Notes from a former SubGenius

I am currently in my early 30’s, but as a teenager I was a pious SubGenius and Discordian. I learned some important lessons from this era that I’ve been thinking about lately.

Juggalette Clown Girl Jester Images

1. There needs to be a filtration system as Onyx Angels gets bigger, and this is why Vasna decided that the physical taskate had to be added. Any review of a SubGenius gathering shows that most of the people in attendance are “pinks” at heart, or in other words mundane or homo sapiens, not Homo Superior. As OA gets bigger I seriously don’t want hangers around, and this is the reason for the initium pledge, as posted before, and the need for IRL meetings at dive bars and strip clubs, to prevent the whole thing from turning into a mess.

2. Some of you who participated in SubG leafleting before may remember the old 8.5×11 sheets you could get, which could be cut into 10-20 little tracts, each with bizarre symbols and eye catching phrases. We should use this idea seriously.

3. Remember, sometimes we aren’t looking for National Anarchist recruits– sometimes we want to change the memes in other ppl’s heads, but we don’t necessarily want them to join our “cells” , so keep this in mind in propaganda tactics.

4. (fnord)

5. The following is a rough progress of the stream of ideas that went into Vasna’s forming of the OA in early 2011. In CHRONO order.

1997-1999- Discordian, SubGenius, Hakim Bey, Tani Jantsang, Bakunin
2000-2003- Nechaev’s Catechism of the Revolutionist, Josef Stalin, Che Guevara, Nietzsche
2004-2006- John “Birdman” Bryant, Insane Clown Possee
2007-2009- David Lane, Edred Thorsson, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Himmler, Heydrich, The Strasser Brothers, obscure Islamic tract writers….
2010- Alexander Dugin, the Greek Anarchists
2011- 5th Vehicle Buddhism, Otep Shamaya

Point being– we all have a “memetic plaza” in our mind if we have a good memory–one idea leads to another—sometimes ideas are in the same store, like in a mall…the video games and video game controllers are in the same store, the coffe beans are in another store but still in the same mall–we may outgrow some ideas but we must be able to know what stream we followed to get from one place to another.

Sometimes as we mature we can use lessons from the past–past ideologies, religions, even games–and incorporate them into what we are doing now. Change the outer forms but keep the inner essence.




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The SpiritRoad is an ontological worldview, inspired by traditions from the east and west, developed by Vasna Cincy in 2011. This particular chymic Road is an open source memetic plaza. View all posts by blacksunklan

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