James Mason Continued- Charles Manson and more!

Manson’s Way
Manson cannot comprehend why otherwise intelligent adults would want to try and pretend that this is Germany in 1933 or the U.S. South in 1876 or indulge in any other fantasy to the expense of the stated struggle which is at hand. Having been through this Movement, I can comprehend it– though I’m not proud of it and have found that, in trying to explain it to Manson, the whole sorry thing sticks in my throat. The reason Manson can’t understand it is that he goes on the assumption that any who are in possession of so large a chunk of the Truth, as is the racialist Right, would proceed as he himself proceeds: in total honesty. Those who have seen the light know that the operators within the Movement are a notoriously DISHONEST bunch of fakers and rip-offs and do the Truth the grossest disservice by their very presence.

That’s why people can’t– at first– countenance Manson: he does not deal in images or gimmicks, only reality, the way it is. Most people simply cannot STAND this. They haven’t got the brain capacity or the guts for it. When they look at Manson, they see themselves and they– unless they are right inside– HATE IT. So, for lack of better understanding of it, they direct this hatred towards Manson. Is it any wonder then why we get so many of these reactions from within the Right, having been the haven that it has for all the many cowards and defectives? But the Right can no longer deliver the cheap, vicarious thrills it used to and the curiosity-seekers are thinning out along the carnival midway. REALITY has arrived and business for fakers is bad. If one were to attach a human name to stand for reality, that name would be Manson.

It is Planet Earth, here and now. A Leader who is alive is called for. There has to be guidance, authority, unity that can only be provided by the kind of personality that can fulfill the demands of Hitler’s Leadership Principle. Many will be called but few will answer; fewer still will be chosen. This however is not cultism but the reality of the situation. As revolutionary National Socialists, we denounced and abandoned the so-called “mass idea” as worthless. But even a winning minority is going to have to number in the hundreds of thousands and, therefore, the task is every bit as awesome as it ever was. The difference now must be that we correctly assess the situation, accurately perceive what measures are called for and then set our plans accordingly. Only a master of the sense of REALITY can focus through the shroud of Jewish-created illusion, determine the proper course and define the right action.


A New Phase, A New Course
One long-time veteran of this Movement commented to me about two years ago when I sprang on him my new “discovery”, “Jim, I’ll just consider that this is your latest fantasy and that it’ll be gone in a couple of months.” I responded that if indeed this were a “fantasy”, it was only my second one in fourteen years– the first having been everything ever represented by Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell.

Quite apart from being a fantasy, I was not long in finding out that I was not first in my unorthodox and thus far self-kept findings. Since then others have come to the same conclusions and conviction. Finally, today, it has reached the point where it has broken the surface on its own and people are going to have to start taking a stand on the issue.

Who recognizes history being made? Who would have guessed that a wellestablished National Socialist Movement in Europe would have latched onto, or been latched onto by an ex-vagabond from Austria named Hitler? Who in 1919 would have foreseen the social, political, economic and military MIRACLES that were to mark the next twenty-five-year period? Greater than that, who could have imagined to what extent the name and accomplishments of Hitler would be DISTORTED and MISREPRESENTED by a media totally in Jewish hands? We are at least supposed to be enlightened to where we CAN see these things. But are we?

Hindsight alone is more dangerous than it is useless. Are we to say it can’t happen again in a totally unpredictable way? Do any among us still seriously think we can do it alone, using the past and current methods, without some new, difference-making input? I quote from Hitler: “I know that some man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear.. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other one still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.” That was a statement made by Hitler in 1928. In 1924, in Mein Kampf, as all National Socialists must be aware, Hitler also said this: “THE MAN THEY HAVE MOST REVILED STANDS CLOSEST TO US, AND THE MAN THEY HATE WORST IS OUR BEST FRIEND.”


Universal Order Versus
The Left-Right Spectrum
Even as Commander Rockwell was saying twenty years ago, classic notions of “Left” and “Right” were becoming then, and certainly are by now, obsolete and meaningless. To place this into perspective, by referring to “Left” and “Right”, one only expands the context of– while remaining on the same plane as– those extremely foolish ones who still think in terms of party politics, Democrat vs. Republican, Liberal vs. Conservative. The point being that these terms are all equally SYSTEM TERMS, because in reality, at the core of their set programs, they each support the System and are a part of it.

What has been missing up till now has been a clean dividing line, an actual breaking point where all pretenses of working within the System, by its rules, were dropped once and for all. In short, a complete break with time past.

As has been said earlier in SIEGE, those who control the System, by having ultimately succeeded in effecting TOTAL CONTROL over every official, recognized aspect of society, business, government, media, etc., have LOST CONTROL over the course of events through having done away with competent, legitimate opposition that could conceivably step in and take over in an orderly manner (as Hitler’s NSDAP did in 1933). An incredibly dangerous, explosive situation this is, for it’s becoming clearer each day that those in “control” and their minions are losing the ability to hold the pieces together, yet there is no relief, there are no answers forthcoming from any “reputable” direction. This, of course, spells TOTAL COLLAPSE, TOTAL ANARCHY, TOTAL DESTRUCTION. And it shall mean that any babbling about Conservative “a little less of this” or Liberal “a little more of that” will one day be rewarded with a bullet.

When the mess collapses the obvious will become clear: there is only one correct way of handling elemental human problems– not by further compromise– but through Universal Order. Rather than viewing the world and its affairs from an artificially created vantage point of any outmoded political philosophy, it will be a matter of dealing directly with reality from any point were one finds oneself at that moment. Universal Order means reality applied to NOW.

[Vol. XI, #12– Dec., 1982]


Helter Skelter
Manson says simply that when the television goes off, the people will go insane. The spell will be broken and what shall Reality consist of other than Hell having made itself manifest on earth? That’s when the thought and preparation undertaken today will pay off for those who did more than TALK about the deplorability of it all. And Charles Manson will share no blame for any of it. I would add that the people will go insane trying to place culpability. In all likelihood, they’ll kill themselves off in a mad frenzy. I’ve said before that I want to be around for the finale, but not in the midst of that scenario. I’d prefer surveying the scene of the carnage after it has died down. The bright spot to all this is that, once the forces of the System have been swept away, then Universal Order will be established naturally. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be on it’s side.

[Vol. XII, #2– Feb., 1983]


The Meaning of Manson
He is a product of the American heartland and was subject to the worst conditions that prevailed. But racially, psychically, and culturally he is perhaps the MOST American. Personally gifted, selfless, fearless– both morally and physically– and absolutely dedicated to Life, to Earth and to Truth. What he did– in spite of a life full of the worst adversity– rather than drown in a sea of bitterness as most would have done, he established a racial-socialist colony in Death Valley, in California, in the midst of the push-shove of the 1960’s, which was neither hippie nor Right Wing.

As far as those of us today who remain active in the struggle against Death, in favor of Life, Manson’s meaning is of the highest importance. His ideas can be readily accepted by racially sound, intelligent, honest Leftists as they can be by Rightists. Without Manson’s input, neither side will unravel the problem nor find an answer in time. His is to date the most supreme example of defiance, action and survival.

Little more can be added here except that the verse from Mein Kampf in which Hitler cautioned against turning one’s back to the immortal hands which occasionally are outstretched to us in times of great stress, has its most potent meaning at this time– “…woe to the people that is ashamed to grasp them.”

[Vol. XII, #3– March, 1983]


The Attack On Manson
Last month’s issue of SIEGE had gone to press at about the same time the news of the prison attack against Charles Manson reached us here. Personally, I hadn’t experienced such a shock since I received the word of the assassination of Commander Rockwell. Neither had the implications for the Movement been as great as that day in 1967. It was probably better that things worked out as they did, time-wise, as there was little or nothing more that could have been added in these pages to the news reports which, I’m certain, everyone saw at that time. I dislike trying to comment in an intelligent way on a grave topic about which few facts have come in.

Speculations now aside, Manson’s injuries are not severe and will produce nothing of a lasting nature. One friend reported that, “It was all over with inside of four minutes.” Those with any combat experience, or experience at being wounded, will be aware that four minutes can be an eternity. But there are at least as many friends of Manson inside as there are enemies and this plus their fast action made the difference. We thank these from the bottom of our heart.

I never recalled any questions or worries during the Sixties about what would happen should someone kill the Commander or even whether anyone might seriously try. He was eminently well qualified to take care of himself and, as he would say, his very audacity helped keep him alive. But with Manson it has been different. We have worried– deeply– about the very real risk of just such an attack. If the world outside is a jungle then the world of prison is an insane asylum. It turns out that it was a “nut” that finally got to Manson after all these years but it certainly didn’t have to be. Among dangerous punks of all types– inmates and guards alike it is known and accepted that a hit against Charles Manson would place one at the top of the pecking order. And it’s an odd coincidence that both Rockwell and Manson were forty-nine years of age at the time of their most deadly personal attacks.

People are dying and getting killed all the time. It’ll happen to each one of us sooner or later. In prison, those with “names” have been targeted traditionally since these institutions first existed. Though maybe prison, with all its risks, is and has been Manson’s world, we still view his life as something of extreme value, something to be preserved at all cost. We have been lucky this time. I’m a believer in luck. Maybe nothing like this will happen again, or at least not for a very long time. It was as though, with the elevation of years with no significant attack, the probability of one happening was becoming critical. Now, in more ways than one, the pressure is off, for awhile.

The press, as always, treated Manson as hot property, not as an individual. That he had been seriously attacked was sensational. That he’s going to be all-right is not. And it is this view– that of the Jewish press– that the majority of those in the Movement seem content to be left with concerning Manson. Not too surprising really when you match this view and this attitude with the state the Movement finds itself in.

Though I expressed the sincere feeling that I do not identify with these times, I do take pride in the fact that and the realization that I am not, in spite, stricken by contemporary blindness. Jesus of Nazareth in robes and sandals in 1934 would be a sensation. But in the year 30 A.D., he was just another guy, a shit-disturber whom they allowed to be strung up in the manner of the most common criminals. Adolf Hitler with his flashy uniform, his para-military party and his histrionic oratory today seems most out of place. In 1933, he was little different than a dozen other European dictators. They say familiarity breeds contempt while the dreamer in all of us longs for the exotic. Maybe that’s why the Christs among us in the present are so often overlooked or scorned. The Movement with its weird way of looking at things can’t see in Manson anything more than what the Jewish press puts in its deliberately distorted, sensationalized coverages.

What did it in the end for Jesus, Hitler and Manson is found in what they SAID and in what they DID… and not in whatever way they might have tried to attract the attention of any potential fan club.

If Manson is still with us in the living, you can thank a couple of nameless prison inmates. What do you now do about that which you nearly left until it was too late?

[Vol. XIII, #11– Nov., 1984]


Charles Manson
To Charles Manson it is necessary to devote his own segment. He is unique from the rest not because of any comparative degree of greatness, not on account of any variation from a certain, accepted norm but only because he is the only one which is still alive. And alive in this age generally means to be grossly misunderstood.

I have no way of knowing how many of you managed to watch the interview with Manson done by CBS on its “Nightwatch” program during March of this year. It is difficult for me to comment on what was said even though I videotaped the entire, sixty-minute show. For one, it was anything else but an interview. The “host” kept on interrupting, baiting and throwing barbs all throughout, not to mention tossing in his own little “interpolations” at every commercial break. Manson did his best to hold a tight line of thought despite all interference and provocation. What came across to me– and I have known Manson for about six years– was impressive. The heaviest concepts I have heard to date. Things so huge and all-encompassing that they were and are hard to grasp. I realize that the bulk of the Movement is in agreement with the System in that “Manson is insane”. I have heard all that elsewhere before, applied to different personalities. It says nothing about Manson. It tells a lot about those who say it.

Without difficulty, I can well imagine and appreciate how Manson must strike the average mind. Incomprehensible. However, I always felt that the minds in the Movement– or at least some of the better ones– would and should be more perceptive and receptive. I have only been partially right. While 98% of what Manson says flies right over the heads of most, only about 30% leaves me behind in the dust. Tome– a realist and an objectivist– that doesn’t mean Manson is screwy. To me it means that here is one source from which I can still draw understanding and knowledge– from which I can still LEARN. For these past five or six years, I have had a sure feeling that when I could approach Manson’s grasp and understanding, I’d have achieved something truly great. I’ve been gaining at it slowly but steadily and remain more convinced of it than ever before.

Contrast this with the information to be found in the Movement. First, how much of it is direct reprint, often dating back ten years and beyond? What does the most advanced of it consist of? Flowery curses upon the System and admonishments to get away and form our own colonies. What’s missing is the state of mind, the weltanschauung, the ideology upon which to live, think, to base and to view and everything. I’ve come to know enough of it to realize that full comprehension of the rest would amount to the ultimate weapon, offensive and defensive, in our poor, disinherited hands.

Manson is unique from the rest because he still lives. He is identical with the rest because he too was undone and betrayed by his own disciples. And for any who have the courage to see arid know that, with 1945, the world and everything in it was turned upside-down, it only follows logically that you look for the greatest of leaders, not at the top where they used to be found, but at the STONE BOTTOM the way this crazy, evil mess demands it must be! But bottom or no, not even the walls of San Quentin can confine his world-significant impact. (And I just wish all of you could have caught a glimpse of the half-dozen-strong escort of “Mr.T’s” he had from the block to the room where the interview was conducted.)

Everything else had become to me just like a broken record. I was more than just a little amazed and disgusted when some of the “better” people in the Movement would ask me in the beginning, “Is he a member of the party?” or “Does he plan to become a party member?” The problems always arise when small or average minds try to measure something great using their own inadequate standards. Such as if Jesus were to appear on the street and some asshole inquire, “Are you a member of our Church?” And, in any case, he’d be in violation of the hair and dress code, with no visible means of support, etc.

To the Right Wing aficionados, I would remind you that our Enemy, in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, has long ago promised to invariably attach the status of “common criminal” to their own worst enemies so that their true nature would be effectively concealed from the eyes of the people. Even at that, they have found it altogether impossible to continue seriously pretending that Manson is no more than a common criminal.

I have done what I could to inject– subtlely and overtly– as many of Manson’s ideas into Movement thought as possible. I have had limited success. But having accomplished this much, I can only hope that the seeds have been planted and the torch passed…

[Vol. XV, #5– May, 1986]

(This was the last commentary on the above subjects appearing in the original SIEGE.)


Revolutionary Man
I spoke much earlier in SIEGE about Mass Man and Representational Man- the low and high levels of the broad human spectrum. But Savitri Devi, in her work entitled, The Lightning and the Sun, describes for us an even higher type of man:

“They live and wait. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are waiting for Kalki; Kalki the last Man Against Time; the one whom Adolf Hitler foresaw in 1928; the Avenger who will give them– or their children– the world.

“The last incarnation of him-who-comes-back– the last Man Against Time has many names. Every great faith, every great culture, every true (living or obsolete) form of tradition as old as the fall of man has given him one…. the Christians behold him in Christ, present for the second time: no longer a meek preacher of love and forgiveness but the irresistible leader of the celestial white horsemen destined to put an end to this sinful world and establish a new heaven and a new earth. The Mohammedan world is awaiting him under the features of Mahdi, whom Allah shall send “at the end times”, to crush all evil through the powers of his sword– “after the Jews will once more have become the masters of Jerusalem” and after “the Devil will have taught men to set even the air they breathe on fire.” And the millions of Hindustan have called him from time immemorial and still call him Kalki, the last incarnation of the world-sustaining power: Vishnu; the one who will, in the interest of life, put an end to this age of gloom and open a new succession of ages.

“That last, great individual– an absolute harmonious blending of the sharpest of all opposites; equally sun and lightning– is the one whom the faithful of all religions and the bearers of practically all cultures await; the one of whom Adolf Hitler (knowingly or unknowingly) said in 1928: “I am not he; but while nobody comes forward to prepare the way for him, I do so.”

“Contrarily to Adolf Hitler, he will spare not a single one of the enemies of the divine cause: not a single one of its outspoken opponents but also not a single one of the lukewarm, of the opportunists, of the ideological heretical, of the racially bastardized, of the unhealthy, of the hesitating, of the all-too-human; not a single one of those who, in body or character or mind, bear the stamp of the fallen ages.

“His companions at arms will be the last National Socialists; the men of iron who will have victoriously stood the test of persecution and, what is more, the test of complete isolation in the midst of a dreary, indifferent world in which they have no place; who are facing that world and defying it through every gesture, every hint– every silence of theirs and, more and more (in the case of the younger ones) without even the personal memory of Adolf Hitler’s great days to sustain them. They are the ones who will, one day, make good for all that Men Against Time have suffered in the course of history, like they themselves, for the sake of eternal truth: the avenging comrades whom the millions of 1945– the dying, the tortured, and the desperate survivors– called in vain; those whom all the vanquished fighters against time called in vain, in every phase of the great cosmic struggle without beginning, against the forces of disintegration, co-eternal with the forces of life.

“They are time bridge to supermanhood, of winch Nietzsche has spoken; the last battalion, in which Hitler has put his confidence.

“Kalki will lead them, through the flames of the great end, into the sunshine of the new Golden Age.

“We like to hope that the memory of the one-before-the-last and most heroic of all our Men Against Time– Adolf Hitler– will survive, at least in songs and symbols. We like to hope that the lords of the age, men of his own blood and faith, will render him divine honors, through riles full of meaning and full of potency, in the cool shade of the endless regrown forests, on the beaches, or upon the inviolate mountain peaks, facing the rising sun.”

Any of the two-bit, tin-horn “Fuhrers” who think they can follow that act, take three steps forward!



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