UNIVERSAL ORDER An interview with James Mason 2003

It has been said that truth doesn’t mind stepping on a few toes. Well, neither does James Mason. For the past 30 years, Mason has been stepping on most of the toes Western civilization keeps sacred; in fact, not only has he stepped on such toes, but has committed himself to outright crushing such altogether– so fervent is his belief in what he sees as the truth.

For James Mason (born and raised in Chillicothe, Ohio, in 1952), his truth arrived in his early teens when he first discovered Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, and was reinforced by figures like George Lincoln Rockwell (founder of the American Nazi Party in the 1960’s) and Joseph Tommasi (founder of terrorist underground group The National Socialist Liberation Front). Many years later, he experienced a similar revelation with the discovery of Charles Manson. For Mason these two men, Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson, moreso than any others, embodied and represented what he considered to be the ultimate truth. They represented Universal Order.

Mason’s writings have appeared in various books and publications (The Manson File, Apocalypse Culture, EXIT etc.) and he has published several works, but perhaps most notable of his writings is the book Siege, The Collected Writings of James Mason (published in 1992 by Storm Books), which has been described alternatively as “the mind-fuck of the century”, “the Mein Kampf of the 90’s” and as “political pornography”. Being a compendium of Mason’s essays originally published between 1980-1986 in his newsletter by the same name, Siege is certainly a unique tome of heresy, extremist thought and revolutionary philosophy.

Siege is divided into eight chapters– “The NSLF and the Move Toward Armed Struggle”, “National Socialism”, “Conservatism and the Lost Movement”, “The System”, “Lone Wolves and Live Wires”, “Strength And Spirit”, “Leaders” and “Universal Order”. One of the central ideas in the book is that the old standards of leftwing and rightwing are meaningless- that now the bottom line is that the whole “System” itself must be destroyed, by whatever means necessary. According to Mason, there is nothing left worth “saving” in the USA, and indeed in the whole Western world, and to underline this point he has said: “We will interior-decorate only after we’ve extinguished the housefire”. Siege lauds any acts committed against “the System”, including violent terrorism, whether done by the “right“ or “left“, or even by so-called “lone wolves”. Mason sums it up in the line: “wherever you go, the System must go”.

Siege reveals the odyssey of a fanatical political extremist, from his youth to his radicalization, up to his current outlook. A major section of the book is dedicated to Universal Order, a concept the name and logo of which was suggested to Mason by Charles Manson. The book devotes much attention to expounding how Manson, his ideas and actions fit in with the Universal Order; indeed, the book itself is respectfully dedicated to “The Son Of Man”.

To the surprise of those used to the down-to-earth approach of Siege, Mason has since also delved into new, more arcane areas of interest, such as Christianity and UFO’s. He has written and published several smaller works regarding these subjects, such as The Theocrat, When We Were All Jews, One-Verse Charlies and Revisiting Revelations. Nevertheless, and no matter what political or ideological orientation one might have, Siege remains an interesting certainly bizarre work on extreme and revolutionary philosophy.

It is one thing to give lip-service to principles and ideals of an extremist variety, but quite another to live them out, and keep living them out in the face of almost universal opposition. As the saying goes, “you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” James Mason has been “walking his walk” his whole life. Having persevered a tumultuous relationship with “the System”, including repeated imprisonment, as well as the un-supportiveness and discredition of supposed fellow comrades, Mason still remains as steadfastly and fanatically committed (or perhaps even more so) to the principles and ideals he first discovered in his youth. Mason represents the fringe of the fringe, the extreme of the extreme- a true believer, if there ever was one.

Now, with a new and revised edition of Siege just out, this interview tries to unravel what exactly makes James Mason tick.

Could you start with describing your background and how you came to uphold the worldview you still hold today?
These days I tell audiences at lectures that I didn’t “get” my views from anyplace. It’s just that I never parted company with the beliefs of my ancestors as most have done. That, plus the fact that I do recognize that these things are under ferocious attack from the enemies of Whites, mainly Jews. And finally, I am determined to do whatever is necessary to keep White values, White integrity and White blood. Put all that together and you get National Socialism.

Could you fill us in on what has happened in your life since the first edition of Siege was released?
There was a best-selling book out many decades ago entitled Life Begins At Forty. Well, with me that was certainly the case. I’ve actually had several “lives” but I’m in the best one of these right now. The first edition of Siege was released just as I was turning forty in 1994. I had just left my old home of Ohio and come to Colorado, something unthought of even six months before. I was about to become involved with the most severe test I’d yet faced, coming under attack by the ZOG System as I would in 1994. Another book written some while ago was entitled Endure and Conquer. And that’s what I did. I still consider the fight and the incarceration to be my own “finest hour”. And the work on paper that it wrang out of me, as far as I am today concerned, caps off my life’s effort.

How exactly was Siege received and what kind of reactions and reviews did it get? Wasn’t Tom Metzger (of White Aryan Resistance) one of the few people in the racialist movement to actually promote and distribute the book, as I remember seeing a lot of ads and reviews of it in music, esoteric and underground culture-oriented magazines, but understood it was advertised in very few actual racialist movement papers.
As I predicted to my initial publisher in 1993, by far most of the movement would pan the book, Siege. Two reasons for this: I told it as it was, the truth, to the best of my capability and this seriously interfered with their individual worlds of fantasy upon which their own, private take-offs are based; And the book was a technical masterpiece which really threw into harsh relief the run-of-the-mill “fanzines” so typically associated with the Movement. So there was the jealousy factor. No one, not the ZOG System, not the Movement, likes to have their delusions tampered with.

How has your thinking changed since the release of Siege?
I thank God most every day that I have never stopped growing. Greater maturity, greater awareness, greater facility, etc. All of this enables a broader concept of the greater reality. More awareness, more assuredness. More assuredness, more peace. All of this goes toward confidence and authority. The pitfalls have long been set out there to prevent the most from ever making it this far. Either that or built-in self-limitations result in the well-known cases of arrested development and the dismal failures which that produces. I find myself worrying less and never being surprised.

Since Siege, you have written at least one book of which I am aware of, that being The Theocrat, that dealt with themes quite different from those discussed in Siege. I saw an ad for a book titled When We Were All Jews, and another one, Out of the Dust, was mentioned as being forthcoming in OHM Clock magazine #5. I have also heard that you were going to put out a CD. What are the status of these projects?
The manuscript for Out of the Dust was only finalized this summer and I am presently in search of a publisher for it. Smaller titles like The Theocrat, When We Were All Jews, One-Verse Charlies, Revisiting Revelations, etc., have all been self-published and The Theocrat is about to be professionally published by Black Sun Publications which just released the second edition of Siege. The CD entitled Radio Free Canada was released last year and the first run has sold out.

The logo and name of Universal Order was suggested to you by Charles Manson. As Universal Order is not, contrary to what some believe, an actual organization, but a philosophical concept or a state of mind, could you describe the basic idea behind it for those previously unfamiliar with it?
You are quite right that Universal Order was never an organization. But we found it necessary and desirable to give our certain line of thought a distinguishing title so as to at least attempt separate it from the more conservative takes on National Socialism. I like to say that one must, first, have the ability to know bullshit when he sees it and, second, have the courage of his convictions to call it as such. No play-acting, no dreaming, no wishful thinking. If you find yourself “nowhere”, so to speak, it usually means that you haven’t fully fathomed the nature of the situation itself and cannot appropriately respond to it. But withdrawing and freezing up into an “Alice-in-Wonderland” mentality isn’t the answer, no matter how hard you may believe in it. That kind of attitude along with the old ideals plus the weight of all historic fact and reality which we’ve always had on our side I think defines Universal Order.

One of the most interesting things in Siege was your espousal of Charles Manson as THE thinker and doer of our times; an espousal which, as one might expect, alienates you from any right-wing, conservative types, who are horrified by the image of Manson given to them by the media and cannot seem to see anything beyond it. For those unfamiliar with Manson, could you describe his central ideas and his significance, and how they relate to National Socialism and Universal Order specifically?
Much of the answer to this question is taken up in the answer to the previous one. By far most are literally in bed with the Jewish-Capitalist enemy. They desire some “adjustment” to this degenerating mess but their idea of “change” still falls within the parameters of what presently does exist. And this is itself one more delusion. They, as it is said, desire to both eat their cake and have it too. Or, as Commander Rockwell said, with regard to envying against these increasingly painful symptoms of multi-culturalism and multi-racialism, “they like to go swimming but hate to get wet.” We, those of us in the Manson mindset, as my old friend and comrade Ed Reynolds would say, “don’t want to rock the boat, we want to SINK it!”

In the documentary film Charles Manson Superstar (in which you are briefly interviewed), Manson makes some rather bizarre, negative-sounding comments to you / about you. Also, on the CD Manson Speaks, he mentions something about you dropping the ball. Do you know what these comments were about? Are you still on good terms and in contact with Manson?
In both of those instances you refer to, Manson was directly chiding me for not coming out and away from traditional Movement modus operandi fast enough to suit him. Well, any person can only move in whatever direction as he is able to feel his way. Going back to how my thinking has changed in the last ten or twenty years, I know that all things are in God’s own, good time. Manson still has all my respect and good wishes, as do any of those who remain steadfast in his purpose. But we haven’t been in direct contact now in some years. Perhaps it is because of, as I said earlier, I am most grateful that I continue to move on.

In Siege you advocate either becoming a total revolutionary or a total drop-out. Could you expound on what these strategies mean when put into practice?
I don’t think any hobbyist ever accomplished anything great. One former “leader” we once had who’d have done better for himself and the Movement as a lecturer instead used to stress that there are really precious few actual worldviews. No one with one foot in the Jewish-Capitalist System can be anything other than a hobbyist and can be possessed of no real worldview at all. That effectively renders him as a crank. And has that not defined the so-called “Movement” to date? Someone said, “First myself and then the world.” No one not 100% positive of himself and his own course can hope to do anything to affect the course of the future, much less do anything to help his people. Totality is really not a dirty word.

In Siege, you describe Universal Order as uniquely American. Are the tactics and methods you write about relevant to European countries as well, or is the book primarily geared to an American audience?
I told an audience last May about the encounter between Che Guevara and a bunch of pseudo-Marxist youth from the United States before his demise at which time they expressed their envy at his being able to be at war with Capitalism there in the jungle. His response to them was that they were the lucky ones because they lived right in the very heart of the Beast. The United States is both the epitome of Western Civilization and the Beast. It is the first because of the efforts of the best of all Western peoples in colonizing and civilization-building. It is the second because of the Jewish subversion and take-over which has harnessed all this wealth and might to evil purposes. The poison and the cancer that took a century to develop in the United States is infecting Europe presently in full force, at a lightning pace. But in like manner, so too must any answer come. And that would have to be Universal Order.

In Siege, you espouse “lone wolves” and write that the time of organizations and memberships are history. What are your views on more above-ground organizations like the National Alliance, W.A.R. etc. that still function on some kind of official level? Do they serve some positive function in your opinion?
There are just a certain number of people out there who are even capable of now receiving the message of White integrity and survival. If anything is incumbent upon us today, it is to reach those people. And that is the proper task of groups like the National Alliance. As far as “doing” anything beyond that much, it is pure fantasy. This present saga only ends one way. Man “figured” his way into this mess. He won’t figure his way out of it. But there are a few who are capable and worthy to be made aware, to be enlightened, in order for there to be some sort of future.

How did you react to the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Based on what you said about the Oklahoma City bombings I’m guessing you weren’t too saddened, but quite the contrary?
I pay no attention to the so-called “news”. As Manson said, “they only report 5% of what’s going on and that much of it they distort.” But it was all but impossible to miss Oklahoma City and September 11th. “Real news”, as I like to call it, only rarely comes along. Something not all hooked-up and contrived by the System, you know. And, yes, I took real heart from both instances. I remain absolutely convinced that September 11th was spoken of in Revelation, Chapter 18. That’s how close we are to the big finish-up.

I sense you are not as blindly anti-semitic as some other National Socialists, correct? Don’t you think there are some jews who are worthy individuals, who might contribute something positive to society? Isn’t “The System” and the “Pigs” you talk about comprised of jewish as well as white people?
The System mindset is basically the display of a critical lack of higher sensibilities, awareness, ideals or what have you. It’s all for money. The Aryan alone possesses, or has the capacity to possess, these virtues. They are however easily killed off or submerged underneath baseness. People will inevitably come to reflect the nature of their true rulers. It came out of Hollywood and Madison Avenue. Even these nominal “Whites” of the present are spiritual “Jews”. Or, as Manson would say, “dead in the Jews’ money”. The Jew owns the world today and calls all of the shots. The history, the genetic history, of the Jews, as given in the Bible itself, shows them to be of a lower order of humanity, incapable of high ideals. They are only just capable being the very parasites they’ve always demonstrated themselves to be in infecting Aryan societies, monopolizing their societies. It’s genetic. And to view people as anything but groups is a fatal error, one promoted by the Jews themselves in order to sow confusion.

In light of the fact that you have been to prison a number of times, you must have some thoughts on how one best survives prison?
Respect. That’s how one survives in prison. I enjoyed prison each time I was there. Did my best work there. Made my great life decisions there. Gazing into a man’s cell (or just gazing at the man himself) can get you killed in prison. The county jail holding tanks are pretty bad because most there know they’ll soon be gone. But prison is home to those who are in it and that play it accordingly. And the higher the awareness, the greater capacity for respect. You can come to pity the guards even as you disdain them. You can come to realize that the non-Whites that are in there shouldn’t be there because they shouldn’t be anywhere within White society or White law. You’ll meet a lot of people of all colors whom you can help along the way by straightening out their thoughts and heightening their own awareness. I had more than one Black thank me for enabling him to properly direct his anger. And finally, as Manson would say, you cannot punish an innocent person. For me, these were attacks. Illegal and outrageous. As far as I am concerned, I represent law and order. And I am the one being attacked. It was and is a contest. I always play it as such. And I always win.

When you were in prison a website (www.universalorder.com) came up that featured your writings written under the alias of Robert Burns, but quite surprisingly to those familiar with Siege, the writings on this website were rather esoteric in nature, dealing with extraterrestrials, Atlantis, conspiracies, etc. Could you expound on your interest in such subjects, and how these subjects relate to Universal Order?
The idea has always been to ascertain our origins. It’s a critical part of knowing the truth. But I don’t believe that, as you listed, extraterrestrials, Atlantis and conspiracies are in any way esoteric. An overabundance of hard evidence proves that they are real. A thesis I’ve developed is that either a thing is real or it is not. If it is not, we need to determine that and have done with it. If it is real then it has to assume some form and we need to determine that form so that we may deal with it realistically for our own good.

Some of your thoughts about whites having extraterrestrials as their originators are somewhat reminiscent of the ideas of Miguel Serrano, the former Chilean diplomat, author and ”esoteric hitlerist”. Please expound on this idea. Are you familiar with Serrano?
I’m only lightly familiar with the works of Serrano. But I do know that the first words coming out of God’s mouth as quoted in Genesis amount to a group conversation as to a DNA colonization of this planet by what could only be an extraterrestrial source.

What exactly are your views on christianity? In Siege you repeatedly stress that you are an atheist and write (concerning christianity): “It is alien to our blood, to our natural instincts, it is false and deadly and its organized body at work in the world today is dedicated to the destruction of the White Race. It must go.” Since the release of Siege however, you have written The Theocrat, which goes into christianity, the Bible and draws parallels between Christ and Hitler. I take it your views have changed?
Another thesis I’ve developed with regard to major social and cultural institutions is this: Nothing ever starts out as bullshit but, left in the hands of man, everything usually winds up as bullshit. Such is the case with Christianity. Early Christianity, exactly like National Socialism, was born out of dire necessity. Jesus of Nazareth was the right man in the right place at the right time. During my years of lock-up I annotated at least six Bibles and I found the big left turn that everybody misses, rendering the whole thing as a waste of time. The Exodus of Moses was the last three million Whites getting out of decadent and dying Egypt. They militarily seized for themselves the most north-easterly province of Egypt, which was Canaan. Of course, they renamed it after themselves: Israel, meaning a prince ruling with God. There they found dark native inhabitants. God commanded they should kill all of these people. But they failed to do this, instead making slaves of them. Over much time they integrated them into their society. And with White, Israelite men chasing after these colored, Canaanite women, racial Jews were born. The word “Jew” isn’t even mentioned in the Bible until Second Kings, Chapter 16, Verse 6. And from Genesis to that point, God names and cureses those tribes of Canaanites a total of eighteen times. And three sixes are eighteen. There you have the answer to Saint John’s riddle about “666” and the Mark of the Beast. It is racial Jews.

Christ’s genealogy is given twice, foward and backward, in the gospels, in order to establish that he was a pure White man of the Tribe of Judah. He reinserted the race issue into whatever was left of the old Hebrew Temple. Of course, for this the Jews murdered him. But this truth was gotten to the rest of the Whites of Israel who, by the time of Christ, were all mainly in Europe, having left their old neighborhood which had gone colored, again, through the folly of man. The Bible is the warning: “Don’t let this happen to you”. But, because they miss the whole Canaanite thing, the message amounts to nothing more than one more weird superstition. “666” is placed there at the end to test wheter you’ve correctly read and understood the thing. Nobody does. Hence, the religion of the West is like a formula for suicide.

Like everybody else, I based my views on Christianity on what the Church represented. A fatal error. The Bible even said it would come down to this. How many have read Mein Kampf and how many have read the Bible? I know that Christ and Hitler were two separate incarnations of the same spirit. And The Theocrat proves it.

How would you describe yourself spiritually? Is National Socialism still a comprehensive enough term to describe your spiritual beliefs and ideas?
Manson said that the truth is one. I got a huge laugh when I read in Exodus of God’s name meaning “I Am That I Am”. That means that there only is what there is. And that would mean physics and the like. There is but one reality. There may be a thousand take-offs of misunderstanding of that one reality but it changes nothing. So you may think Newton is an extremist and not like his law of gravity. You may jump of a high building and get away with it, for a little while. So have done all the socities of man. And, as I wrote in Siege, the ground is looming up. The Bible repeatedly hints as the race issue as “the head of the corner that the builders have set aside.”

And, of course, while reading the Bible in prison I was also reading Stephen Hawking. So, between the super high-tech of the extraterrestials and the multiple universes, etc., of Hawking and so forth, I think we have definetly found the FORM of all this formerly “supernatural” business out of which has been fashioned “religion”. There is in fact, nothing supernatural. There is only what we do not as yet fully understand. Even at the time of Hitler, our own technology hadn’t progressed far enough to where we might stand a chance of realizing the potential of our technological capabilities and that there could be others out there even further in advance of ourselves.

These, of course, would be the “Gods” of old.

Do you practice any type of religious or spiritual expression in the form of ritual or ceremony? Do you belive in the validity of such things?
One more thesis: I’ve never attended any meeting that wasn’t bullshit. This would automatically include all forms of ceremony. Somebody somewhere stressed the importance of function before form. Ritual and ceremony are all form and practically no function.

In Siege, you quote Anton LaVey, the author and founder of The Church of Satan, and I understood he later sent you an autographed copy of his book The Satanic Bible. Siege was also received well among many Satanists; it was for example reviewed favorably in The Black Flame and given a whole-page ad in same. What are your views on Anton LaVey and Satanism generally?
LaVey was, of course, a Jew. But I liked and admired the man. So I think that answers an earlier question of yours. In a certain sense, LaVey shared a similarity with George Lincoln Rockwell in that both of them were essentially showmen. Rockwell figured that if they’re going to end up calling you a “Nazi” anyway, you might as well assume the title on your own and be as brazen as possible about it. LaVey considered that is “God”, represented by the Church as he is, stood for weakness and suicide then a good second glance was at least owed to his opposite number, Satan, who, by that, would represent strength and vitality. Brilliant.

BUT… that is dealing in misrepresentations. In reality, Satan is but an analogy for Jews. Good and evil, in reality, are analogous for clarity and distortion. It is really all physics, all geometry, all biology, etc.

And Satan will never approach you as Satan. Never. He will always approach as “an angel of light”. So to call one’s self a “Satanist”, I believe, is no more than a cry for attention.

You have been as a guest on wacky radio-evangelist Bob Larson’s show two times that I know of- once a part of the Manson Maniacs show (with Michael Moynihan, Boyd Rice and Doris Tate) and once for yourself in a show titled Neo-Nazi Satanism, that was later released and sold as a videocassette by Bob. Have you visited his show any more times? Any fond memories of your encounters with Bob?
I can only wish that I had known what I know now during those times in the past when I was on the Bob Larson Show. Maybe I did alright as it was but today I could tear him to shreds with his own game. Frankly, I sometimes wonder how I functioned in those days. As I wrote in one of my more recent works, what chance does anyone have when he is separated from his God?

In your article “Move to the Light” you espouse infamous Norwegian Black Metal musician and author Varg Vikernes, who is currently serving a maximum prison sentence for murder and church arson. How does Vikernes tie in with the Universal Order?
Varg Vikernes gave a wonderful interview some years ago wherein he referred to myself and Siege in most glowing terms. He epitomizes the Man of Action, which the West is in dire need of. In both the Bible and Mein Kampf it is said that belief without action amounts to no more than a man gazing at himself in a mirror. I wish him all the best.

I remember reading that you are an amateur photographer and are fond of taking pictures of naked young ladies. What are your views on sex, and specifically on pornography (i.e. sexually stimulating writing, imagery etc.), in the context of National Socialism? Correct me if I am wrong, but the common image is that NS people have been and are really uptight about these things, like they had some leftover guilt-complex stemming from christianity?
They say that beauty is Aryan but glamour is Jewish. Quite right. In NS Germany they had gesunde erotika but over here they have pornography. Pornography, as defined by the dictionary, is gross stimuli and, as such, is desensitizing. That would be an evil. And where does it stop? Not at race-mixing. Not at homosexuality. Not at children. Not at animals. And, of course, who controls the pornography industry which, it is said, is even larger than Hollywood? Jews, naturally. They are kindly sharing with us their legacy from ancient Babylon wherein all such things were common practice. It’s the old “monkey see, monkey do.”

Yes, most NS people are uptight about these matters. It’s the old business of still having one foot over in the Judeo-Chrisitan camp. Morality be damned! The object is to produce magnificient Aryan offspring! As many as possible. And to have fun doing it. Minus this, as it has been said, all else is vanity and will end up as ashes.

Noted British National Socialist philosopher David Myatt has stressed the importance of noble, honourable conduct and behavior. For example, he writes: “A true National-Socialist knows and feels that some things are honourable, and other things are dishonourable. It is dishonourable, for instance– cowardly and unfair and uncivilized– for several people to attack and try to injure or kill a single individual. Thus, if several Caucasians attack one Negro, they are acting dishonourably– they are being uncivilized and cowardly. A true National-Socialist would never do such a thing. They would always want to see, or take part in, a “fair fight”. Furthermore, I myself– a life-long National-Socialist– would go to the aid of a Negro if I saw him being attacked by several Caucasians, for that would be the just, the fair, the honourable, the civilized and the National-Socialist thing to do.” Would you agree with the above statement? Why does such an understanding seem to be lacking in so many of the racialist movement, who engage in dishonourable acts and silly behavior (i.e. name-calling, unfair fights, etc.)? And on a related note, what is your opinion of skinheads, who seem to be for the most part totally oblivious to such an understanding?
There unfortunately is no institution of higher learning for the business we are in. Limited perceptions, limited awareness, knee-jerk reactions to admitted outrages, etc. Plain, old-fashioned anti-social, misfit behavior, etc. I said in Siege that todays best minds are solidly within the service of the mortal enemy of our race. Everyone has heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. These people who are striking out as you illustrate are doing so quite blindly. It is a sign of the times. It is a product of the ZOG System itself. It is regrettable. It is a tragedy. There exists no guidance, no leadership, nothing for Whites to repair to. What can one expect under these circumstances?

I told an audience this year that human beings are only animals at that. Animals with about a 2% dose of extraterrestial DNA but still subject to the same laws governing all other life on this planet. As a breeder of dogs in the past I know animals have real intelligence, real personalities, etc., just the same as human beings. But consider the value of a pure-breed as opposed to that of a cur or a mongrel. That’s my point. I always treated any “strays” or mongrels that came my way with kindness. And yet the object was always to breed for excellence, not mediocrity. There is no implication here at all of any need for cruelty. On the contrary, wherever racial mediocrity has taken over within human societies, it reveals always a nightmare of horror for the poor victims involved. But such today is the work of the Jews and you’ll have to take up their reasoning with them.

A sure way to get most people to hate you nowadays is to be a National Socialist. National Socialists like yourself are concerned with ensuring a future for the white race, and yet it seems most white people couldn’t care less about such things and may even aggressively hate you for what you stand for. What makes you hold on to your principles, ideals and views in the face of such a situation, in the face of overwhelming odds and almost universal opposition? Why do you care about the white race when it obviously doesn’t care about you?
Hermann Goering at Nuremberg complained about some of his co-defendants being totally concerned with being able to continue “pissing out the front and shitting out the back.” Where’s the purpose? Without purpose, where’s the point? To keep burning up oxygen? To keep consuming? For me there’s got to be a purpose, got to be a point. That purpose is the purpose of the Creator who colonized this planet with his own DNA in order to perpetuate the existence of godlike creatures in the universe. Remember that it was Nietzsche who said that man was a rope stretching between the God and the animal. A rope that stretched over an abyss. Only Whites have the stuff in them to eventually archive this godlike status. No greater point or reason can I think of than this.

Even God in the Bible repeatedly expressed his disgust with his own people, the Whites. “Hard hearts, sticks necks and brows of solid brass.” Yet he gave them his covenant and said that they would fulfill it in spite of themselves.

Probably the biggest secret of all is how God could have been so certain about this to have entered it into writing for all to see and hold. I’ve seen and experienced enough to know that, as Hawking hinted at, along with parallel universes there must also be parallel dimensions in time. I’m fully convinced that it has all already taken place. Perhaps a thousand or more times. And the end is certain.

In line with this idea, I’ve come to say that there are only two kinds of people: Those who know they are playing a part in a grand scheme and those who do not know. The latter outnumber the former by a huge margin and are running the world at present, indeed, have been doing so at all times throughout history. The weak and the miserable. They still will play their part no matter how they may perceive themselves or their importance. Those who are aware, however, share a very special role in things. I choose to be among this group.

In Siege you write about your deep love of classical music. Is there any contemporary or modern music you enjoy? And on a related note, what other things do you find stimulating and inspiring in the realms of art and culture?
As Wagner said of music, even a Jew can counterfeit the classical style, so formal is it. But his own brand of nationalist-romantic couldn’t be copied by them. It is pure, audible soul and spirit. Of course, the race lost the capacity to create such sounds a century ago. The general decline of all else has kept apace. There’s really no “music” any longer.

I have a deep passion for martial music. Its precision and drive epitomizes in sound exuberant good health and strength of will. It is the absolute antithesis of today’s sounds of cancer and death. But I find that one must have the mental imagery to go along with these things. Otherwise, the sounds are weird and alien. Today all they know is death and dying and music, so-called, fits perfectly well with that.

The on-going Jewish-Liberal inspired argument over genuine art versus modern, corrupt “art”, far from being a matter of preference or opinion, comes directly down to what I said about Good versus Evil. Far from being in the eye of the beholder, it is a matter of clarity against distortion. And if you can’t discern one from another, then Lord help you.

I know that you are a huge fan of 1960’s monster magazines and old horror movies. What other things do you enjoy, in the realms of collections, hobbies, pastimes etc.? What does James Mason do for fun?
I’ve been recently accused by a sincere friend of living the artist’s life. It’s true. It’s not nearly so much what I do for fun, it’s more what little by way of drudge that manages to get in my way. And that is precious little. I love my life. It’s a rotten world but a beautiful life.

What does the future hold for you?
The way things have been heading ever since my final release from the clutches of the ZOG System on August of 1999, I can’t help but believe that I’m one of the lucky few who has accomplished what they were intended to, managed to survive, and now continues living to read an earthly reward. Peace, contentment, comfort, even love. I’m seeing my best efforts appear in print, observing their results, even as I watch events in the world rush toward their predetermined conclusion which, again, I may live to witness. In the meantime, I’m going about life more in the manner in which it was intended.

Thank you for the interview. Last words are yours.
I remember one Party comrade from the 1960s who, at American Nazi Party headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, complained bitterly to me that he’d have preferred to have died in Berlin in 1945 than to exist in a time such as this. Then and there, in my ignorance and youth, I could only agree with him. To have seen and been a part of something like that, even to die with it, surely seemed greater than living in the hopelessness and, as you pointed out before, the isolation and ostracism, of the present. One could have been and might still be tempted to despair. Indeed, so the enemy would have it.

But I’ve also said that if one finds that he holds 100% of all the reins of control and still sees that he suffers the “Midas Touch In Reverse”, then he should be able to surmise that his end is already set in the stars. Such is the case with the ZOG masters of the world in this era, this “Little Season” of Satan, as the Bible calls it. To be in for the climax of anything, whether it be a book, a film, or this world drama, to me, THAT is really the time to be glad to be one the scene and alive. That is truly the most special and exciting thing of all.

And this is it.


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