National Anarchism PART ONE

Many people around the world are aware of a disproportionate Jewish influence in the governments and media outlets in the USA and Europe, but most people are totally under the thumb of the Jew, and are afraid of speaking for fear of persecution. It’s a fact though that ever since a few European kings first dived into the financial tornado of the international debt system, a minority of Jews and their allies have manipulated world events for their own, typically Zionist interests.
We can see the effects of this TODAY in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

This was achieved, not simply through usury, but also as a result of Jewish involvement in the bootlegging and criminal racketeering of 1930s America, something which eventually went on to finance the Zionist takeover of the Hollywood film industry and, by 1948, brought about the establishment of the bandit-state of Israel. But Zionism is not Jewish nationalism, as some like to claim, it is Jewish imperialism.

Despite the fact that early Anarchism had so much to offer those living beneath the heel of the old European monarchies and, consequently, the new capitalist class that emerged from the Reformation and Enlightenment, the growth of the Left soon led to Anarchism being completely infiltrated. The groups that direct the anti-capitalist ‘movement’ are usually led by Left-wing JEWS and control-freaks who like to claim that National-Anarchists are trying to subvert Anarchism for their own ends. But this is false. As we have said elsewhere, time and time again, we are not ‘racists’ or ’white supremacists’ with some kind of secret mission, we have formulated a program to combat the continuing degeneration of Western society and ensure that things like biodiversity of races, identity and cultural heritage survive the impending collapse. See my earlier article about the KALI YUGA. Our orientation is pagan/heathen and not Christian.

From time to time, we ONYX ANGELS can and must show solidarity with the left, for example, the GREEK anarchists. We must show solidarity with the right also, for example, those in favor of private gun ownership by American civilians.

Sadly, however, most people on the Left will not rest until they can organise every minute aspect of people’s lives. It is a self-perpetuating disease. This is why Liberals, leftists, and communists talk of the ‘right to work’, when – as HAKIM BEY rightly points out – the real problem is work itself. The Left, just like the totalitarian Right, refuses to tolerate anyone who tries to opt out of its vision of an all-inclusive society. Some of us, however, want no part of this and will only ever be ‘socialists’ among ourselves and with our own kind. In this respect, we are an elitist movement holding strong to a notion of meritocracy. What we do not accept, however, is that everybody is ‘equal’. There are innate biological racial and sexual differences.

THE precise meaning of the word ‘revolution’ is often highly contested. It can mean a violent overthrow of the existing order, or perhaps a sudden break with current trends. The fact that revolution contains the root word ‘revolve’, meanwhile, indicates that it also relates to a return of some kind. Think of the way that a compass takes a pencil back to its original starting point, for example. For us, there are several definitions surrounding the word ‘revolution’ and each of them have an important role to play in their own right.

Most revolutions that have taken place throughout history have led to a cruel and systematic betrayal of ordinary men. Millions have lost their lives and many others cynically used to overthrow a crooked ruling class on behalf of an equally corrupt and poofterish bourgeoisie. National-Anarchists are vigorously opposed to the artificial injustices of the enforced class system and believe, not in Trotskyist ‘equality’ and ‘egalitarianism’, but in a natural meritocracy that adequately reflects the true nature of the individual and his role in society.
We ONYX ANGELS are a specific nexus of the larger national Anarchist movement. SpiritRoad is a philosophy which is in concord with NatAna.
We are people of diverse lifestyles-crusty punx, juggalettes and ninjas, classic skinheads, and even a few businessmen.

Suggested reading list–

Bakunin- God and the State

James Sotros, The Greek Speaking Anarchist and Revolutionary Movement (1830-1940) – Writings for a History.

Hakim Bey- Immediatism

FP Yockey- Imperium

Rene Guenon- The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times

Julius Evola- Ride the Tiger

Website of Alaskan Independence Party

Full Set of Hakim Bey

Bob Black- The Abolition of Work


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