More by James Mason- The Importance of Women and other topics- FROM SIEGE

The night of the Tate Surprise Party there were not enough good men around to handle the job and so it was left mostly up to women. In Manson’s Family the ratio of women to men stood at about five-to-one. Women, then, were Manson’s best troop. To go back in time and to change in location, it was women, by their majority, who elected Hitler to power in Germany. Maybe the deadliest built-in source of destruction the U.S. Right has is its attitudes toward women. Ever notice the typical Right Wing married couple? The little lady is ever bitching at hubby to drop that garbage and get a better-paying job. His own kids see him as a poor man’s Archie Bunker. That’s on a good day. The rest of the time it is off to divorce court. Why? Is the Movement really garbage? Are these women really bitches? The answer is no. The problem in every case lies with the man.

The U.S. Right is made up of frustrated men, men who are afraid of this or that or the other and seek the company of others who are similarly frustrated and frightened, in order to be able to ease their angst and perhaps work out some of their fantasies. What woman on earth would respond to that? Women don’t respond to the false macho of the phony para-military of the U.S. Right nor are they turned on by the secretiveness of it all. Because these men are unable to form an effective organization which has the power to take the issue to the streets, to the Enemy, they keep it at home instead to the neglect and alienation of their families. The Enemy knows this and delights in the knowledge. Further, because of all this, the home, wife and family of the average Right Winger– Nazi, KKK or whatever– has become the biggest weak point with regard to System attacks: break a man’s home or turn his wife against him and you HAVE him!

Among the Left this is not the situation. Though they may be badly deluded in their beliefs, between a man and woman the commitment is shared and the struggle is shared as comrades. This is one main reason why the Left is so much more successful than the Right: the women are INVOLVED. I’ve witnessed recent Right Wing attempts at “involving” their few women and it amounts to trying to place them into uniforms and under the same kind of discipline as the men a la American Legion, etc. It doesn’t work. The reason it doesn’t work is it looks about as crappy as the System itself and turns the women off, as well it should.

It is scandalous and notorious that most Right Wing “leaders” are very questionable as to the issue of sexual preference. This follows naturally when one takes a quick look at the mess the Movement is in outwardly– for it is merely a reflection. Hitler, Rockwell, Tommasi and certainly Manson exerted a strong, almost animal, attraction over women and gloried in their company. This quality goes hand-in-hand with the dynamism necessary to MAKE A MOVEMENT. Sterility and impotence remain just that. Women make the most excellent fanatics but they have to be properly motivated and LED. There is something very wrong with any organization that doesn’t have its share of women. What is called for today is a strong Movement– normal and natural– to do the job, and not anything weird or introverted. Once the correct balance is struck for attracting women, the rest won’t be far behind.

[Vol. XII #3– March, 1983]


Revolution Equals Family
To be able to understand the meaning of revolution in these times demands a rethinking of the concept of family. The kind of family we’re talking about here bears no resemblance to the so-called “family” as it is known to and among the Pigs of the System; the entity they constantly cry about being torn apart when, in fact, it had long since become nothing more than an evil farce. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the “bonds of matrimony” or even of immediate blood relation. It has even less to do with the threadbare notions of “family man” or the “good citizen” which that first term would seem to entail. The new and true concept of Family is so revolutionary in these times as to become interchangeable with revolution itself. If the machinations of the Jew and liberal have caused a terminal cancer in this society, then it is up to those who wish to survive to produce a new nucleus: the Family.

It means people (and need I throw in ‘White People’?) living and working closely together, in harmony and in communion. Not calling it off at a certain hour or on a certain day and returning home or back to “the job”. This concept of Family is total. It of course begins with a man-woman relationship and grows outward, immediately following with children. In this screwed-up society, this will as often as not involve men and women of an age that has attained some maturity having gone through one or more “bum” relationships or marriages. It is a fortunate few in this jungle who will find the right mate first off the bat. We are searching and sifting, trying to build something out of the wreckage. We cannot expect to start off with perfection. We must instead have as our goal the constant struggle for perfection. The only true revolutionary is the realist and the only true realist is he who plays the ball as it lies.

Men and women of good race who are compatible are all that is necessary. The will to live and to survive is the bond. No idiotic notions of “fun”, “romance”, “tradition”, “security” or anything else can ever enter in. The realization that we CANNOT survive this alone, any of us, must govern all our thoughts and actions. The best security is the awareness and the preparedness for the tooth and nail struggle that is upon us plus the grim determination to SURVIVE at all costs. There’ll be plenty of fun and romance connected with the fight itself. Each day brings another victory; each hit– large or small– carried off against the System represents another vindication. This calls for men and women with their eyes open, cold and sober, yet full of life. These types are getting scarcer each generation.

It can mean living underground but it will more commonly mean living in a state of gradually moving further toward the underground. Holding off Big Brother where possible; ripping off Big Brother where possible. Dropping out of the slave market first; working toward dropping out of the System entirely. Discarding the dead and false values and morality of the rest of the slaves and doing only what you have to do in order to survive. It means raising a generation of children who are conscious of their Race and conscious of the evil that dominates the mainstream of life. It means giving these children true values and real purpose, the things they will NEED when the full-scale war takes place about the time they are reaching adulthood.

The best long-range goal this strategy can have is our successfully existing, not as atoms, but as effective UNITS, then tribes, communities and finally again as a NATION! This biological bond must live and build, it must SURVIVE while all forms of “System” and “Government” are diminished and blasted away.

[Vol. XIII, #3– March, 1984]


The Meaning of Hitler
People, even National Socialists, get the two dimensions of Hitler mixed up and, thereby, lose the actual concept of what he was in reality. There was the inspired philosopher and reformer, then there was the inspired politician and statesman. History has been full of the first type and equally full of the second type but NEVER TOGETHER IN THE SAME MAN. Aside from this, Hitler was entirely a man of his people– racially, psychically, culturally. He was gifted with extraordinary personal qualities. He was entirely fearless, selfless, absolutely dedicated to his people. What he accomplished amounts to the greatest miracle in history. Against every odd there was the philosophy, the Party, the Revolution, the Third Reich and even the War itself. No one man has ever accounted for so much on his own- all within twenty-five years!

As far as we today are concerned, those who are living to perpetuate and advance Hitler’s work, or at least live up to his example, need to understand what he meant historically. His Movement and his government represented the LAST TIME the workings of the old order would ever be harnessed and put to use FOR THE GOOD of the Whites of any respective nation. Hitler was the LAST CHANCE for the revival of Western Civilization. And so, in that sense, it is practically useless for us to attempt to emulate him today, for that phase is PAST. For those who are aware of this then, the choice is clear but it is not easy: either dream in the past or live in the present, at the same time while FIGHTING for the future.

[Vol. XII, #3– March, 1983]


Cowboys and Niggers
Years ago, while still a dues-paying novice at this, I used to get discouraged. But no more-because it came over me some time ago that the revolution we dream of, speak of, and write of has not faltered or failed, for the simple reason that it hasn’t gotten started yet. It’s going to start– it must start. I don’t care how badly the disease of liberal democracy has infected our people; human nature remains the same and it will rise to the surface and show itself sooner or later. For there to be smoke, there’s got to be fire someplace. And you’ve certainly got to crawl before you can walk, much less run. Evidently things are beginning to happen, and happen right, in this country. Whether we are to believe the System bureaucrats who say that a “deranged maniac” is on the loose, or whether we believe Jesse Jackson who swears that a small band of extreme radicals is at work, hardly matters. The fact remains that SOMEBODY is starting to do it RIGHT!!!

The past thirty days have been outstanding ones for news. What began as a hopeful trickle has turned into a positively electrifying flood! On September 26th the headlines began on this upbeat note: “Killer Stalks Buffalo Blacks”. That incident involved the shooting of four Blacks that left three dead within thirty-six hours in that city. Next item out of Buffalo was, “Vicious Murders Spark Massive Manhunt”. It was thus reported on October 10th that two more Blacks had not only been killed but had had their hearts cut out. From what we gather, the fourth shooting victim died and there was a strangulation attempt that was not successful against still another Black. Police in Buffalo claim four “composite drawings” of a suspect or suspects. District Attorney Edward Cosgrove made this very pregnant statement: “I can’t imagine a more serious, traumatic situation occurring in a U.S. community.” Well, brother, we sure as hell can.

On October 7th it was reported that a “prime suspect” in the shooting of Vernon Jordan had been identified as one Joseph Franklin. At the same time it came out that Franklin had been known to appear in Nazi uniform, giving the Hitler salute, this tidbit supplied by his ex-wife in Louisiana. But it seems as though Franklin is a real traveling man. Wanted for the killing of two Black “youths” in Salt Lake City, Utah, while police in Cincinnati, Ohio, want to question him (I’ll bet!) regarding the killing of two more Negro “youths” in that city, so far Franklin is credited with ten killings and is wanted in five states. Best of all is the fact that Franklin supposedly has been killing mixed couples… the rotten Whites right along with the Blacks. Bravo!!

Then finally there is the business in Atlanta, Georgia, of whomever it is that believes the proper target is the offspring rather than the adult. At last report, on October 11th, there were eight dead Black offspring in the Atlanta area over a period of fifteen months. These occurrences are the closest thing yet amounting to what is actually needed in this country.


Power to Break the System
We’re not going to discuss Atlanta for to do so would be foolish and dangerous at this point. But one thing no one seems to be catching– no one outside the NSLF– is that one or a very few persons have an entire area begging to the System for millions of dollars in additional funds to try and capture the mirth-makers. The foulest swine among the System’s stooges are staging “benefit concerts” to raise more money. Other metropolitan sink-holes across the country– openly fearing that they might be next– are urgently collecting funds for putting a stop to this unplanned, unmonitored, uncontrolled bit of “disorder”. What if there currently were six or a dozen “Atlantas”? The power to break the System does exist.

[Vol. X, # 4 – Apr., 1981]


Die Monster, Die!
Whether racially alien or spiritually alien, we have generally assumed that the agents and representatives of Big Brother were at least mortal. Maybe that assumption was too easy. We’ve witnessed it dramatically recently with the shooting of a System “President” and a System “Press Secretary”. We saw it earlier with a Black– Vernon Jordan– plus other instances on and off. Jordan was hit with a heavy caliber rifle, critically wounded, yet lived to recover and go on fulfilling the commands of his Master. It was safely afterward that the media admitted that the System “President” had a close call due to loss of blood. Yet he too lived. But the story that the bureaucratic “Press Secretary” had his brains blown out and yet is making a “miraculous recovery” took the cake!

Maybe you just don’t need brains to be a government bureaucrat.

Science fiction fans will well remember a film classic from the 1950’s entitled “The Thing From Outer Space”, starring James Arness in the title role. The “Thing” had a humanoid appearance but the constitution of a vegetable which meant it had no vital spots. The men under actor Kenneth Tobey’s film-command used everything from Very pistols to .45 machine guns to high explosives but could not kill the “Thing”. Point being that each brave man who tried these ineffectual weapons was sacrificed and lost. In the case of Hinckley ‘s bullets, a line from the screen play might read like this, “But sir, I fired ‘Devastators’ into the son-of-a bitch and he just kept coming!”

In the end they killed the “Thing” by rigging a high-voltage trap which vaporized the monster. In the setting of a military base with all sorts of equipment and technicians handy, such a method as electrocution can be possible. But not so in a desperate, hand-to-mouth struggle against the most horrible and inhuman of all monsters: Big Brother. Certainly body shots, even with high-powered rifles, are never too dependable. And I’ve been informed that, because of today’s advances in medicine, had he been shot today, Bobby Kennedy probably would have survived.

But not if he’d had his head blown OFF, I’ll wager.

[Vol. X #6, – June 1981]


A Man, The Man
It’s worth saying again and again that the failing of the Movement has not been one of name or symbolism but of strategy and tactics. A few of our own best people have correctly observed that should a great mind and personality exist with the potential of becoming another Hitler, he would positively want nothing to do with the Movement in its present state. He would be instantly repelled by the idiocy, the smallness, the futility and the negative connection with the dead past.

But such a mind would by nature be committed to a course of open action, just as Hitler was. He would waste no time in gathering followers and in making himself known to the world– and to every household– in his own original way. But how? And what would be the world’s reaction as well as the reaction of the individual? One way of knowing is to recall how the world reacted, and still reacts, to Hitler. The Jews are cunning and the individual is blind and stupid.

Someone of an extraordinary nature must be among us somewhere in one guise or another. Not one more faker either, but truly a personality of extraordinary proportions. When one takes into account that Hitler was joined by many great men then there is room to accept that more than one might– must– exist today. The times are still early, historically.

[Vol. X, #9– Sept., 1981]


The Course
I want to speak more clearly than I have before in previous segments of SIEGE on this topic. There are but two separate choices as regards strategies and courses of action for any who consider themselves members of the Movement: TOTAL ATTACK or TOTAL DROP-OUT. These are the opposite ends of the revolutionary spectrum. While the former is the more blazing and heroic, it is the latter, by far, that I favor and would urge all comrades to adopt. I favor the latter as the only sane and realistic choice.

Charles Manson was and is the master of this philosophy. We’re talking about survival versus suicide. Manson would tell us that suicide is the lot of the System. Let ours be survival. Never forget that violent revolution may come as a result of a policy of total drop-out, if it is carried out effectively. But should violent revolution come and find us not already highly adept drop-outs, then it will spell our own deaths as well.

Next, if you cannot make a revolution in your own mind, in your daily life and habits, then you certainly cannot do it in any other way. This is why Manson scoffs at the so-called Movement “bad asses” arid why they, in turn, scorn him (because he “undresses” them with his eyes).

There’s no use talking about it unless you have done it.


I advocate more of what I have done and am still doing. AND TAKING NO STUPID RISKS TO JEOPARDIZE IT.

It seems too many want what no one has done, can or should do. And to think you can change the System within the System is BULLSHIT!

There are probably a lot more things I’d be ready to do without the bat of an eye than the average Movement member. Some people are born without arms or legs, etc.. I was born without any COMPUNCTIONS. If it f eels good, DO IT! If it gets you where you want to go, USE IT! And by the same token, if it’s counter-productive, DROP IT!

You must drop out of and away from the System. Mentally, spiritually, physically, economically. Since I do not advocate becoming hermits living in caves, but do strongly advocate living WELL, then it amounts to a matter of short-circuiting your relationship with the System: a highly disproportionate amount of it coming YOUR way; only very grudgingly give anything to the System except in the cases of outright, naked and inescapable blood money (certain kinds of taxes, etc.) and only then in the silent and satisfying knowledge that you’ll be retaking that plus some more over the near future. One step backward and two steps forward. Remember, in all of your unavoidable “intercourses” with the System, make sure that you are the “er” and not the “ee”.

There are many things I won’t be delving into as regards the revolutionary’s relationship with the System. But one of the most important would however be to NEVER take anything seriously at all other than that which threatens to directly, materially, affect YOU! And that cuts out so very much and clears away so much time, thought and resources with which to be ready to keep the wolves away from the door. Their phony garbage: elections, world affairs, economy, education, crime– the lot of it. Pull away from it all and LET IT GO TO HELL!

Start now getting ready to survive the demise of the System. You may actually be CONTRIBUTING to that demise! Begin breaking away gradually but on a steady program. CALL NO ATTENTION TO YOURSELF! Say nothing. Just act.

[Vol. XV, #6– June, 1986]

(This was the final issue of SIEGE)


Staying One Up
The philosophy behind this would indeed make the kind of epitaph each of us should want to have inscribed over our graves: “He died one up on the System”.

Even the worst flunkies and pretenders in the Movement sometimes have their moments as well. It happened to be one of them that first crystallized the concept of getting and keeping “one up” at all times against the System so that, if you’re ever successfully “taken out” by the System, you may be able to go out not with a sense of loss or defeat but instead with a very real sense of “Und ihr habt doch gesiegt”– of having yet been victorious in spite.

This has always, since the end of the War, been a struggle for the self– an inner struggle primarily. “First myself and THEN the world!” It is just that only now are we becoming more aware of it. When your moment comes, if you have been successful and done your utmost, probably it will be best known only by just you. Inner satisfaction as opposed to fanfare. If it were otherwise, your score undoubtedly would have been cut short a lot sooner. You’ll be able to go out like a man. “Prima donna” types will always go out kicking and squealing, protesting their “innocence” and their “rights” to a System that cares only to be able to get its meat hooks on an opponent who has provided it with the chance to do so through a careless mistake.

The System is so vast, so complex, so inhuman, that sporadic, isolated assaults against it do less harm to it actually than a far-flung community of committed revolutionists living and functioning as an entity unto themselves. The real attack is a fully aware individual in this day and age who LIVES his deepest convictions, actually puts them to work! What an attack! In the face of what could be a dictionary definition of hopelessness, individuals grimly and quietly working against it, for themselves, despite all. To “drop out” of it and go on managing for yourself and for its destruction, QUIETLY, year after year, decade after decade, SUCCESSFULLY, UNMOLESTED… what a victory! And then to have gotten in your real jabs, to have drawn real blood besides.., no one can ask more than that under these circumstances.

Aside from being ready for death at any time, such a life’s conduct will allow one to be able to accept and cheerfully write off any tactical losses or set-backs that will inevitably arise in due course.

To play against impossible odds and to keep accounts in your favor is the victory.

[Vol. XIV, #10– Oct., 1985]


Where History Stopped
It never hurts to possess a comprehensive understanding of history and the development of Aryan culture, not to mention that of our enemies. This however requires much time and study, that is, assuming that one can even get hold of the required literature for such study. For purposes of revolutionary understanding as well as revolutionary recruiting, all that needs to be comprehended well are the occurrences of the past century. It’s all contained there within the span of a few short generations: the fall of the White Race from the very heights of power and culture to the bottom depths of servitude and degradation. And then, of course, there is the Greatest Story Ever Told which still lies within the memories of half the people yet alive today. That is the saga of Adolf Hitler, the birth and rise of the NSDAP and the Third Reich in Germany . There compressed within an incredibly short time-frame, twenty five years, is the total revelation of an entire age of man. Truly where history– as it had been known since the end of Classical Civilization– came to its end.

To go even further, a person who is truly aware really needs to look no further than what he finds around him here, in the present day. That may be asking a bit too much as practically all living vestiges of a great past have been erased. Still I hold that a person who is strong and natural within will know by the filth and disease all about him that things are not right and will be able to arrive at his own conclusions (also based on who is running the show, and who it is they most curse). Charles Manson, to be sure, has never cracked open one of the Right Wing books about the Illuminati, etc., and his grasp of things is total (and how the Establishment curses him!). Indeed, as he himself points out, books can be dangerous as they have the power to suck one into them and the era and place they are representing. How true this has been of the entire Right Wing– if they haven’t been living in 1933, they’ve been living in 1865.

I’ve seen too many who flaunt their prowess at talking Right Wing trivia and laying claim to this intellectual trick as some kind of grounds for leadership. Some of it might be of interest for a genuine student of history– as I am– who doesn’t mind lectures, but it is counter-productive in the extreme where revolutionary personalities and temperaments are involved, that is, among the more directly action-minded. They want to hear present-day reality put into simple terms of explanation– they want to hear flaming, living rhetoric to forge together a hardcore Movement, and most of all to hear about the future, not the past.

Just as not everyone was ever intended (at least not by Nature) to fall into the System’s universal, compulsory liberal education, not everyone who might possibly gravitate into the Movement is intended to be aware of everything that has happened throughout history from antediluvian times to the present. For all but the most tiny few, such knowledge is useless baggage. The fact is that most couldn’t care less. To try to push it on them is to alienate and lose them. Give them instead what will most set them on fire: the way to deal with the present rather than be victimized by it and, most of all, the way to conquer the future!

[Vol. XIII, #6 – June, 1984]


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