does exist. And this is itself one more delusion. They, as it is said, desire to both eat their cake and have it too. Or, as Commander Rockwell said, with regard to envying against these increasingly painful symptoms of multi-culturalism and multi-racialism, “they like to go swimming but hate to get wet.” We, those of us in the Manson mindset, as my old friend and comrade Ed Reynolds would say, “don’t want to rock the boat, we want to SINK it!”

In the documentary film Charles Manson Superstar (in which you are briefly interviewed), Manson makes some rather bizarre, negative-sounding comments to you / about you. Also, on the CD Manson Speaks, he mentions something about you dropping the ball. Do you know what these comments were about? Are you still on good terms and in contact with Manson?
In both of those instances you refer to, Manson was directly chiding me for not coming out and away from traditional Movement modus operandi fast enough to suit him. Well, any person can only move in whatever direction as he is able to feel his way. Going back to how my thinking has changed in the last ten or twenty years, I know that all things are in God’s own, good time. Manson still has all my respect and good wishes, as do any of those who remain steadfast in his purpose. But we haven’t been in direct contact now in some years. Perhaps it is because of, as I said earlier, I am most grateful that I continue to move on.

In Siege you advocate either becoming a total revolutionary or a total drop-out. Could you expound on what these strategies mean when put into practice?
I don’t think any hobbyist ever accomplished anything great. One former “leader” we once had who’d have done better for himself and the Movement as a lecturer instead used to stress that there are really precious few actual worldviews. No one with one foot in the Jewish-Capitalist System can be anything other than a hobbyist and can be possessed of no real worldview at all. That effectively renders him as a crank. And has that not defined the so-called “Movement” to date? Someone said, “First myself and then the world.” No one not 100% positive of himself and his own course can hope to do anything to affect the course of the future, much less do anything to help his people. Totality is really not a dirty word.

In Siege, you describe Universal Order as uniquely American. Are the tactics and methods you write about relevant to European countries as well, or is the book primarily geared to an American audience?
I told an audience last May about the encounter between Che Guevara and a bunch of pseudo-Marxist youth from the United States before his demise at which time they expressed their envy at his being able to be at war with Capitalism there in the jungle. His response to them was that they were the lucky ones because they lived right in the very heart of the Beast. The United States is both the epitome of Western Civilization and the Beast. It is the first because of the efforts of the best of all Western peoples in colonizing and civilization-building. It is the second because of the Jewish subversion and take-over which has harnessed all this wealth and might to evil purposes. The poison and the cancer that took a century to develop in the United States is infecting Europe presently in full force, at a lightning pace. But in like manner, so too must any answer come. And that would have to be Universal Order.

In Siege, you espouse “lone wolves” and write that the time of organizations and memberships are history. What are your views on more above-ground organizations like the National Alliance, W.A.R. etc. that still function on some kind of official level? Do they serve some positive function in your opinion?
There are just a certain number of people out there who are even capable of now receiving the message of White integrity and survival. If anything is incumbent upon us today, it is to reach those people. And that is the proper task of groups like the National Alliance. As far as “doing” anything beyond that much, it is pure fantasy. This present saga only ends one way. Man “figured” his way into this mess. He won’t figure his way out of it. But there are a few who are capable and worthy to be made aware, to be enlightened, in order for there to be some sort of future.

How did you react to the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Based on what you said about the Oklahoma City bombings I’m guessing you weren’t too saddened, but quite the contrary?
I pay no attention to the so-called “news”. As Manson said, “they only report 5% of what’s going on and that much of it they distort.” But it was all but impossible to miss Oklahoma City and September 11th. “Real news”, as I like to call it, only rarely comes along. Something not all hooked-up and contrived by the System, you know. And, yes, I took real heart from both instances. I remain absolutely convinced that September 11th was spoken of in Revelation, Chapter 18. That’s how close we are to the big finish-up.

I sense you are not as blindly anti-semitic as some other National Socialists, correct? Don’t you think there are some jews who are worthy individuals, who might contribute something positive to society? Isn’t “The System” and the “Pigs” you talk about comprised of jewish as well as white people?
The System mindset is basically the display of a critical lack of higher sensibilities, awareness, ideals or what have you. It’s all for money. The Aryan alone possesses, or has the capacity to possess, these virtues. They are however easily killed off or submerged underneath baseness. People will inevitably come to reflect the nature of their true rulers. It came out of Hollywood and Madison Avenue. Even these nominal “Whites” of the present are spiritual “Jews”. Or, as Manson would say, “dead in the Jews’ money”. The Jew owns the world today and calls all of the shots. The history, the genetic history, of the Jews, as given in the Bible itself, shows them to be of a lower order of humanity, incapable of high ideals. They are only just capable being the very parasites they’ve always demonstrated themselves to be in infecting Aryan societies, monopolizing their societies. It’s genetic. And to view people as anything but groups is a fatal error, one promoted by the Jews themselves in order to sow confusion.

In light of the fact that you have been to prison a number of times, you must have some thoughts on how one best survives prison?
Respect. That’s how one survives in prison. I enjoyed prison each time I was there. Did my best work there. Made my great life decisions there. Gazing into a man’s cell (or just gazing at the man himself) can get you killed in prison. The county jail holding tanks are pretty bad because most there know they’ll soon be gone. But prison is home to those who are in it and that play it accordingly. And the higher the awareness, the greater capacity for respect. You can come to pity the guards even as you disdain them. You can come to realize that the non-Whites that are in there shouldn’t be there because they shouldn’t be anywhere within White society or White law. You’ll meet a lot of people of all colors whom you can help along the way by straightening out their thoughts and heightening their own awareness. I had more than one Black thank me for enabling him to properly direct his anger. And finally, as Manson would say, you cannot punish an innocent person. For me, these were attacks. Illegal and outrageous. As far as I am concerned, I represent law and order. And I am the one being attacked. It was and is a contest. I always play it as such. And I always win.

When you were in prison a website ( came up that featured your writings written under the alias of Robert Burns, but quite surprisingly to those familiar with Siege, the writings on this website were rather esoteric in nature, dealing with extraterrestrials, Atlantis, conspiracies, etc. Could you expound on your interest in such subjects, and how these subjects relate to Universal Order?
The idea has always been to ascertain our origins. It’s a critical part of knowing the truth. But I don’t believe that, as you listed, extraterrestrials, Atlantis and conspiracies are in any way esoteric. An overabundance of hard evidence proves that they are real. A thesis I’ve developed is that either a thing is real or it is not. If it is not, we need to determine that and have done with it. If it is real then it has to assume some form and we need to determine that form so that we may deal with it realistically for our own good.

Some of your thoughts about whites having extraterrestrials as their originators are somewhat reminiscent of the ideas of Miguel Serrano, the former Chilean diplomat, author and ”esoteric hitlerist”. Please expound on this idea. Are you familiar with Serrano?
I’m only lightly familiar with the works of Serrano. But I do know that the first words coming out of God’s mouth as quoted in Genesis amount to a group conversation as to a DNA colonization of this planet by what could only be an extraterrestrial source.

What exactly are your views on christianity? In Siege you repeatedly stress that you are an atheist and write (concerning christianity): “It is alien to our blood, to our natural instincts, it is false and deadly and its organized body at work in the world today is dedicated to the destruction of the White Race. It must go.” Since the release of Siege however, you have written The Theocrat, which goes into christianity, the Bible and draws parallels between Christ and Hitler. I take it your views have changed?
Another thesis I’ve developed with regard to major social and cultural institutions is this: Nothing ever starts out as bullshit but, left in the hands of man, everything usually winds up as bullshit. Such is the case with Christianity. Early Christianity, exactly like National Socialism, was born out of dire necessity. Jesus of Nazareth was the right man in the right place at the right time. During my years of lock-up I annotated at least six Bibles and I found the big left turn that everybody misses, rendering the whole thing as a waste of time. The Exodus of Moses was the last three million Whites getting out of decadent and dying Egypt. They militarily seized for themselves the most north-easterly province of Egypt, which was Canaan. Of course, they renamed it after themselves: Israel, meaning a prince ruling with God. There they found dark native inhabitants. God commanded they should kill all of these people. But they failed to do this, instead making slaves of them. Over much time they integrated them into their society. And with White, Israelite men chasing after these colored, Canaanite women, racial Jews were born. The word “Jew” isn’t even mentioned in the Bible until Second Kings, Chapter 16, Verse 6. And from Genesis to that point, God names and cureses those tribes of Canaanites a total of eighteen times. And three sixes are eighteen. There you have the answer to Saint John’s riddle about “666” and the Mark of the Beast. It is racial Jews.

Christ’s genealogy is given twice, foward and backward, in the gospels, in order to establish that he was a pure White man of the Tribe of Judah. He reinserted the race issue into whatever was left of the old Hebrew Temple. Of course, for this the Jews murdered him. But this truth was gotten to the rest of the Whites of Israel who, by the time of Christ, were all mainly in Europe, having left their old neighborhood which had gone colored, again, through the folly of man. The Bible is the warning: “Don’t let this happen to you”. But, because they miss the whole Canaanite thing, the message amounts to nothing more than one more weird superstition. “666” is placed there at the end to test wheter you’ve correctly read and understood the thing. Nobody does. Hence, the religion of the West is like a formula for suicide.

Like everybody else, I based my views on Christianity on what the Church represented. A fatal error. The Bible even said it would come down to this. How many have read Mein Kampf and how many have read the Bible? I know that Christ and Hitler were two separate incarnations of the same spirit. And The Theocrat proves it.

How would you describe yourself spiritually? Is National Socialism still a comprehensive enough term to describe your spiritual beliefs and ideas?
Manson said that the truth is one. I got a huge laugh when I read in Exodus of God’s name meaning “I Am That I Am”. That means that there only is what there is. And that would mean physics and the like. There is but one reality. There may be a thousand take-offs of misunderstanding of that one reality but it changes nothing. So you may think Newton is an extremist and not like his law of gravity. You may jump of a high building and get away with it, for a little while. So have done all the socities of man. And, as I wrote in Siege, the ground is looming up. The Bible repeatedly hints as the race issue as “the head of the corner that the builders have set aside.”

And, of course, while reading the Bible in prison I was also reading Stephen Hawking. So, between the super high-tech of the extraterrestials and the multiple universes, etc., of Hawking and so forth, I think we have definetly found the FORM of all this formerly “supernatural” business out of which has been fashioned “religion”. There is in fact, nothing supernatural. There is only what we do not as yet fully understand. Even at the time of Hitler, our own technology hadn’t progressed far enough to where we might stand a chance of realizing the potential of our technological capabilities and that there could be others out there even further in advance of ourselves.

These, of course, would be the “Gods” of old.

Do you practice any type of religious or spiritual expression in the form of ritual or ceremony? Do you belive in the validity of such things?
One more thesis: I’ve never attended any meeting that wasn’t bullshit. This would automatically include all forms of ceremony. Somebody somewhere stressed the importance of function before form. Ritual and ceremony are all form and practically no function.

In Siege, you quote Anton LaVey, the author and founder of The Church of Satan, and I understood he later sent you an autographed copy of his book The Satanic Bible. Siege was also received well among many Satanists; it was for example reviewed favorably in The Black Flame and given a whole-page ad in same. What are your views on Anton LaVey and Satanism generally?
LaVey was, of course, a Jew. But I liked and admired the man. So I think that answers an earlier question of yours. In a certain sense, LaVey shared a similarity with George Lincoln Rockwell in that both of them were essentially showmen. Rockwell figured that if they’re going to end up calling you a “Nazi” anyway, you might as well assume the title on your own and be as brazen as possible about it. LaVey considered that is “God”, represented by the Church as he is, stood for weakness and suicide then a good second glance was at least owed to his opposite number, Satan, who, by that, would represent strength and vitality. Brilliant.

BUT… that is dealing in misrepresentations. In reality, Satan is but an analogy for Jews. Good and evil, in reality, are analogous for clarity and distortion. It is really all physics, all geometry, all biology, etc.

And Satan will never approach you as Satan. Never. He will always approach as “an angel of light”. So to call one’s self a “Satanist”, I believe, is no more than a cry for attention.

You have been as a guest on wacky radio-evangelist Bob Larson’s show two times that I know of- once a part of the Manson Maniacs show (with Michael Moynihan, Boyd Rice and Doris Tate) and once for yourself in a show titled Neo-Nazi Satanism, that was later released and sold as a videocassette by Bob. Have you visited his show any more times? Any fond memories of your encounters with Bob?
I can only wish that I had known what I know now during those times in the past when I was on the Bob Larson Show. Maybe I did alright as it was but today I could tear him to shreds with his own game. Frankly, I sometimes wonder how I functioned in those days. As I wrote in one of my more recent works, what chance does anyone have when he is separated from his God?

In your article “Move to the Light” you espouse infamous Norwegian Black Metal musician and author Varg Vikernes, who is currently serving a maximum prison sentence for murder and church arson. How does Vikernes tie in with the Universal Order?
Varg Vikernes gave a wonderful interview some years ago wherein he referred to myself and Siege in most glowing terms. He epitomizes the Man of Action, which the West is in dire need of. In both the Bible and Mein Kampf it is said that belief without action amounts to no more than a man gazing at himself in a mirror. I wish him all the best.

I remember reading that you are an amateur photographer and are fond of taking pictures of naked young ladies. What are your views on sex, and specifically on pornography (i.e. sexually stimulating writing, imagery etc.), in the context of National Socialism? Correct me if I am wrong, but the common image is that NS people have been and are really uptight about these things, like they had some leftover guilt-complex stemming from christianity?
They say that beauty is Aryan but glamour is Jewish. Quite right. In NS Germany they had gesunde erotika but over here they have pornography. Pornography, as defined by the dictionary, is gross stimuli and, as such, is desensitizing. That would be an evil. And where does it stop? Not at race-mixing. Not at homosexuality. Not at children. Not at animals. And, of course, who controls the pornography industry which, it is said, is even larger than Hollywood? Jews, naturally. They are kindly sharing with us their legacy from ancient Babylon wherein all such things were common practice. It’s the old “monkey see, monkey do.”

Yes, most NS people are uptight about these matters. It’s the old business of still having one foot over in the Judeo-Chrisitan camp. Morality be damned! The object is to produce magnificient Aryan offspring! As many as possible. And to have fun doing it. Minus this, as it has been said, all else is vanity and will end up as ashes.

Noted British National Socialist philosopher David Myatt has stressed the importance of noble, honourable conduct and behavior. For example, he writes: “A true National-Socialist knows and feels that some things are honourable, and other things are dishonourable. It is dishonourable, for instance– cowardly and unfair and uncivilized– for several people to attack and try to injure or kill a single individual. Thus, if several Caucasians attack one Negro, they are acting dishonourably– they are being uncivilized and cowardly. A true National-Socialist would never do such a thing. They would always want to see, or take part in, a “fair fight”. Furthermore, I myself– a life-long National-Socialist– would go to the aid of a Negro if I saw him being attacked by several Caucasians, for that would be the just, the fair, the honourable, the civilized and the National-Socialist thing to do.” Would you agree with the above statement? Why does such an understanding seem to be lacking in so many of the racialist movement, who engage in dishonourable acts and silly behavior (i.e. name-calling, unfair fights, etc.)? And on a related note, what is your opinion of skinheads, who seem to be for the most part totally oblivious to such an understanding?
There unfortunately is no institution of higher learning for the business we are in. Limited perceptions, limited awareness, knee-jerk reactions to admitted outrages, etc. Plain, old-fashioned anti-social, misfit behavior, etc. I said in Siege that todays best minds are solidly within the service of the mortal enemy of our race. Everyone has heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. These people who are striking out as you illustrate are doing so quite blindly. It is a sign of the times. It is a product of the ZOG System itself. It is regrettable. It is a tragedy. There exists no guidance, no leadership, nothing for Whites to repair to. What can one expect under these circumstances?

I told an audience this year that human beings are only animals at that. Animals with about a 2% dose of extraterrestial DNA but still subject to the same laws governing all other life on this planet. As a breeder of dogs in the past I know animals have real intelligence, real personalities, etc., just the same as human beings. But consider the value of a pure-breed as opposed to that of a cur or a mongrel. That’s my point. I always treated any “strays” or mongrels that came my way with kindness. And yet the object was always to breed for excellence, not mediocrity. There is no implication here at all of any need for cruelty. On the contrary, wherever racial mediocrity has taken over within human societies, it reveals always a nightmare of horror for the poor victims involved. But such today is the work of the Jews and you’ll have to take up their reasoning with them.

A sure way to get most people to hate you nowadays is to be a National Socialist. National Socialists like yourself are concerned with ensuring a future for the white race, and yet it seems most white people couldn’t care less about such things and may even aggressively hate you for what you stand for. What makes you hold on to your principles, ideals and views in the face of such a situation, in the face of overwhelming odds and almost universal opposition? Why do you care about the white race when it obviously doesn’t care about you?
Hermann Goering at Nuremberg complained about some of his co-defendants being totally concerned with being able to continue “pissing out the front and shitting out the back.” Where’s the purpose? Without purpose, where’s the point? To keep burning up oxygen? To keep consuming? For me there’s got to be a purpose, got to be a point. That purpose is the purpose of the Creator who colonized this planet with his own DNA in order to perpetuate the existence of godlike creatures in the universe. Remember that it was Nietzsche who said that man was a rope stretching between the God and the animal. A rope that stretched over an abyss. Only Whites have the stuff in them to eventually archive this godlike status. No greater point or reason can I think of than this.

Even God in the Bible repeatedly expressed his disgust with his own people, the Whites. “Hard hearts, sticks necks and brows of solid brass.” Yet he gave them his covenant and said that they would fulfill it in spite of themselves.

Probably the biggest secret of all is how God could have been so certain about this to have entered it into writing for all to see and hold. I’ve seen and experienced enough to know that, as Hawking hinted at, along with parallel universes there must also be parallel dimensions in time. I’m fully convinced that it has all already taken place. Perhaps a thousand or more times. And the end is certain.

In line with this idea, I’ve come to say that there are only two kinds of people: Those who know they are playing a part in a grand scheme and those who do not know. The latter outnumber the former by a huge margin and are running the world at present, indeed, have been doing so at all times throughout history. The weak and the miserable. They still will play their part no matter how they may perceive themselves or their importance. Those who are aware, however, share a very special role in things. I choose to be among this group.

In Siege you write about your deep love of classical music. Is there any contemporary or modern music you enjoy? And on a related note, what other things do you find stimulating and inspiring in the realms of art and culture?
As Wagner said of music, even a Jew can counterfeit the classical style, so formal is it. But his own brand of nationalist-romantic couldn’t be copied by them. It is pure, audible soul and spirit. Of course, the race lost the capacity to create such sounds a century ago. The general decline of all else has kept apace. There’s really no “music” any longer.

I have a deep passion for martial music. Its precision and drive epitomizes in sound exuberant good health and strength of will. It is the absolute antithesis of today’s sounds of cancer and death. But I find that one must have the mental imagery to go along with these things. Otherwise, the sounds are weird and alien. Today all they know is death and dying and music, so-called, fits perfectly well with that.

The on-going Jewish-Liberal inspired argument over genuine art versus modern, corrupt “art”, far from being a matter of preference or opinion, comes directly down to what I said about Good versus Evil. Far from being in the eye of the beholder, it is a matter of clarity against distortion. And if you can’t discern one from another, then Lord help you.

I know that you are a huge fan of 1960’s monster magazines and old horror movies. What other things do you enjoy, in the realms of collections, hobbies, pastimes etc.? What does James Mason do for fun?
I’ve been recently accused by a sincere friend of living the artist’s life. It’s true. It’s not nearly so much what I do for fun, it’s more what little by way of drudge that manages to get in my way. And that is precious little. I love my life. It’s a rotten world but a beautiful life.

What does the future hold for you?
The way things have been heading ever since my final release from the clutches of the ZOG System on August of 1999, I can’t help but believe that I’m one of the lucky few who has accomplished what they were intended to, managed to survive, and now continues living to read an earthly reward. Peace, contentment, comfort, even love. I’m seeing my best efforts appear in print, observing their results, even as I watch events in the world rush toward their predetermined conclusion which, again, I may live to witness. In the meantime, I’m going about life more in the manner in which it was intended.

Thank you for the interview. Last words are yours.
I remember one Party comrade from the 1960s who, at American Nazi Party headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, complained bitterly to me that he’d have preferred to have died in Berlin in 1945 than to exist in a time such as this. Then and there, in my ignorance and youth, I could only agree with him. To have seen and been a part of something like that, even to die with it, surely seemed greater than living in the hopelessness and, as you pointed out before, the isolation and ostracism, of the present. One could have been and might still be tempted to despair. Indeed, so the enemy would have it.

But I’ve also said that if one finds that he holds 100% of all the reins of control and still sees that he suffers the “Midas Touch In Reverse”, then he should be able to surmise that his end is already set in the stars. Such is the case with the ZOG masters of the world in this era, this “Little Season” of Satan, as the Bible calls it. To be in for the climax of anything, whether it be a book, a film, or this world drama, to me, THAT is really the time to be glad to be one the scene and alive. That is truly the most special and exciting thing of all.

And this is it.


More by James Mason- The Importance of Women and other topics- FROM SIEGE

The night of the Tate Surprise Party there were not enough good men around to handle the job and so it was left mostly up to women. In Manson’s Family the ratio of women to men stood at about five-to-one. Women, then, were Manson’s best troop. To go back in time and to change in location, it was women, by their majority, who elected Hitler to power in Germany. Maybe the deadliest built-in source of destruction the U.S. Right has is its attitudes toward women. Ever notice the typical Right Wing married couple? The little lady is ever bitching at hubby to drop that garbage and get a better-paying job. His own kids see him as a poor man’s Archie Bunker. That’s on a good day. The rest of the time it is off to divorce court. Why? Is the Movement really garbage? Are these women really bitches? The answer is no. The problem in every case lies with the man.

The U.S. Right is made up of frustrated men, men who are afraid of this or that or the other and seek the company of others who are similarly frustrated and frightened, in order to be able to ease their angst and perhaps work out some of their fantasies. What woman on earth would respond to that? Women don’t respond to the false macho of the phony para-military of the U.S. Right nor are they turned on by the secretiveness of it all. Because these men are unable to form an effective organization which has the power to take the issue to the streets, to the Enemy, they keep it at home instead to the neglect and alienation of their families. The Enemy knows this and delights in the knowledge. Further, because of all this, the home, wife and family of the average Right Winger– Nazi, KKK or whatever– has become the biggest weak point with regard to System attacks: break a man’s home or turn his wife against him and you HAVE him!

Among the Left this is not the situation. Though they may be badly deluded in their beliefs, between a man and woman the commitment is shared and the struggle is shared as comrades. This is one main reason why the Left is so much more successful than the Right: the women are INVOLVED. I’ve witnessed recent Right Wing attempts at “involving” their few women and it amounts to trying to place them into uniforms and under the same kind of discipline as the men a la American Legion, etc. It doesn’t work. The reason it doesn’t work is it looks about as crappy as the System itself and turns the women off, as well it should.

It is scandalous and notorious that most Right Wing “leaders” are very questionable as to the issue of sexual preference. This follows naturally when one takes a quick look at the mess the Movement is in outwardly– for it is merely a reflection. Hitler, Rockwell, Tommasi and certainly Manson exerted a strong, almost animal, attraction over women and gloried in their company. This quality goes hand-in-hand with the dynamism necessary to MAKE A MOVEMENT. Sterility and impotence remain just that. Women make the most excellent fanatics but they have to be properly motivated and LED. There is something very wrong with any organization that doesn’t have its share of women. What is called for today is a strong Movement– normal and natural– to do the job, and not anything weird or introverted. Once the correct balance is struck for attracting women, the rest won’t be far behind.

[Vol. XII #3– March, 1983]


Revolution Equals Family
To be able to understand the meaning of revolution in these times demands a rethinking of the concept of family. The kind of family we’re talking about here bears no resemblance to the so-called “family” as it is known to and among the Pigs of the System; the entity they constantly cry about being torn apart when, in fact, it had long since become nothing more than an evil farce. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the “bonds of matrimony” or even of immediate blood relation. It has even less to do with the threadbare notions of “family man” or the “good citizen” which that first term would seem to entail. The new and true concept of Family is so revolutionary in these times as to become interchangeable with revolution itself. If the machinations of the Jew and liberal have caused a terminal cancer in this society, then it is up to those who wish to survive to produce a new nucleus: the Family.

It means people (and need I throw in ‘White People’?) living and working closely together, in harmony and in communion. Not calling it off at a certain hour or on a certain day and returning home or back to “the job”. This concept of Family is total. It of course begins with a man-woman relationship and grows outward, immediately following with children. In this screwed-up society, this will as often as not involve men and women of an age that has attained some maturity having gone through one or more “bum” relationships or marriages. It is a fortunate few in this jungle who will find the right mate first off the bat. We are searching and sifting, trying to build something out of the wreckage. We cannot expect to start off with perfection. We must instead have as our goal the constant struggle for perfection. The only true revolutionary is the realist and the only true realist is he who plays the ball as it lies.

Men and women of good race who are compatible are all that is necessary. The will to live and to survive is the bond. No idiotic notions of “fun”, “romance”, “tradition”, “security” or anything else can ever enter in. The realization that we CANNOT survive this alone, any of us, must govern all our thoughts and actions. The best security is the awareness and the preparedness for the tooth and nail struggle that is upon us plus the grim determination to SURVIVE at all costs. There’ll be plenty of fun and romance connected with the fight itself. Each day brings another victory; each hit– large or small– carried off against the System represents another vindication. This calls for men and women with their eyes open, cold and sober, yet full of life. These types are getting scarcer each generation.

It can mean living underground but it will more commonly mean living in a state of gradually moving further toward the underground. Holding off Big Brother where possible; ripping off Big Brother where possible. Dropping out of the slave market first; working toward dropping out of the System entirely. Discarding the dead and false values and morality of the rest of the slaves and doing only what you have to do in order to survive. It means raising a generation of children who are conscious of their Race and conscious of the evil that dominates the mainstream of life. It means giving these children true values and real purpose, the things they will NEED when the full-scale war takes place about the time they are reaching adulthood.

The best long-range goal this strategy can have is our successfully existing, not as atoms, but as effective UNITS, then tribes, communities and finally again as a NATION! This biological bond must live and build, it must SURVIVE while all forms of “System” and “Government” are diminished and blasted away.

[Vol. XIII, #3– March, 1984]


The Meaning of Hitler
People, even National Socialists, get the two dimensions of Hitler mixed up and, thereby, lose the actual concept of what he was in reality. There was the inspired philosopher and reformer, then there was the inspired politician and statesman. History has been full of the first type and equally full of the second type but NEVER TOGETHER IN THE SAME MAN. Aside from this, Hitler was entirely a man of his people– racially, psychically, culturally. He was gifted with extraordinary personal qualities. He was entirely fearless, selfless, absolutely dedicated to his people. What he accomplished amounts to the greatest miracle in history. Against every odd there was the philosophy, the Party, the Revolution, the Third Reich and even the War itself. No one man has ever accounted for so much on his own- all within twenty-five years!

As far as we today are concerned, those who are living to perpetuate and advance Hitler’s work, or at least live up to his example, need to understand what he meant historically. His Movement and his government represented the LAST TIME the workings of the old order would ever be harnessed and put to use FOR THE GOOD of the Whites of any respective nation. Hitler was the LAST CHANCE for the revival of Western Civilization. And so, in that sense, it is practically useless for us to attempt to emulate him today, for that phase is PAST. For those who are aware of this then, the choice is clear but it is not easy: either dream in the past or live in the present, at the same time while FIGHTING for the future.

[Vol. XII, #3– March, 1983]


Cowboys and Niggers
Years ago, while still a dues-paying novice at this, I used to get discouraged. But no more-because it came over me some time ago that the revolution we dream of, speak of, and write of has not faltered or failed, for the simple reason that it hasn’t gotten started yet. It’s going to start– it must start. I don’t care how badly the disease of liberal democracy has infected our people; human nature remains the same and it will rise to the surface and show itself sooner or later. For there to be smoke, there’s got to be fire someplace. And you’ve certainly got to crawl before you can walk, much less run. Evidently things are beginning to happen, and happen right, in this country. Whether we are to believe the System bureaucrats who say that a “deranged maniac” is on the loose, or whether we believe Jesse Jackson who swears that a small band of extreme radicals is at work, hardly matters. The fact remains that SOMEBODY is starting to do it RIGHT!!!

The past thirty days have been outstanding ones for news. What began as a hopeful trickle has turned into a positively electrifying flood! On September 26th the headlines began on this upbeat note: “Killer Stalks Buffalo Blacks”. That incident involved the shooting of four Blacks that left three dead within thirty-six hours in that city. Next item out of Buffalo was, “Vicious Murders Spark Massive Manhunt”. It was thus reported on October 10th that two more Blacks had not only been killed but had had their hearts cut out. From what we gather, the fourth shooting victim died and there was a strangulation attempt that was not successful against still another Black. Police in Buffalo claim four “composite drawings” of a suspect or suspects. District Attorney Edward Cosgrove made this very pregnant statement: “I can’t imagine a more serious, traumatic situation occurring in a U.S. community.” Well, brother, we sure as hell can.

On October 7th it was reported that a “prime suspect” in the shooting of Vernon Jordan had been identified as one Joseph Franklin. At the same time it came out that Franklin had been known to appear in Nazi uniform, giving the Hitler salute, this tidbit supplied by his ex-wife in Louisiana. But it seems as though Franklin is a real traveling man. Wanted for the killing of two Black “youths” in Salt Lake City, Utah, while police in Cincinnati, Ohio, want to question him (I’ll bet!) regarding the killing of two more Negro “youths” in that city, so far Franklin is credited with ten killings and is wanted in five states. Best of all is the fact that Franklin supposedly has been killing mixed couples… the rotten Whites right along with the Blacks. Bravo!!

Then finally there is the business in Atlanta, Georgia, of whomever it is that believes the proper target is the offspring rather than the adult. At last report, on October 11th, there were eight dead Black offspring in the Atlanta area over a period of fifteen months. These occurrences are the closest thing yet amounting to what is actually needed in this country.


Power to Break the System
We’re not going to discuss Atlanta for to do so would be foolish and dangerous at this point. But one thing no one seems to be catching– no one outside the NSLF– is that one or a very few persons have an entire area begging to the System for millions of dollars in additional funds to try and capture the mirth-makers. The foulest swine among the System’s stooges are staging “benefit concerts” to raise more money. Other metropolitan sink-holes across the country– openly fearing that they might be next– are urgently collecting funds for putting a stop to this unplanned, unmonitored, uncontrolled bit of “disorder”. What if there currently were six or a dozen “Atlantas”? The power to break the System does exist.

[Vol. X, # 4 – Apr., 1981]


Die Monster, Die!
Whether racially alien or spiritually alien, we have generally assumed that the agents and representatives of Big Brother were at least mortal. Maybe that assumption was too easy. We’ve witnessed it dramatically recently with the shooting of a System “President” and a System “Press Secretary”. We saw it earlier with a Black– Vernon Jordan– plus other instances on and off. Jordan was hit with a heavy caliber rifle, critically wounded, yet lived to recover and go on fulfilling the commands of his Master. It was safely afterward that the media admitted that the System “President” had a close call due to loss of blood. Yet he too lived. But the story that the bureaucratic “Press Secretary” had his brains blown out and yet is making a “miraculous recovery” took the cake!

Maybe you just don’t need brains to be a government bureaucrat.

Science fiction fans will well remember a film classic from the 1950’s entitled “The Thing From Outer Space”, starring James Arness in the title role. The “Thing” had a humanoid appearance but the constitution of a vegetable which meant it had no vital spots. The men under actor Kenneth Tobey’s film-command used everything from Very pistols to .45 machine guns to high explosives but could not kill the “Thing”. Point being that each brave man who tried these ineffectual weapons was sacrificed and lost. In the case of Hinckley ‘s bullets, a line from the screen play might read like this, “But sir, I fired ‘Devastators’ into the son-of-a bitch and he just kept coming!”

In the end they killed the “Thing” by rigging a high-voltage trap which vaporized the monster. In the setting of a military base with all sorts of equipment and technicians handy, such a method as electrocution can be possible. But not so in a desperate, hand-to-mouth struggle against the most horrible and inhuman of all monsters: Big Brother. Certainly body shots, even with high-powered rifles, are never too dependable. And I’ve been informed that, because of today’s advances in medicine, had he been shot today, Bobby Kennedy probably would have survived.

But not if he’d had his head blown OFF, I’ll wager.

[Vol. X #6, – June 1981]


A Man, The Man
It’s worth saying again and again that the failing of the Movement has not been one of name or symbolism but of strategy and tactics. A few of our own best people have correctly observed that should a great mind and personality exist with the potential of becoming another Hitler, he would positively want nothing to do with the Movement in its present state. He would be instantly repelled by the idiocy, the smallness, the futility and the negative connection with the dead past.

But such a mind would by nature be committed to a course of open action, just as Hitler was. He would waste no time in gathering followers and in making himself known to the world– and to every household– in his own original way. But how? And what would be the world’s reaction as well as the reaction of the individual? One way of knowing is to recall how the world reacted, and still reacts, to Hitler. The Jews are cunning and the individual is blind and stupid.

Someone of an extraordinary nature must be among us somewhere in one guise or another. Not one more faker either, but truly a personality of extraordinary proportions. When one takes into account that Hitler was joined by many great men then there is room to accept that more than one might– must– exist today. The times are still early, historically.

[Vol. X, #9– Sept., 1981]


The Course
I want to speak more clearly than I have before in previous segments of SIEGE on this topic. There are but two separate choices as regards strategies and courses of action for any who consider themselves members of the Movement: TOTAL ATTACK or TOTAL DROP-OUT. These are the opposite ends of the revolutionary spectrum. While the former is the more blazing and heroic, it is the latter, by far, that I favor and would urge all comrades to adopt. I favor the latter as the only sane and realistic choice.

Charles Manson was and is the master of this philosophy. We’re talking about survival versus suicide. Manson would tell us that suicide is the lot of the System. Let ours be survival. Never forget that violent revolution may come as a result of a policy of total drop-out, if it is carried out effectively. But should violent revolution come and find us not already highly adept drop-outs, then it will spell our own deaths as well.

Next, if you cannot make a revolution in your own mind, in your daily life and habits, then you certainly cannot do it in any other way. This is why Manson scoffs at the so-called Movement “bad asses” arid why they, in turn, scorn him (because he “undresses” them with his eyes).

There’s no use talking about it unless you have done it.


I advocate more of what I have done and am still doing. AND TAKING NO STUPID RISKS TO JEOPARDIZE IT.

It seems too many want what no one has done, can or should do. And to think you can change the System within the System is BULLSHIT!

There are probably a lot more things I’d be ready to do without the bat of an eye than the average Movement member. Some people are born without arms or legs, etc.. I was born without any COMPUNCTIONS. If it f eels good, DO IT! If it gets you where you want to go, USE IT! And by the same token, if it’s counter-productive, DROP IT!

You must drop out of and away from the System. Mentally, spiritually, physically, economically. Since I do not advocate becoming hermits living in caves, but do strongly advocate living WELL, then it amounts to a matter of short-circuiting your relationship with the System: a highly disproportionate amount of it coming YOUR way; only very grudgingly give anything to the System except in the cases of outright, naked and inescapable blood money (certain kinds of taxes, etc.) and only then in the silent and satisfying knowledge that you’ll be retaking that plus some more over the near future. One step backward and two steps forward. Remember, in all of your unavoidable “intercourses” with the System, make sure that you are the “er” and not the “ee”.

There are many things I won’t be delving into as regards the revolutionary’s relationship with the System. But one of the most important would however be to NEVER take anything seriously at all other than that which threatens to directly, materially, affect YOU! And that cuts out so very much and clears away so much time, thought and resources with which to be ready to keep the wolves away from the door. Their phony garbage: elections, world affairs, economy, education, crime– the lot of it. Pull away from it all and LET IT GO TO HELL!

Start now getting ready to survive the demise of the System. You may actually be CONTRIBUTING to that demise! Begin breaking away gradually but on a steady program. CALL NO ATTENTION TO YOURSELF! Say nothing. Just act.

[Vol. XV, #6– June, 1986]

(This was the final issue of SIEGE)


Staying One Up
The philosophy behind this would indeed make the kind of epitaph each of us should want to have inscribed over our graves: “He died one up on the System”.

Even the worst flunkies and pretenders in the Movement sometimes have their moments as well. It happened to be one of them that first crystallized the concept of getting and keeping “one up” at all times against the System so that, if you’re ever successfully “taken out” by the System, you may be able to go out not with a sense of loss or defeat but instead with a very real sense of “Und ihr habt doch gesiegt”– of having yet been victorious in spite.

This has always, since the end of the War, been a struggle for the self– an inner struggle primarily. “First myself and THEN the world!” It is just that only now are we becoming more aware of it. When your moment comes, if you have been successful and done your utmost, probably it will be best known only by just you. Inner satisfaction as opposed to fanfare. If it were otherwise, your score undoubtedly would have been cut short a lot sooner. You’ll be able to go out like a man. “Prima donna” types will always go out kicking and squealing, protesting their “innocence” and their “rights” to a System that cares only to be able to get its meat hooks on an opponent who has provided it with the chance to do so through a careless mistake.

The System is so vast, so complex, so inhuman, that sporadic, isolated assaults against it do less harm to it actually than a far-flung community of committed revolutionists living and functioning as an entity unto themselves. The real attack is a fully aware individual in this day and age who LIVES his deepest convictions, actually puts them to work! What an attack! In the face of what could be a dictionary definition of hopelessness, individuals grimly and quietly working against it, for themselves, despite all. To “drop out” of it and go on managing for yourself and for its destruction, QUIETLY, year after year, decade after decade, SUCCESSFULLY, UNMOLESTED… what a victory! And then to have gotten in your real jabs, to have drawn real blood besides.., no one can ask more than that under these circumstances.

Aside from being ready for death at any time, such a life’s conduct will allow one to be able to accept and cheerfully write off any tactical losses or set-backs that will inevitably arise in due course.

To play against impossible odds and to keep accounts in your favor is the victory.

[Vol. XIV, #10– Oct., 1985]


Where History Stopped
It never hurts to possess a comprehensive understanding of history and the development of Aryan culture, not to mention that of our enemies. This however requires much time and study, that is, assuming that one can even get hold of the required literature for such study. For purposes of revolutionary understanding as well as revolutionary recruiting, all that needs to be comprehended well are the occurrences of the past century. It’s all contained there within the span of a few short generations: the fall of the White Race from the very heights of power and culture to the bottom depths of servitude and degradation. And then, of course, there is the Greatest Story Ever Told which still lies within the memories of half the people yet alive today. That is the saga of Adolf Hitler, the birth and rise of the NSDAP and the Third Reich in Germany . There compressed within an incredibly short time-frame, twenty five years, is the total revelation of an entire age of man. Truly where history– as it had been known since the end of Classical Civilization– came to its end.

To go even further, a person who is truly aware really needs to look no further than what he finds around him here, in the present day. That may be asking a bit too much as practically all living vestiges of a great past have been erased. Still I hold that a person who is strong and natural within will know by the filth and disease all about him that things are not right and will be able to arrive at his own conclusions (also based on who is running the show, and who it is they most curse). Charles Manson, to be sure, has never cracked open one of the Right Wing books about the Illuminati, etc., and his grasp of things is total (and how the Establishment curses him!). Indeed, as he himself points out, books can be dangerous as they have the power to suck one into them and the era and place they are representing. How true this has been of the entire Right Wing– if they haven’t been living in 1933, they’ve been living in 1865.

I’ve seen too many who flaunt their prowess at talking Right Wing trivia and laying claim to this intellectual trick as some kind of grounds for leadership. Some of it might be of interest for a genuine student of history– as I am– who doesn’t mind lectures, but it is counter-productive in the extreme where revolutionary personalities and temperaments are involved, that is, among the more directly action-minded. They want to hear present-day reality put into simple terms of explanation– they want to hear flaming, living rhetoric to forge together a hardcore Movement, and most of all to hear about the future, not the past.

Just as not everyone was ever intended (at least not by Nature) to fall into the System’s universal, compulsory liberal education, not everyone who might possibly gravitate into the Movement is intended to be aware of everything that has happened throughout history from antediluvian times to the present. For all but the most tiny few, such knowledge is useless baggage. The fact is that most couldn’t care less. To try to push it on them is to alienate and lose them. Give them instead what will most set them on fire: the way to deal with the present rather than be victimized by it and, most of all, the way to conquer the future!

[Vol. XIII, #6 – June, 1984]


James Mason Continued- Charles Manson and more!

Manson’s Way
Manson cannot comprehend why otherwise intelligent adults would want to try and pretend that this is Germany in 1933 or the U.S. South in 1876 or indulge in any other fantasy to the expense of the stated struggle which is at hand. Having been through this Movement, I can comprehend it– though I’m not proud of it and have found that, in trying to explain it to Manson, the whole sorry thing sticks in my throat. The reason Manson can’t understand it is that he goes on the assumption that any who are in possession of so large a chunk of the Truth, as is the racialist Right, would proceed as he himself proceeds: in total honesty. Those who have seen the light know that the operators within the Movement are a notoriously DISHONEST bunch of fakers and rip-offs and do the Truth the grossest disservice by their very presence.

That’s why people can’t– at first– countenance Manson: he does not deal in images or gimmicks, only reality, the way it is. Most people simply cannot STAND this. They haven’t got the brain capacity or the guts for it. When they look at Manson, they see themselves and they– unless they are right inside– HATE IT. So, for lack of better understanding of it, they direct this hatred towards Manson. Is it any wonder then why we get so many of these reactions from within the Right, having been the haven that it has for all the many cowards and defectives? But the Right can no longer deliver the cheap, vicarious thrills it used to and the curiosity-seekers are thinning out along the carnival midway. REALITY has arrived and business for fakers is bad. If one were to attach a human name to stand for reality, that name would be Manson.

It is Planet Earth, here and now. A Leader who is alive is called for. There has to be guidance, authority, unity that can only be provided by the kind of personality that can fulfill the demands of Hitler’s Leadership Principle. Many will be called but few will answer; fewer still will be chosen. This however is not cultism but the reality of the situation. As revolutionary National Socialists, we denounced and abandoned the so-called “mass idea” as worthless. But even a winning minority is going to have to number in the hundreds of thousands and, therefore, the task is every bit as awesome as it ever was. The difference now must be that we correctly assess the situation, accurately perceive what measures are called for and then set our plans accordingly. Only a master of the sense of REALITY can focus through the shroud of Jewish-created illusion, determine the proper course and define the right action.


A New Phase, A New Course
One long-time veteran of this Movement commented to me about two years ago when I sprang on him my new “discovery”, “Jim, I’ll just consider that this is your latest fantasy and that it’ll be gone in a couple of months.” I responded that if indeed this were a “fantasy”, it was only my second one in fourteen years– the first having been everything ever represented by Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell.

Quite apart from being a fantasy, I was not long in finding out that I was not first in my unorthodox and thus far self-kept findings. Since then others have come to the same conclusions and conviction. Finally, today, it has reached the point where it has broken the surface on its own and people are going to have to start taking a stand on the issue.

Who recognizes history being made? Who would have guessed that a wellestablished National Socialist Movement in Europe would have latched onto, or been latched onto by an ex-vagabond from Austria named Hitler? Who in 1919 would have foreseen the social, political, economic and military MIRACLES that were to mark the next twenty-five-year period? Greater than that, who could have imagined to what extent the name and accomplishments of Hitler would be DISTORTED and MISREPRESENTED by a media totally in Jewish hands? We are at least supposed to be enlightened to where we CAN see these things. But are we?

Hindsight alone is more dangerous than it is useless. Are we to say it can’t happen again in a totally unpredictable way? Do any among us still seriously think we can do it alone, using the past and current methods, without some new, difference-making input? I quote from Hitler: “I know that some man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear.. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other one still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.” That was a statement made by Hitler in 1928. In 1924, in Mein Kampf, as all National Socialists must be aware, Hitler also said this: “THE MAN THEY HAVE MOST REVILED STANDS CLOSEST TO US, AND THE MAN THEY HATE WORST IS OUR BEST FRIEND.”


Universal Order Versus
The Left-Right Spectrum
Even as Commander Rockwell was saying twenty years ago, classic notions of “Left” and “Right” were becoming then, and certainly are by now, obsolete and meaningless. To place this into perspective, by referring to “Left” and “Right”, one only expands the context of– while remaining on the same plane as– those extremely foolish ones who still think in terms of party politics, Democrat vs. Republican, Liberal vs. Conservative. The point being that these terms are all equally SYSTEM TERMS, because in reality, at the core of their set programs, they each support the System and are a part of it.

What has been missing up till now has been a clean dividing line, an actual breaking point where all pretenses of working within the System, by its rules, were dropped once and for all. In short, a complete break with time past.

As has been said earlier in SIEGE, those who control the System, by having ultimately succeeded in effecting TOTAL CONTROL over every official, recognized aspect of society, business, government, media, etc., have LOST CONTROL over the course of events through having done away with competent, legitimate opposition that could conceivably step in and take over in an orderly manner (as Hitler’s NSDAP did in 1933). An incredibly dangerous, explosive situation this is, for it’s becoming clearer each day that those in “control” and their minions are losing the ability to hold the pieces together, yet there is no relief, there are no answers forthcoming from any “reputable” direction. This, of course, spells TOTAL COLLAPSE, TOTAL ANARCHY, TOTAL DESTRUCTION. And it shall mean that any babbling about Conservative “a little less of this” or Liberal “a little more of that” will one day be rewarded with a bullet.

When the mess collapses the obvious will become clear: there is only one correct way of handling elemental human problems– not by further compromise– but through Universal Order. Rather than viewing the world and its affairs from an artificially created vantage point of any outmoded political philosophy, it will be a matter of dealing directly with reality from any point were one finds oneself at that moment. Universal Order means reality applied to NOW.

[Vol. XI, #12– Dec., 1982]


Helter Skelter
Manson says simply that when the television goes off, the people will go insane. The spell will be broken and what shall Reality consist of other than Hell having made itself manifest on earth? That’s when the thought and preparation undertaken today will pay off for those who did more than TALK about the deplorability of it all. And Charles Manson will share no blame for any of it. I would add that the people will go insane trying to place culpability. In all likelihood, they’ll kill themselves off in a mad frenzy. I’ve said before that I want to be around for the finale, but not in the midst of that scenario. I’d prefer surveying the scene of the carnage after it has died down. The bright spot to all this is that, once the forces of the System have been swept away, then Universal Order will be established naturally. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be on it’s side.

[Vol. XII, #2– Feb., 1983]


The Meaning of Manson
He is a product of the American heartland and was subject to the worst conditions that prevailed. But racially, psychically, and culturally he is perhaps the MOST American. Personally gifted, selfless, fearless– both morally and physically– and absolutely dedicated to Life, to Earth and to Truth. What he did– in spite of a life full of the worst adversity– rather than drown in a sea of bitterness as most would have done, he established a racial-socialist colony in Death Valley, in California, in the midst of the push-shove of the 1960’s, which was neither hippie nor Right Wing.

As far as those of us today who remain active in the struggle against Death, in favor of Life, Manson’s meaning is of the highest importance. His ideas can be readily accepted by racially sound, intelligent, honest Leftists as they can be by Rightists. Without Manson’s input, neither side will unravel the problem nor find an answer in time. His is to date the most supreme example of defiance, action and survival.

Little more can be added here except that the verse from Mein Kampf in which Hitler cautioned against turning one’s back to the immortal hands which occasionally are outstretched to us in times of great stress, has its most potent meaning at this time– “…woe to the people that is ashamed to grasp them.”

[Vol. XII, #3– March, 1983]


The Attack On Manson
Last month’s issue of SIEGE had gone to press at about the same time the news of the prison attack against Charles Manson reached us here. Personally, I hadn’t experienced such a shock since I received the word of the assassination of Commander Rockwell. Neither had the implications for the Movement been as great as that day in 1967. It was probably better that things worked out as they did, time-wise, as there was little or nothing more that could have been added in these pages to the news reports which, I’m certain, everyone saw at that time. I dislike trying to comment in an intelligent way on a grave topic about which few facts have come in.

Speculations now aside, Manson’s injuries are not severe and will produce nothing of a lasting nature. One friend reported that, “It was all over with inside of four minutes.” Those with any combat experience, or experience at being wounded, will be aware that four minutes can be an eternity. But there are at least as many friends of Manson inside as there are enemies and this plus their fast action made the difference. We thank these from the bottom of our heart.

I never recalled any questions or worries during the Sixties about what would happen should someone kill the Commander or even whether anyone might seriously try. He was eminently well qualified to take care of himself and, as he would say, his very audacity helped keep him alive. But with Manson it has been different. We have worried– deeply– about the very real risk of just such an attack. If the world outside is a jungle then the world of prison is an insane asylum. It turns out that it was a “nut” that finally got to Manson after all these years but it certainly didn’t have to be. Among dangerous punks of all types– inmates and guards alike it is known and accepted that a hit against Charles Manson would place one at the top of the pecking order. And it’s an odd coincidence that both Rockwell and Manson were forty-nine years of age at the time of their most deadly personal attacks.

People are dying and getting killed all the time. It’ll happen to each one of us sooner or later. In prison, those with “names” have been targeted traditionally since these institutions first existed. Though maybe prison, with all its risks, is and has been Manson’s world, we still view his life as something of extreme value, something to be preserved at all cost. We have been lucky this time. I’m a believer in luck. Maybe nothing like this will happen again, or at least not for a very long time. It was as though, with the elevation of years with no significant attack, the probability of one happening was becoming critical. Now, in more ways than one, the pressure is off, for awhile.

The press, as always, treated Manson as hot property, not as an individual. That he had been seriously attacked was sensational. That he’s going to be all-right is not. And it is this view– that of the Jewish press– that the majority of those in the Movement seem content to be left with concerning Manson. Not too surprising really when you match this view and this attitude with the state the Movement finds itself in.

Though I expressed the sincere feeling that I do not identify with these times, I do take pride in the fact that and the realization that I am not, in spite, stricken by contemporary blindness. Jesus of Nazareth in robes and sandals in 1934 would be a sensation. But in the year 30 A.D., he was just another guy, a shit-disturber whom they allowed to be strung up in the manner of the most common criminals. Adolf Hitler with his flashy uniform, his para-military party and his histrionic oratory today seems most out of place. In 1933, he was little different than a dozen other European dictators. They say familiarity breeds contempt while the dreamer in all of us longs for the exotic. Maybe that’s why the Christs among us in the present are so often overlooked or scorned. The Movement with its weird way of looking at things can’t see in Manson anything more than what the Jewish press puts in its deliberately distorted, sensationalized coverages.

What did it in the end for Jesus, Hitler and Manson is found in what they SAID and in what they DID… and not in whatever way they might have tried to attract the attention of any potential fan club.

If Manson is still with us in the living, you can thank a couple of nameless prison inmates. What do you now do about that which you nearly left until it was too late?

[Vol. XIII, #11– Nov., 1984]


Charles Manson
To Charles Manson it is necessary to devote his own segment. He is unique from the rest not because of any comparative degree of greatness, not on account of any variation from a certain, accepted norm but only because he is the only one which is still alive. And alive in this age generally means to be grossly misunderstood.

I have no way of knowing how many of you managed to watch the interview with Manson done by CBS on its “Nightwatch” program during March of this year. It is difficult for me to comment on what was said even though I videotaped the entire, sixty-minute show. For one, it was anything else but an interview. The “host” kept on interrupting, baiting and throwing barbs all throughout, not to mention tossing in his own little “interpolations” at every commercial break. Manson did his best to hold a tight line of thought despite all interference and provocation. What came across to me– and I have known Manson for about six years– was impressive. The heaviest concepts I have heard to date. Things so huge and all-encompassing that they were and are hard to grasp. I realize that the bulk of the Movement is in agreement with the System in that “Manson is insane”. I have heard all that elsewhere before, applied to different personalities. It says nothing about Manson. It tells a lot about those who say it.

Without difficulty, I can well imagine and appreciate how Manson must strike the average mind. Incomprehensible. However, I always felt that the minds in the Movement– or at least some of the better ones– would and should be more perceptive and receptive. I have only been partially right. While 98% of what Manson says flies right over the heads of most, only about 30% leaves me behind in the dust. Tome– a realist and an objectivist– that doesn’t mean Manson is screwy. To me it means that here is one source from which I can still draw understanding and knowledge– from which I can still LEARN. For these past five or six years, I have had a sure feeling that when I could approach Manson’s grasp and understanding, I’d have achieved something truly great. I’ve been gaining at it slowly but steadily and remain more convinced of it than ever before.

Contrast this with the information to be found in the Movement. First, how much of it is direct reprint, often dating back ten years and beyond? What does the most advanced of it consist of? Flowery curses upon the System and admonishments to get away and form our own colonies. What’s missing is the state of mind, the weltanschauung, the ideology upon which to live, think, to base and to view and everything. I’ve come to know enough of it to realize that full comprehension of the rest would amount to the ultimate weapon, offensive and defensive, in our poor, disinherited hands.

Manson is unique from the rest because he still lives. He is identical with the rest because he too was undone and betrayed by his own disciples. And for any who have the courage to see arid know that, with 1945, the world and everything in it was turned upside-down, it only follows logically that you look for the greatest of leaders, not at the top where they used to be found, but at the STONE BOTTOM the way this crazy, evil mess demands it must be! But bottom or no, not even the walls of San Quentin can confine his world-significant impact. (And I just wish all of you could have caught a glimpse of the half-dozen-strong escort of “Mr.T’s” he had from the block to the room where the interview was conducted.)

Everything else had become to me just like a broken record. I was more than just a little amazed and disgusted when some of the “better” people in the Movement would ask me in the beginning, “Is he a member of the party?” or “Does he plan to become a party member?” The problems always arise when small or average minds try to measure something great using their own inadequate standards. Such as if Jesus were to appear on the street and some asshole inquire, “Are you a member of our Church?” And, in any case, he’d be in violation of the hair and dress code, with no visible means of support, etc.

To the Right Wing aficionados, I would remind you that our Enemy, in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, has long ago promised to invariably attach the status of “common criminal” to their own worst enemies so that their true nature would be effectively concealed from the eyes of the people. Even at that, they have found it altogether impossible to continue seriously pretending that Manson is no more than a common criminal.

I have done what I could to inject– subtlely and overtly– as many of Manson’s ideas into Movement thought as possible. I have had limited success. But having accomplished this much, I can only hope that the seeds have been planted and the torch passed…

[Vol. XV, #5– May, 1986]

(This was the last commentary on the above subjects appearing in the original SIEGE.)


Revolutionary Man
I spoke much earlier in SIEGE about Mass Man and Representational Man- the low and high levels of the broad human spectrum. But Savitri Devi, in her work entitled, The Lightning and the Sun, describes for us an even higher type of man:

“They live and wait. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are waiting for Kalki; Kalki the last Man Against Time; the one whom Adolf Hitler foresaw in 1928; the Avenger who will give them– or their children– the world.

“The last incarnation of him-who-comes-back– the last Man Against Time has many names. Every great faith, every great culture, every true (living or obsolete) form of tradition as old as the fall of man has given him one…. the Christians behold him in Christ, present for the second time: no longer a meek preacher of love and forgiveness but the irresistible leader of the celestial white horsemen destined to put an end to this sinful world and establish a new heaven and a new earth. The Mohammedan world is awaiting him under the features of Mahdi, whom Allah shall send “at the end times”, to crush all evil through the powers of his sword– “after the Jews will once more have become the masters of Jerusalem” and after “the Devil will have taught men to set even the air they breathe on fire.” And the millions of Hindustan have called him from time immemorial and still call him Kalki, the last incarnation of the world-sustaining power: Vishnu; the one who will, in the interest of life, put an end to this age of gloom and open a new succession of ages.

“That last, great individual– an absolute harmonious blending of the sharpest of all opposites; equally sun and lightning– is the one whom the faithful of all religions and the bearers of practically all cultures await; the one of whom Adolf Hitler (knowingly or unknowingly) said in 1928: “I am not he; but while nobody comes forward to prepare the way for him, I do so.”

“Contrarily to Adolf Hitler, he will spare not a single one of the enemies of the divine cause: not a single one of its outspoken opponents but also not a single one of the lukewarm, of the opportunists, of the ideological heretical, of the racially bastardized, of the unhealthy, of the hesitating, of the all-too-human; not a single one of those who, in body or character or mind, bear the stamp of the fallen ages.

“His companions at arms will be the last National Socialists; the men of iron who will have victoriously stood the test of persecution and, what is more, the test of complete isolation in the midst of a dreary, indifferent world in which they have no place; who are facing that world and defying it through every gesture, every hint– every silence of theirs and, more and more (in the case of the younger ones) without even the personal memory of Adolf Hitler’s great days to sustain them. They are the ones who will, one day, make good for all that Men Against Time have suffered in the course of history, like they themselves, for the sake of eternal truth: the avenging comrades whom the millions of 1945– the dying, the tortured, and the desperate survivors– called in vain; those whom all the vanquished fighters against time called in vain, in every phase of the great cosmic struggle without beginning, against the forces of disintegration, co-eternal with the forces of life.

“They are time bridge to supermanhood, of winch Nietzsche has spoken; the last battalion, in which Hitler has put his confidence.

“Kalki will lead them, through the flames of the great end, into the sunshine of the new Golden Age.

“We like to hope that the memory of the one-before-the-last and most heroic of all our Men Against Time– Adolf Hitler– will survive, at least in songs and symbols. We like to hope that the lords of the age, men of his own blood and faith, will render him divine honors, through riles full of meaning and full of potency, in the cool shade of the endless regrown forests, on the beaches, or upon the inviolate mountain peaks, facing the rising sun.”

Any of the two-bit, tin-horn “Fuhrers” who think they can follow that act, take three steps forward!


James Mason continued- On Helter Skelter and more…

Something That Will Work
This would almost call for a “mass” movement but here again we must carefully watch our definitions and understanding. By “masses” we need at most only a few hundred thousand more-or-less hardcore people committed to revolution and, to get and keep this discussion down-to-earth, we have been on the verge of going after these few hundred thousand twice before in the history of the Movement in the United States. Not only in theory but in actuality as newspaper headlines and membership rosters showed. First in 1966 and again in 1973. As strange as it may sound, the opportunities of 1966 were lost well before Commander Rockwell was assassinated. And certainly there was no such single incident in 1973 [comparable to assassination of the leader] that could be easily blamed for the downward trend that next set in. In both instances the revolutionary political groundwork had not been tended to in advance of the laborious and painstaking street work which was eventually- and all too fleetingly- crowned with the reward of some significant numerical clout.

I’m sure also that had the pitfalls of having no solid chain-of-command reinforced and ready for the sudden challenge of hard success somehow been accidentally avoided, then still the moment would have been lost due to a lack of greater direction- a revolutionary plan- when suddenly called for. And such a thing can rarely be supplied by accident. Getting into the rut of rolling with the blows is dangerous because it gets habit-forming and it numbs the senses and imagination. We have to know exactly what we’d do with a real political machine if we had one right now, for if we were handed one- or the means of getting one and did not know precisely what to do with it, we’d quickly blow it.

In 1966 Commander Rockwell was unable to EXPLOIT the God-given opportunity that presented itself in Chicago that summer and fall. He always considered and referred to himself as being the spearhead of the Right Wing and when the historic moment arrived during the time of the Black riots in major cities, when Commander Rockwell was doing his best spearheading activities, he was LET DOWN AND BETRAYED by his own side. They failed to act in support even when, as the Commander himself pointed out, they stood to gain more from his efforts than he did because in the main, those people recruited by an intensive, unified Right Wing drive would naturally gravitate toward the “softer”, “easier” names and approaches like the NSRP [National States’ Rights Party] and various Mans. The Commander said all along that he only wanted and would only get what any true spearhead outfit must have: FIGHTING MEN! The apex moment of the 1960’s was thus lost.

In 1973, through constant activity nationwide and through some admirable policies of professionalism, the Movement stood ready to break into what Commander Rockwell would have called “Phase Three”, or the phase of mass action. We then had more leaders than had been on the scene in 1966. Rather than wait for a moment to come, we made our own. Not only that but we also chose the place: Cleveland. Over one hundred uniformed, helmeted Troopers marched down the middle of Euclid Avenue that Labor Day and formed-up in a public square for a rally. And though the opposition was there- from the System and from the Reds- we were too strong. Had that sort of show of strength and discipline been maintained and repeated in various other cities it most likely would have, first, broken the “spell” of thousands who were hovering on the brink of committing openly and, second, prompted panic reactions on the part of every aspect of our racial Enemy thus providing obvious and inescapable openings for further and greater EXPLOITATION.

What set in next, both in 1966 and 1973, is what we must now learn to recognize and make our new effort far less vulnerable- if not altogether immune- to. There seemed to be no absolute commitment to REVOLUTION. No one seemed to know what the goal really was. The prevailing leadership at both times used the term “White Revolution” copiously in their propaganda but they thought only in terms of a revolutionary ideal or of a revolutionary social change far down the road somewhere. They did not fully subscribe to TOTAL REVOLUTION NOW! And not only the men at the very top. The one-man show has proved it can’t get to first base. To be legitimate, a revolutionary political movement must have at least about a dozen or more leading, prominent figures. No one among the cadres being built at those times (with the single outstanding exception of Joseph Tommasi) was thinking purely revolutionary. Everyone had their own ideas, and were bent on doing their own trip. When the “fun” stopped, when the “thrill” wore off, when the self-gratification halted, they split. Also because they had their own conceptions, most of the rules of good common sense got walked all over- primarily during and after 1973- resulting in petty bureaucracy followed closely by alienation and the effective destruction of the one party.

Had everyone concerned been completely committed to REVOLUTION OVER THE SYSTEM then it would have been a much easier task to sublimate the personal feelings and weaknesses which destroyed their efforts ultimately. The most incompatible of personalities can work together effectively for revolution but hardly for a damned thing else. The most limited and klutzy individual can understand the common sacred drive to SMASH THE SYSTEM. Everyone can find his or her proper place in the WAR AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT. The Communists have proven this in a dozen historic cases, all of them recent. Once we get our fallible and undependable selves sublimated to REVOLUTION then the rest should come easy when compared to the endless, nowhere drag of past years. Once accomplished, then all the “right” and the high ideals will have some meaning and can be put to some use. Instead of the current hindrance, they will have become the “end” that justifies whatever “means” may be necessary.

[Vol. XI #1 – Jan., 1982]


Strike Hard, Strike Deep
I am compelled at this time to add my voice to those few who have demanded that such things as “Phase One” type activities must STOP.

Simply such nonsense as trying to “make headlines”, “confront the enemy”, or “rally the White masses” won’t work, never has worked, and almost always results in merely revealing our weaknesses and making us look like idiots. The very strategy itself calls for numbers which we do not have at this time. My view is that just because the Jews and Liberals have succeeded in making goyim out of the vast majority of Whites, we need not sacrifice ourselves in the vain attempt at proving them wrong. We have GOT to trashcan 1933 strategy and tactics. They won’t work.

For a decent street demonstration you must have anywhere from fifty to one hundred uniformed and disciplined troopers. We have managed fifty on several occasions and one hundred on only one occasion. For the rest it is pitiful and ineffectual. Futile, counter-productive, and I might add costly and dangerous. As much as I hate to see a good comrade wounded in such useless actions, I hate worse to see the sacrifice of millions of lives in World War Two that went into building the terrific reputation that we have enjoyed, and are now wasting, as these “Laurel and Hardy” stunts gradually destroy our image.

We don’t have to set ourselves up for big let-downs; the Enemy does that for us.

I will admit right here that it does require GUTS to stage these demonstrations. The tragedy that we can no longer tolerate is that those guts are wasted in this manner. Doing it the way it’s been done in the past gives the Enemy full advantage of his power and places us at the mercy of our own weakness. It’s GOT TO STOP NOW!

First, never ever announce your plans in any manner whatsoever. Second, forget about the use of uniforms unless, and until, you have a standing army of your own numbering fifty as a flat minimum. (From experience, I know that with fifty National Socialists, one can do anything, anywhere, anytime.) Better still, as Tommasi said, FORGET such activities as might be used in a campaign to gain political power. Rather, go instead to activities designed and intended to HURT THE ENEMY. And for these activities, in my own opinion, two participants are one too many. Also in my humble opinion it is a ridiculous risk and waste to mess with the material body of the Enemy, as he has all our tax money to mend himself, just as a lizard will grow a new limb. The PHYSICAL BODY of the Enemy however is so utterly flabby that he positively CAN’T STAND very much of an intensified assault of this kind.

In short it would seem to me that any intelligence at all would lead comrades to know to stop hitting the Enemy where he laughs and start hitting him where he SCREAMS!

Strike hard and strike deep to build the climate for revolution where even the most craven of White cowards will be COMPELLED to join in or else die! But, for God’s sake, stop wasting yourselves and your efforts and making the rest of us look like damned idiots!


Helter Skelter Is Coming Down
But while membership and support for the traditional Movement has just about died, look what has been born in just the past year or so! To call it the “Movement” or to call it the “Right” would be a bad misnomer. From the forces favoring Life itself there has begun an assault, not just in the United States but in Europe as well. Not more parliamentary garbage which plays by Master’s rules but armed assault! A few of the more aspiring attempts were frustrated but, as we have said, only because they were first, infant steps. Others will follow and will succeed. Those which have been the most uniformly successful have been the one-on-one, gut, animal-level encounters. Encounters one might well, only a few years ago, have ascribed as peculiar to the jungle.

The System’s “Justice Department” announced that it has fourteen major U.S. metropolitan areas under surveillance by what is referred to as a “Community Relations Service”. It means that one, at least, of the milestones we set for the scenario immediately preceding a revolution has arrived: when the System can no longer pay billions in tribute to the millions of savages in its cities, then we might look for some action. The means by which the System hopes to prevent this from happening lies in their trying to “re-direct” violence or, in other words, de-fuse the bomb. The main weapon they have to do this with is the infiltration of both sides of the radical sphere, Black and White, and using the infiltrators to screw things up. Is this not what we have been reading about so often lately? But problem upon problem will compound for the Big Brother System and the time will soon come when, first, he has trouble paying enough pimps to keep the revolutionary movement from climbing to its feet and, second, the time is going to come when few individuals will want to take that kind of chance- for any money- once infiltrators start being killed as soon as they are uncovered. The elements, already in motion and proceeding at the same pace along routes destined to converge at some future date, will come together suddenly.

This year it was reported in the System’s media that 1980 saw no fewer than nine major riots in large U.S. cities. But during 1980 I recall only one riot- Miami reported as such by the media. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly how far along things actually are at any given moment because of the controlled media. Big Brother will never allow Dan Rather to report that he is hanging on the ropes by his eyelids. Look at the situation in Britain . When that occurs on a comparative scale here it will mean the END OF THE SYSTEM! Media reports indicated only weeks ago that a dam was blown in New Jersey (already in critical shape for usable water) and resulted in the System’s puppet-in-charge declaring a state of emergency. The balance the System maintains today is incredibly delicate and highly vulnerable to attack by just individuals. It isn’t a case of kill or be killed, instead it is a matter of killing in preference to allowing Death to win by default.

I believe that through past experience, by weighing in cause and effect, and by taking these incidents that have occurred over approximately the past year, we can estimate closely the time-table for the destruction of the System. The weakening of society, the increase in the number of those fighting for their life who step outside Master’s rules, what the Blacks can be expected to do, almost universal apathy all the way to hostility toward the System among the masses, etc., will increase until the current balance becomes absolutely untenable. That’s when all bets will be canceled, the gloves will come off, and Helter Skelter will commence.

Those already dead in the Jew’s money, and especially those now exercising power through the Jew’s money, will fall like flies when, first, the System can no longer maintain artificially- as it now does- the hellish, unnatural life-support of the megalopoli which contain the bulk of the genetic morass and the clonish, zombie-like lost “Whites”, and, second, with the money-weapon having evaporated into thin air from their hands, the sold-out politicians and pigs become fair game for a population bent on bloodglut.

Those who own the show today will go to their reward wondering why and how this could happen to them, how the tables could have turned so fast. The beginning is HERE and few recognize it. The end will be even more unexpected.

[Vol. X, # 8 – Aug., 1981]


Dog and Cat Heaven
Not only does Man fear death so much that he elevates himself up and out of the animal realm, but it appears to be a human trait and urge to imbue everything from house pets to stuffed dolls with identities and “souls”. Could “Heaven” be complete minus the family dog or cat? I agree that an animal can be every bit as much a family member as a human being but at the same time it must be seen that we share the same mortality.

By the time of the Nineteenth Century there were armies of screw-loose “Soul jockeys” swarming into those areas of Asia and Africa which were colonized or conquered by the West. These missionaries were doing their best to score points in the afterlife by making human beings out of jungle savages through laying a little religion on them, sprinkling a little water on them and repeating a few cobbie-gobbies over them. The ridiculous notion of super-repressed, super-uptight Christian missionaries trying to teach the lowest savages how to copulate properly gave rise to the well-known “Missionary Position”. More than one of these lame-brains ended up in a stew pot. No loss there.

The worst of this was seen at the time of the U.S. Civil War. Tokens were circulating at the time depicting Blacks on their knees in chains under slogans like, “Am I Not a Man and a Brother?” The object was to make you look immoral if you retorted, “Hell, no!” Mad-dog Christian fanatics were busy setting the stage for the worst bloodbath this country has yet experienced. (WWI and WWII inclusive, the Civil War claimed more White American lives than any other.) From Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” to John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, the issue was a religious one on the part of all the forces driving toward war and not one of property, politics or even the Constitution. Plain, old-fashioned religiously fanatical equalitarians were responsible. The legend, “In God We Trust”, first made its appearance on U.S. coinage at the time of the Civil War.

This opened the way for the first marriages between Blacks (who previously had paired off and mated like any other animal), and marriages between Blacks and Whites (because, after all, if two people “love” each other and are good Christians then what the hell?). The purest, most healthy and beautiful White child would be condemned as a “bastard” by these same mad-dog Christians while a real racial bastard product of mixed parentage would be blessed by them, depending solely on whether or not they had their marriage vows solemnized in the prescribed Christian manner. Today it is still found that some ministers will refuse to marry two people if it is found that both have been divorced. But a racially mixed pair neither previously married– will be immediately joined in “holy matrimony”.

This is as bad if not worse than the criminal tampering and twisting that’s done with the U.S. Constitution, making anything and everything that so happens to have been whelped on this piece of real estate an automatic “citizen”- therefore “equal” to all the rest and wide open to all the “civil rights” invented or created in his behalf. But to do away completely with the reality and the ultimate importance of RACE in preference to some magical, mystical harum-scarum is no more than insanity. And when applied in an organized, enforced manner, it becomes CRIMINAL insanity and MUST BE STOPPED.


Universal Order
“Do not handicap yourselves with the idea of revenge, because the trend of events will avenge the wrongs that you suffer, not only in the case of the individuals who initiated the persecutions, but also of the society that has permitted this lawlessness.”
–Vidkun Quisling, 1945

“To get yourself together you need not to even think there is anyone else in this world. I don’t need to look down on, or get off on, or get over on. The hardest thing to overcome is our own lies, confusion and our jealousy!”
–Charles Manson

“Open up the dope valves and let the people take all the dope they want.
Let ’em dope themselves on out till there’s nothing left of it.
Let the people do what they want to do.
Take the rules and regulations off of it and then what you have left is the people that want to live.
The people that want to die, let ’em go. The people that want to destroy themselves, let them go ahead and destroy themselves.”
–Charles Manson, 1984

Night Of The Buck Knives
If any single historic similarity links Hitler to Manson in the eyes of friends and foe alike, surely it has to be what have become known as the Tate killings of 1969. One cannot bring up the name of Charles Manson for discussion without having these killings brought into the picture by the moralists and curiosity seekers just as one cannot bring up the name of Hitler without some conditioned brainwashees harping away on the “Six Million” I now undertake, to the best of my knowledge, for the first time the task of analyzing these killings strictly from the “pro” viewpoint and hope to come out with arguments superior to those of the “anti” camp. I do this with no firsthand knowledge of the events and certainly without the sanction of either Manson or any of his associates.

One thing I do however bring into the balance with my study of this most fascinating chapter in recent American history is abroad background as a National Socialist and the understanding of the modus operandi of the Jews and their controlled media. I bring with me also a background as a National Socialist revolutionary and all of the anti-Establishment modes of thought and action which that involves. Finally, I am supported by a better-than-average knowledge of and familiarity with some of the principals in the case. What follows then would have to be viewed as the appraisal of the Tate killings by a sympathetic, White revolutionary.

First of all it is necessary to dispel the prevailing mythology surrounding the case in precisely the same way as an entire universe of corresponding legend has to be done away with that was erected around the matter of European Jews during the Second World War. Manson, too, had his equivalents of Speer, Frank, Eichmann, etc., who– seeing that the jig was up– exulted in commanding huge fanfare for themselves yet were artists when it came to shifting the real blame. A very large proportion of the most bizarre, blood-and-gore and, I might add, perverse stories connected with the case were the inventions of Susan Atkins as she struggled to do her best to impress the grand jury after she had been indicted in the course of the investigation of another case. The opportunistic prosecuting attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, merely made capital of it in his subsequent book, Helter Skelter, and a legend was born. It mattered not that Susan Atkins later retracted her statements– enough evidence had been gleaned by the System to go on to crack the case and the media had the suitable grist for its myth mill.

Universal Order
In the fabulous book, The Turner Diaries, mention is made of “The Book” which revolutionized the “Organization” from some pitiful thing such as we see today into that which did indeed go on to smash the System and erect a White State, not only in North America but in the entire world. Even according to Turner Diaries calculations, “The Book” has yet to be written. So it is with Universal Order– nothing is written. I am handicapped by this in that all I can do for the present is offer my impressions and observations and wait for the day when a complete revelation is offered. I am aware that things of this nature are in the works at present though I’d be foolish to try to place any time-table on their appearance.

If I were to be asked what Universal Order is, I’d have to respond in language and terms as familiar and easily understood as possible even though they may not be entirely fitting. For those among my former affiliates, I would say without reservation that it is everything National Socialism is and much, much more. It is geared to the present conditions. It is as dynamic as– maybe more so than– National Socialism because its true leader is alive, a contemporary of all of us. It is uniquely “American” and it is NOW. It has no links whatsoever with Conservatism or the Right Wing (or the Left, for that matter). It largely disarms the Enemy because he doesn’t know what to expect of it or how to deal with it. It has fascination and appeal to YOUTH.

[Vol. XI, #11– Nov., 1982]


The Twenty-Five Points
by Gottfried Feder

The following material has been abstracted and translated from the 17th edition of Gottfried Feder’s pamphlet, Das Programm der NSDAP und seine weltanschaulichen Grundgedanken (Munich, 1930). The Twenty-five Points, constituting the political platform of the Party, have been given here in complete form, exactly as originally published, except for their translation into English. The remaining material from the 52-page pamphlet has been considerably condensed, however.

The program of the NSDAP is presented here strictly for historical reasons, and no inferences are to be drawn as to the present policies of the World Union of National Socialists or any of its affiliates. The Party program, as distinct from the philosophical foundations of National Socialism, was intimately bound and constrained by the immediate political, economic, and social circumstances and conditions of Germany some four decades ago. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see just what was the content of the program which led to the Party’s success in Germany, if only to avoid some of the misconceptions which have been deliberately spread by our opponents. Liberal elements have labeled the program “reactionary,” and conservative elements have labeled it “socialist” (i.e., “Marxist”). The two most widely read “authorities” on the subject, namely, W. L. Shirer and Alan Bullock, have vehemently denounced the Twenty-five Points in their books1 but have been careful to avoid actually setting forth those Points so that their readers could judge for themselves.

Here they are.

Program of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party
The National Socialist German Workers’ Party– registered as the “National Socialist German Workers’ Union”– at a great mass meeting on February 25, 1920, in the Hofbräuhaus-Festsaal in Munich, announced its program to the world.

In Section 2 of the Constitution of our Party this program is declared to be unalterable. It is as follows:

The program of the German Workers’ Party is limited as to period. The leaders have no intention, once the aims announced in it have been achieved, of setting up fresh ones in order to ensure the continued existence of the Party by the artificially inspired discontent of the masses.

1. We demand the union of all Germans, on the basis of the right of the self-determination of peoples, to form a Great Germany.

2. We demand equality of rights for the German people in its dealings with other nations, and abolition of the Peace Treaties of Versailles and St. Germain.

3. We demand land and territory (colonies) for the nourishment of our people and for settling our surplus population.

4. None but members of the nation may be citizens of the State. None but those of German blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation. No Jew, therefore, may be a member of the nation.

5. Anyone who is not a citizen of the State may live in Germany only as a guest and must be regarded as being subject to the Alien Laws.

6. The right of voting on the leadership and laws of the State is to be enjoyed by the citizens of the State alone. We demand, therefore, that all official positions, of whatever kind, whether in the Reich, the provinces, or the small communities, shall be held by citizens of the State alone.

We oppose the corrupt parliamentary custom of filling posts merely with a view to party considerations, and without reference to character or ability.

7. We demand that the State shall make it its first duty to promote the industry and livelihood of the citizens of the State. If it is not possible to nourish the entire population of the State, foreign nationals (non-citizens of the State) must be excluded from the Reich.

8. All further non-German immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who entered Germany subsequently to August 2, 1914, shall be required forthwith to depart from the Reich.

9. All citizens of the State shall possess equal rights and duties.

10. It must be the first duty of every citizen of the State to perform mental or physical work. The activities of the individual must not clash with the interests of the whole, but must proceed within the framework of the community and must be for the general good.

We demand therefore:

11. Abolition of incomes unearned by work.

Breaking of the Thralldom of Interest

12. In view of the enormous sacrifice of life and property demanded of a nation by every war, personal enrichment through war must be regarded as a crime against the nation. We demand, therefore, the total confiscation of all war profits.

13. We demand the nationalization of all businesses which have (hitherto) been amalgamated (into trusts).

14. We demand that there shall be profit sharing in the great industries.

15. We demand a generous development of provision for old age.

16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle class, immediate communalization of the large department stores and their lease at a low rate to small traders, and that the most careful consideration shall be shown to all small traders in purveying to the State, the provinces, or smaller communities.

17. We demand a land reform suitable to our national requirements, the passing of a law for the confiscation without compensation of land for communal purposes, the abolition of interest on land mortgages, and prohibition of all speculation in land.2

18. We demand ruthless war upon all those whose activities are injurious to the common interest. Sordid criminals against the nation, usurers, profiteers, etc., must be punished with death, whatever their creed or race.

19. We demand that the Roman law, which serves the materialistic world order, shall be replaced by a German common law.

20. With the aim of opening to every capable and industrious German the possibility of higher education and consequent advancement to leading positions, the State must consider a thorough reconstruction of our national system of education. The curriculum of all educational establishments must be brought into line with the requirements of practical life. Directly the mind begins to develop the schools must aim at teaching the pupil to understand the idea of the State (State sociology). We demand the education of specially gifted children of poor parents, whatever their class or occupation, at the expense of the State.

21. The State must apply itself to raising the standard of health in the nation by protecting mothers and infants, prohibiting child labor, and increasing bodily efficiency by legally obligatory gymnastics and sports, and by extensive support of clubs engaged in the physical training of the young.

22. We demand the abolition of mercenary troops and the formation of a national army.

23. We demand legal warfare against conscious political lies and their dissemination in the press. In order to facilitate the creation of a German national press we demand that:

(a) all editors, and their co-workers, of newspapers employing the German language must be members of the nation;

(b) special permission from the State shall be necessary before non-German newspapers may appear (these need not necessarily be printed in the German language)

(c) non-Germans shall be prohibited by law from participating financially in or influencing German newspapers, and the penalty for contravention of the law shall be suppression of any such newspaper, and immediate deportation of the non-German involved.

It must be forbidden to publish newspapers which are damaging to the national welfare. We demand the legal prosecution of all tendencies in art and literature which exert a destructive influence on our national life and the closing of institutions which militate against the above-mentioned requirements.

24. We demand liberty for all religious denominations in the State, so far as they are not a danger to it and do not militate against the moral and ethical feelings of the German race.

The Party, as such, stands for positive Christianity, but does not bind itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession. It combats the Jewish-materialist spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent recovery from within only on the principle:

The Common Interest before Self-Interest

25. That all the foregoing requirements may be realized we demand the creation of a strong, central national authority; unconditional authority of the central legislative body over the entire Reich and its organizations in general; and the formation of diets and vocational chambers for the purpose of executing the general laws promulgated by the Reich in the various States of the Confederation.

The leaders of the Party swear to proceed regardless of consequences-if necessary at the sacrifice of their lives-toward the fulfillment of the foregoing Points.

Munich, February 24, 1920.

After full discussion at the general meeting of members on May 22, 1920, it was resolved that “This program is unalterable.” This does not imply that every word must stand unchanged, nor that any efforts to extend or develop the program are to be prohibited, but it does imply that the principles and basic ideas contained in it are not to be tampered with.

There can be no twisting and turning for reasons of expediency, no secret meddling with the most important– and for the present order of politics, society, and economics, most unwelcome– points in the program; no deviation from its original sense.

Adolf Hitler has emphasized the two cornerstones of the program by printing them in heavy type:

The Common Interest before Self-Interest– that is the Spirit of the Program.

Breaking of the Thralldom of Interest– that is the Kernel of National Socialism.

1 W. L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (New York, 1960); Alan Bullock, Hitler: A Study in Tyranny (New York, 1953).

2 On April 13, 1928, Adolf Hitler made the following elucidation to the program:

“Because of the mendacious interpretations on the part of our opponents of Point 17 of the program of the NSDAP, the following explanation is necessary.

Since the NSDAP is fundamentally based on the principle of private property, it is obvious that the expression “confiscation without compensation” refers merely to the creation of possible legal means of confiscating, when necessary, land illegally acquired, or not administered in accordance with the national welfare. It is therefore directed In the first instance against the Jewish companies which speculate in land.”

(Signed) ADOLF HITLER Munich , April 13. 1928.

Phase One has Phased Out, and MORE by James Mason

The N.S.L.F.
and the Move Towards Revolution
Through Armed Struggle
“The true guerrilla is never beaten. He will never negotiate away his freedom. He will never compromise his ideals. He will never surrender.

“History offers many examples of far larger and better equipped armies that were finally defeated by guerrillas. They can fight on for years, even generations. Guerrilla bands can fight in the cities, country, forests, swamps, deserts or mountains. They are everywhere and yet nowhere. They strike without warning and vanish without a trace. They take away with them the arms, food and ammunition they will need to fight again another day.

“The guerrilla is a grim fighter and a terrible foe.

“His strength is in his heart- in his love for his Race- in his hatred for the enemy.”

– Anonymous

“…a unit can either fight a real enemy, or it must lose. And again, a unit not fighting a real enemy is in the service of another power – there is no middle ground. If a unit is not fighting for itself, it is fighting against itself.”

– Francis Parker Yockey

“The lost man, who has no belongings, no outside interests, no personal ties of any sort – not even a name. Possessed of but one thought, interest and passion – the revolution. A man who has broken with Society, broken with its laws and conventions. He must despise the opinions of others, and be prepared for death and torture at any time. Hard towards himself, he must be hard to others, and in his heart there must be no place for love, friendship, gratitude or even honor.”

– Mikhail Bakunin

Phase One Has Phased Out
Hardly an individual receiving this bulletin will be unfamiliar with the name at the top [National Socialist Liberation Front]. Lately with an organization of the “Mass Strategy” set, and currently on my own at last, unlike all other ventures of the past this one will succeed or fall flat due to the abilities or lack of them of just one person: ME. No more excuses or dependence on different backers or frontmen, both of which have a way of never failing to screw up at the critical time. There will be those who will say that I’ve been able to go through fronts and front-men like a snake his skin. True, up to a point, but that has ended now and for two reasons: one, there are no more of them left; and two, those surviving that I am no longer with or have never been with are still getting nowhere at a blinding rate of speed while the conditions in the country and in the world are becoming more and more revolutionary. l have been increasingly alarmed at this trend for quite a while, and my nerves won’t allow me to sit back and continue to play more games while the storm clouds build.

I’ve been associated with a lot of Nazi periodicals in the past. Some were original, some were assumed and some were resurrected. Some I lifted from others and some were lifted from me. I’ve been cheered and condemned. I’ve been called magnificent and I’ve been called everything from “white nigger” to a “slime-dripping reptile”. As stated, I’ve been with the Mass Strategists – started out there a long time ago -, gone with the Armed Struggle, and back again with other Mass Strategists. Personally I must say that I strongly favor the Armed Struggle. In format I’ve issued everything from downright rags to thick journals to tabloid newspapers. I’ve learned that, surprisingly, it doesn’t matter much what the format is or its appearance. Not even what you say or how you say it. Just that you know what the hell you’re talking about and who you are addressing it to.

Why, for example, talk out of the side of your mouth in legalistic euphemisms appealing to the noble instincts of a handful of Right Wing types while the bottom line must always come down to revolution, which scares them off? Why indeed break your back trying to get up a “mass” publication when you know damned good and well that the masses will never see it? A useless ploy directed at a useless bunch. (Or could it possibly be that the whole point to this nonsense is some sort of personal thrill or kick and, if luck is with you, maybe an easy living on the side?) You can’t try to do two contradictory things at once in a too-little-too-late fashion. But that’s the history of the U.S. Right Wing of which the Nazis are a part in all but ideology. The whole basis of the Right Wing was to try and “hold”, defend a shrinking perimeter, shouting “Never!”, anti-this and anti-that. One can only be shoved over the brink so many times, or trampled and annihilated up to a certain point when one must admit that, if it was a defensive struggle that was being waged, it was lost a little while ago.

[Vol. IX, # 4 – Aug., 1980 ] (This was the first segment of the first issue of James Mason’s revived SIEGE.)


Mail-Order Revolution?
At the time of the first American Revolution the adversary was the King of England. This man could have been called a lot of things but he couldn’t be called evil. The enemy today is the U.S. Government itself and it is, by every standard of measure, the most evil thing that has ever existed on earth. This, once it has sunk home, should be a good enough indicator of the sort of struggle we have ahead of us. I’m not going to agonize over “How evil is it?” because that would be typically Right Wing and a waste of time. Rather, I’m going to tell you what that means, or should mean to you if you claim to have the three big essentials for accomplishing anything that were set forth by George Lincoln Rockwell over twenty years ago: sufficient intelligence to perceive and understand; sufficient strength, courage and resources to act; and sufficient will to persevere in spite of whatever obstacle or hardship.

It means this: they’re not going to let us do it. It means that we’re going to have to do it in spite of them. Over their dead bodies.

Will this be done by any legally chartered, tax-paying outfit? Will it be done by any outfits that own land and have public headquarters? Will it be done by those with big bank accounts (by “big” I mean those that read in figures greater than four digits) who deposit, withdraw and earn interest? Will it be accomplished by strings of P.O. boxes? The best, most sobering question I can hit anyone with is: will this, the most evil system on earth, allow anything even remotely dangerous to pass through its own postal system, to apply for and get special bulk rate mail permits, etc.? The answer is a flat no. Those who point to the dozens of outfits currently operating in an attempt to belie that statement are in a hopeless fog. Those who agree but qualify it with, “Up to a point.”, may have hope left yet.

Those who disagree totally would also believe we can win through the electorate, with the consent of the masses. Those who partially agree, I suppose, imagine we will have to fight a “partial” revolution. Despite hopeful showings of any Nazi or Klan candidates at the polls, it amounts to nothing concrete; if they gain a lot of votes but fail to win the election they are as bad off as before because those voters haven’t got the guts to do anything more than pull a lever in secret… they’ll never make contact or provide support directly; and those that may win the election are in for the hassle of their lives dealing with “fellow Democrats”, etc., who are rabidly pro-Jew, pro-Black, if not outright Red. (But hats off to those few who try as they do lend to the revolutionary climate and help reveal by their results what the national pulse-rate is like, and what kind of potential support we might expect once a full-scale revolt is launched).

And here again, can you picture a scenario like this: that great “Silent Majority” has at last gotten fed up, found its wits and given the Nazis or the Klan a voter mandate. The Jews, the Blacks, and the assorted fanatic Reds, etc. least of all to mention the entrenched Capitalist System manned largely by sick, liberal Whites give up, say it was a fair fight, shake hands and turn it all over to us. It’s just too crazy to contemplate. If it even started to look like we were verging on some kind of real power they’d go nuts and pull out all stops against us. It has even been predicted that they would go as far as to use H-Bombs against any large strongholds and I wouldn’t doubt it a bit considering the stakes.

It’ll be a real fight but it won’t be a fair fight. Matters of survival seldom are. [Vol IX, # 4-Aug., 1980]


Serious Steps
Hitler did not arrive at January 30th, 1933, in a dream. Nor was the NSDAP [National Socialist German Worker’s Party] itself an idle concoction. Hitler did not get off the ground politically until after he was thirty years of age, after he had been orphaned, after he had existed in the streets of Vienna, after he had gone through the horrors of the First World War. The idea of National Socialism, the Swastika, the social ferment and disorder in Germany and Europe, even the very men who were to make up his winning team, every element was there, in place, active, just waiting for Hitler to appear as catalyst that would lead to the Machitergreifung [seizure of power] in 1933. At no point did Hitler, in his off-hours or his idle frustration, imagine that any idea, effort, or group would be “keen”, “swift”, “fun”, or “groovy”. Everything that was done was done because it HAD to be done. Hitler, like the master that he was, with consummate skill, played the ball exactly where it lay, utilizing the forces and elements at hand around him, applying them effectively and appropriately, step-by-step, to VICTORY.

Joseph Tommasi did the very same thing as Adolf Hitler. Perhaps his is the closest comparison to Hitler’s methodology to date. Was he a copy-cat, aping the Marxists? If he was, so was Hitler. In all frankness, he took the name SIEGE from an L.A. County Library book by that title which was devoted to the Weather Underground faction of the SDS [the militant Leftist group Students for a Democratic Society]. He took the name National Socialist Liberation Front from an earlier Movement effort at organizing Whites on campuses, a name, by the way, copied from the National Liberation Front of the Viet Cong. He let his hair grow long and wore olive drab fatigues. This and much more he adopted solely in order to “get with the times” and manners of the present day reality, in order to be EFFECTIVE. And he was tremendously effective in the one year of life he had left to him from 1974 to 1975. Crackpot games and escapades don’t generally outlive their progenitors by a decade, going on to gain strength and influence and to set the pace for the rest of an entire school of thought.

I mention Tommasi and the NSLF as major landmarks in our desperate drive to get serious in our modus operandi. Even with Universal Order I retain the publication title of SIEGE as tribute to this fact. Getting a bit deeper, war is to politics what politics is to the Idea. Of course minus the Idea, all is futile, just like the “power” wielded by the System and the Jews. Tommasi was more of a great general than he was a philosopher. He opened our eyes to strategy and tactics rather than the nature of our purpose. But is that not precisely what we are in direst need of?? It won’t get there unless we PUT IT THERE. Thinking about it, and writing about it won’t put it there. Only a serious, step-by-step program of organized ACTION will bring it about. And not “treadmill” action but FORWARD action.

[Vol. XII, # 7 – July, 1983]


Above A Whisper
My own formal initiation into the ranks of the “hard-core” took place in the barracks and the ward rooms of the American Nazi Party headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, during the latter half of the 1960’s. There, amidst the off-hours high-jinks, the “smokin’ ‘n’ jokin” typical of the paramilitary style of the day, would come forth expressions of unsanctioned, forbidden ideas of violence and revolution more closely resembling those of the Enemy we were regularly fighting in the streets of Washington, D.C., as the Vietnam War raged ten thousand miles away. We believed in what we were doing but most of us felt uncomfortable, left wanting with the current program and strategy. We wanted to attack the real Enemy, and, furthermore, we were more than tired of knocking down Enemy minions only to have them get back up later.

We openly confided among ourselves- the duty officers, the pressmen, the clerks, shippers, the rank-and-file troopers- that what was required was a gaping hole knocked in the System order­of-things so that blood could be splashed from one end of the country to the other. None of the officers ever voiced these same opinions and, to be sure, they never inquired of ours. Nothing was open for discussion between these two sharply distinct levels. It was Right Wingism at its darkest. It was never spoken, never printed and was, in fact, taboo in official Party dealings. In those days we were still wasting our time- and our blood- defending the honor of an all-but-dead Republic against a mob of vile Jews, Liberals, Blacks, etc., demonstrating for its final demise and, in our printed propaganda, taking a futile and sado-masochistic trip by dredging up the most recent outrages committed by Blacks in the streets and Jews and traitors in the government.

The loss of Commander Rockwell was so recent and his memory so fresh then that we carried on in his absence as though we expected his eventual return. As it turned out, no one had the vaguest idea of what to do or how to do it. The prevailing school of thought was that of “Professionalism & Orthodoxy”, in other words, to continue the “1933 approach”. I recall one heated occasion when I crossed ideological and strategic swords with one junior officer at the headquarters building. I was talking then a very adolescent version of what I’m talking now and his response was that I would one day have to be “restrained”… by the Party. He hasn’t been active now in many years.

But just as vividly I recall the first snapping of the ice in the earliest springtime of our Movement as we have it today. The refreshing and invigorating changes were first provided by Dr. William Pierce, as our propaganda chief then, in his hugely effective and widely listened to “White Power Messages” that thousands of people across the country would call in to hear. He had recorded a message in reference to a certain clique of Senators and Congressmen who were busy sellingout the soldiers in Vietnam. He concluded that one doesn’t talk against people like these, one doesn’t vote against them in the next election, one KILLS THEM. About that same time, during one of his addresses to the First Party Congress in 1969, after he had invited questions from the floor and one naive delegate asked what we should do with the White race traitors, he spoke not a word but, gesturing with thumb and index finger forming the barrel and hammer of a pistol being fired, brought the entire assembly to its feet in the loudest outburst of cheering and applause heard during that three-day gathering.

So it was out, above a whisper, and, more than that, it was official. In less than one year, Dr. Pierce was out of the Party and on his own with the endeavor he still currently heads. Through a number of cosmetic and tactical changes in style and technique, he has never in thirteen years compromised his stand as being among the foremost of the Hard Core Idealists. And whose name and organization carries more weight in Movement circles today than Dr. William Pierce and the National Alliance?

[Vol. XII, # 8 – Aug., 1983]


The Long Road We’ve Traveled
The distance we’ve traveled in the past decade can only be measured in terms of light years. How far, after all, is it from Commander Rockwell’s expressed ideal of the ‘American Constitutional Republic’ to ‘Helter Skelter’? From “good citizenship” and conformity to total drop-out and total revolution? From the trial and execution of a few thousand traitors in high places to the drowning in blood of entire social and genetic segments of the population? From an old A.N.P. slogan, “White Man, Stand With Us or Stand Out of Our Way!”, to where there are no innocents, no non-combatants?

Consider how far we’ve come from the days when discussion revolved around what would take place after our legal and orderly assumption of power, as mandated by the people, to today where two schools of thought prevail: whether a war will destroy the System or whether it will collapse under its own rotten weight. Regardless how, the result will be the same. Those who survive the initial period of absolute chaos that immediately follows will crawl out of their holes and take up the struggle on newly equalized terms: animal to animal.