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Smashing the Pig System

To make the critical distinction between ourselves and Marxists or plain anarchists, we must face that there has been no government that has been of, by and for White people since 1945. Conservative types and “fair dealers” were content to allow “good” aliens to man sensitive posts and make policy as long as they did their utmost to keep profit margins high. More reactionary conservatives railed at the thought of “creeping socialism”, “creeping liberalism”, etc., as the price the so-called “leaders” were willing to pay for the continued services of the master money manipulators. But they all rested their cases on the democratic system, the two primary political parties, the “free press”, etc., to ultimately set everything right somehow. Of course, the U.S. government ceased to be White even before the outbreak of the First World War as the very smallest number of alien infiltrators had succeeded by that time in deranging the entire meaning and thrust of government away from being the servant of the people and even away from being pro-American in world dealings. From that humble beginning it has grown into the monster that it is today.

With that as our setting we turn our focus to what was transpiring in the news during late October with regard to the bombings and robberies carried out by different Leftist/Black outfits that hadn’t been heard from since the 1960’s. Names and racial/political orientation are irrelevant actually because we are no longer concerned with the “menace” and “bogeyman” kick of the Sixties and we are through with conservative reaction. The point is that SOMEBODY HIT THE SYSTEM! And that is all that counts.

Even during their heyday in the Vietnam era we rightly termed them “Phony Revolutionaries” as they merely made a public spectacle out of what the traitors in Congress and the rest of the government were quietly making into national policy. Who lost Vietnam? Jerry Rubin or System scumbags all the way from Kennedy to Ford and all the big and little ones in between? Jews like Rubin and Hoffman and dozens of others probably knew exactly what they were doing as demonstrated by their recent maneuvers but hundreds of thousands of duped, liberalized White youths did not. Furthermore, millions of Blacks- to the contrary– did know what the likes of these Jews were up to and, if anything, were a thousand times more sincere (if violently anti-White) than the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), Yippie types. In the end it is questionable who the biggest dupes were however.

The most rabid among these groups idealized every move they made as being directed against the very vital innards of what they viewed as the “White Racist” society. We did not and still do not take them lightly because, after all, it is the sentiment that counts. But you and I know that this is anything else but a “White Racist” society. It is a cesspool of miscegenation. So when they attack in earnest, physically, what is it that they attack? They attack Big Brother whether they know it or like it or not. They attack their very Patron Saint! This is known as falling for your own propaganda. It is the old “Frankenstein” story. Rubin once wrote that the fallacy of the Conservatives and the Right in trying to deal with those like himself was in their creating and aura of a gigantic menace which in reality didn’t exist but yet generated a very real void effortlessly filled by these shirt-tail bolsheviks. Does such a void exist today and for whom has it been tailored?

Each of us knows how they howl, march and protest against “racism”, the Klan and the Nazis to this day. They have even lately taken to saying that Blacks have actually lost some of the ground gained after 1965. But it is glaringly clear that pro-Black discrimination rampages up and down this land like a steamroller gone wild. Each of you knows how impotent the traditional Right Wing has become. Yet, to the Left, Enemy #1 remains “Racism”. That is the situation and it is one of the prime reasons we must stick by our guns just as Commander Rockwell insisted from the beginning and NEVER shrink from the use of our rightful name and rightful symbol, the Swastika- for who and what more vividly represents this huge and terrible “ogre” than Nazis and the Swastika? The point is that, even while they declare us to be the primary foe, our very non-presence denies them the opportunity of getting at us. That is the effective result though they– after several cautious glances about– like to say that they won’t “allow” us to appear. We, on the other hand, are aware that plain redneck stupidity has merely run its full course.

These psyched-up Reds– and especially the agitated Blacks– can’t be expected to lie dormant forever and you can only hit what you can see. One of the cornerstones of our strategy is to make ourselves the most unattractive target for these peripheral rowdies. We’d rather see the System take it on the chin instead. In deciding who your enemy really is you must take into account that an opponent is only dangerous to you if he holds some kind of power over you. Groups like the PLP (Progressive Labor Party), etc., can’t affect us in the slightest unless we provide them with an opening. The Big Brother System is another matter. THERE IS THE ENEMY!! It is our worst enemy in the entire world!

If a bunch of Black Nationalists rob a Brinks truck, if they kill some System Pigs, WHO CARES??!! Money is the lifeblood of the System so let the Blacks, or anyone else who cares to, open up a damned artery! Any Pig killed by a Black or Communist Revolutionary is one Pig you maybe sure will not come after YOU one night with a nice, neat Federal warrant.

It is a dirty, rotten shame that it has to be left up to the likes of Blacks and bowlegged Jewish agitators to hit the Pig System but, damn it, SOMEBODY’S GOT TO DO IT! So wish ’em lots o’ luck because this is serious, deadly business and twenty years of bitter experience has shown us that all the piety and all the law and order bullshit of the past has gotten us NOWHERE!

[Vol. X, #12 – Dec., 1981]


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One response to “More by James Mason

  • Sharif Gawad

    Damn right! let the scum get rid of each other, saving us time to focus our energy more constructively elswhere!

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