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Summer Occupations

While I’m thinking of it–this Summer looks like it’s going to be a long hot Summer for those of us in the United States and it is a good time for those with savings of a decent income to consider mass production of racialist propaganda. 

Do your best to not necessarily adhere to the obvious.  Force organizations to make statements that will push them into further radicalism.  The fanatical Obamites will be out in force and we cannot allow this opportunity to slip by.  Inwardly at all times keep your cool and work on the physical tasks as I posted many months ago.

Situations like another shooting in a “red state” by a nonwhite could be exploited to cause further frictions.

Allow no opportunity for propaganda to be misplaced.  Those of you in urban areas should seriously consider a rural bugout site if you don’t already have one.



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