Hive Mind in Tribalism

“One of the probable futures contains Evolved man- the species of Man at its next level of development- the planetary gestalt. Without sacrificing individuality, Man, in this particular reality, has acquired a race Consciousness, an empathic interconnection of individual consciousness that constitutes a discrete individual persona. This mega-individual has identified itself as N’Aton.”

– Sr. Nema, Book of Maat, p.1


I call upon the light of man
The heart and mind and soul of all
The star of the center
The eye in the night
The shining of Sirius the bright !

In aeons past he arose as Thoth
Magician marking the passage of days
Scribe of the dreams of men.

Then, ever born and dying again
He spun the wheel as Christ and Asar
The initiation of the eclipse.

Now he burns in every heart
Aiwaz, revealer on judgment day
Dark angel of the fire of truth.

Tomorrow, the Peacock Angel transforms
Alchemist of the single mind
The bee shall bring nectar to the cosmic hive

N’ATON! Whose light burns in-between
Lover of total embrace
In thy communion, soul-to-soul
The peoples shall find peace.
The silent one sees with a billion eyes,
Yet each mask shares one breath;
The bright mandala of the dance
Sustained by flight’s momentum
And the single rhythm of the universal heartbeat.

– HaDeS


I spread my wings to embrace the horizon
Reaching out to he worlds beyond.
Feathers of flame burn upon my form,
The wind sings to me;
She bears me to the high places
Where I strike at the lure of the sun.

Free from birth, I fly
Soaring in the eternal quest
Gazing on the cities and gardens of the Kingdom
With my proud hunter’s eye.
My war-cry is the destruction of innocence;
I am joyous in my rage.

The Lady Night is my lover;
She embraces me above the mountain,
Holding me close in her chill romance.
We dance together on breath of wind
As she whispers the secrets of the dark
And promises of dissolution.

Desiring her, I soar;
I forget the trees of earth
In the endless motion of the stars.
Soaring, expanding, reaching out
I begin to fade in the tenuous blackness
Dissolving in oceans of void.

I abandon the ecstasies of time and space,
Forget the mask of my self;
Free of all bonds, alone and unknowing
I come to the heart of her at last.

– HaDeS


The mouth of speech
and the frightening shrill of death’s call
The two of life and death.
The god of the future walks between
these pillars of time & space.
Taking no notice of them.
Alone and by the same mouth.

sudden light
stars shine
hidden & bright.

Dancing shadow
speckled with light.
My darkest thoughts
shine clear tonight.
When beast ran
Laughing Pan.

Rippling dream
Shadowed flight
thoughts were

– Khreb ent Ptah


Bestial with the face of Beauty
Mask of a dark whirling storm
Priest of in-between
Ancient of Days
Child who has yet to see life
Half burning darkness
Half solidified light
Carving a rune upon my brow
With a finger of ebony
Laughing because
the Wandz he holds
are Yin and Yang
of the Peoples Souls.

– Aio-n


Silent One of Shadow & Fire
Weaver of colors
Golden God of Un-discovered flight
By the light of stars beyond sun.
Whisperer on the wind of dreams
Snake of Fire

We who call you are the eyelids of night.
Thy wand is hot upon the hand,
light of air
pull of moon-tide.
Shadow light tinged with blue
collects like webs in corners.
Ceiling crack reveals the clouds.
low over earth
lit up like drops of dew
rainbowed with sun.

N’Aton whose spine is fire
Whose eyes are stars,
Whose breath is smoke winding into space
Hider in the shadows
is seen with backwards eyes,
whose songs are
half-heard songs in dreams.
Body of blue
enwraps the empty altar.
Nothing is seen.
Earth is lost spinning in space-
N’Aton – show your face!

– Noctua


Double Wand
You are a
Single Wand
vibrating between
the Light and Dark.
Winding between the pillars
A snake
Climbing up the Tree
In sensuous waves
In Light and Dark
Hand outstretched
to take the Chalice
from my hands
and pour my thoughts
into the Well
there to sleep
until called forth.
He guards my dreams until I wake
he weaves the thread
that I must walk
he is the god
who sits upon my lips
Balance in hand.
He is the One Mask
ALL people are behind this mask
as cells
floating in an ocean;
the tip of His Tongue
as he dances
into a red sun
with a garland of roses about him.


It is now worthy of note that ONYX ANGELS have operational cells in Daytona Florida, Deltona Florida, Lexington Kentucky and De- Fucking- Troit, Michigan. Primary focus remains on the Florida Atlantic coast.



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